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I have about 120 photos to use in a gallery. Is there any way to simply organize them in a particlar order maybe like the quick gallery!? You know something better than having to open each pic and type a number. It gets quite time consuming man. Also some kind of bulk labeling thing wouldn’t be a bad idea here for people with more than 2 photos. lol

Thanks. Its line 1508 for anyone else wondering.

I just noticed that although I went through the trouble of using a gallery instead of a quick gallery because of the 60 pic limitation I now see that a “gallery” will show more photos but when I click on any photo past the thirtieth one the raw jpg shows up in the browser and not the lightbox gallery. What do you suggest as a work around? My goal is simple. Have a functional gallery of about 100 photos and be able to individually share photos. Next update maybe?


Sorry for late response. Please open a private ticket via my support forum with description, link to Your site login details and so on so I can take a look if You haven’t do so yet.


Is it possible to have a horizontal scroll for image gallery? I just want all images to be the same height in one line with caption underneath them. Project statement would be in the beginning of the images.


1. Could You be more precise? Link to my demo site page or screenshot. Are You refering to portfolio or gallery post type?

2. Add this to theme settings -> general -> advanced -> custom style:

#bk-header-shadow {
  display: none;

3. Which fonts exatly? If all fonts try this custom Style like described above:

.woocommerce * {
  text-transform: none !important;



1. I want to be able to exhibit images in a horizontal row as http://wpshower.com/demo/?theme=expositio Would it be possible? I was impressed by all gallery possibilities but it distracts from artwork and I would like to keep it simple. Just to feel like a gallery wall.

3. is there a way to have a small thumbnails of all images (in original aspect ratio) under the image when choosing Slider as a Portfolio Gallery Type?

4. I want to be able to control each woocommerce font as in the rest of the website. How to do this? I can’t find any woocommerce style css

1. Right now it is not possible. All layouts are displayed on my demo page.

2. Right now slider supports only arrows, however You can use fullscreen background slider for portfolio page which allows You to show thumbnails while header is collapsed.

4. You can override woocommerce fonts by adding proper styles to theme settings -> general -> advanced -> custom style. like I mentioned earlier. just target specific text e.g:

.woocommerce .product-thumb-description-title {
   font-size: 30px;
   text-transform: none;

You can use right click context menu on items and choose inspect element to see which classes need to be used in order to change certain fonts. Also rules that are used to style woocommerce are inside main styles.css file. Search for woocommerce text.


Dear Customers,

Due to serious accident I was recovering from serious injury last week and wasn’t able to work at all. I’m really sorry for the delays in response. I’ll do my best to answer all questions asap.

BR, BillyKid

Hey BillyKid, thanks for the answers. One more question. Is there any way to add social share buttons to normal pages ? They only work when not selecting page builder.

Ok, now I see. Social buttons that can be toggled via theme settings portfolio and blog sections are related to SINGLE portfolio and blog posts like this one:


I guess that You could add similar social buttons to mentioned page with some sort of a plugin that supports embedding social buttons via shortcode. Then You would simply place shortcode wherever You would like Your social button to appear. But please be advised that such plugin could make a conflict with already attachede theme social scripts so it may take a while untill You will find proper one that is working with theme without any glitches.


Yes, thanks. Well yeah but the problem is I could not finde ones that are subtle and look like the original ones. For consistency. Is there no shortcode to add them to any content ?

Right now there isn’t any shortcode to add those buttons to content.


Hi again.

I take advantage of the fact that you are online to ask you a couple of more things.

Is there a way to replace the default jackbox with another lightbox plugin ? I managed to modify the script to be better for my needs (no thumbs, buttons inside the image for mobile phones) etc but still would rather use a plugin that is more configurable and better suited for mobile devices. Also display image info.

Or is there a way to configure this one ? By looking at the code the original jackbox is able for instance to display social icons and photo info and am not able to find settings for this.

If not, can I just have the option to use another one ?

Thank you.


So any answer to the questions about the lightbox ? I would love to be able to change it.



Sorry for late response. I will be adding option to toggle social icons for lightbox in future. There is no option to use other lightbox without heavy code modifications.


Hello BK. How do you remove the border-radius for the blog avatars, as well as the ‘dots’ connecting them?

P.S. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


theme settings -> general -> advanced -> custom style:

ol.bk_comment_list li.comment div.comment-avatar img {
-webkit-border-radius: 0px;
-moz-border-radius: 0px;
border-radius: 0px;

ol.bk_comment_list ul.children li.comment div.comment-avatar img {
-webkit-border-radius: 0px;
-moz-border-radius: 0px;
border-radius: 0px;

ol.bk_comment_list li.comment ul.children:after,
ol.bk_comment_list ul.children li.comment:first-child:after {
  display: none;


Thank you!


Thank you for you brilliant work. And I wish you a speedy recovery back to full health.

When you have a moment, could you please help me with this :

When using the collapsible header, I would like to have a logo appear when collapsed, in place of the small + .

Let me know if it is possible to upload a small image and replace the header toggle icon.

Thank you so much for all the support and beautiful theme.

Please eidt PSD files that are shipped with donwoload package. Search for psd/header-toggle.psd and place Your logo instead of ’+’ sign. Do the same for retina version with file psd/header-toggle.psd and replace theme files like described here:


NOTE: header-toggle.psd -> header-toggle.png – use corresponding file names instead of the one used in faq.


Thank you so much- if you have a moment, can you let me know how to enlarge that icon?

Also as a note I seem to have a few weird bugs, that may have popped up with the wordpress update: 1- The header-toggle (prior to any of my adjustments) has a line running through it as if the menu is showing above. 2- I am using a portfolio with a gallery popup to have a lightroom gallery show of the image itself, however despite all of my entries being identical, only the more current actually work properly. Some entries give a direct link to the photo itself, which I do not want. I do not have the option selected anywhere, and it appears only with older entries.

Thank you and I appreciate your time!


Please provide link to Your page or at least screenshots so I can take a look and suggest something.


Hello, Just one more thing I would like to know before I purchase this theme:

For portfolio thumbnails, is there any way you can show 2 buttons on rollover: (1) the zoom icon which will open up a lightbox (2) Link icon which will open up a image detail page that you currently have setup on portfolio thumbnail.

This option can be turned on and off for each individual image I upload from backend. Is it possible with the current theme??

Please let me know.



Unfortunately this is not supported by this theme out of box. You would have to customize this theme a little bit. Unfortunately we don’t provide customizations for our themes so You would need to find somone else.


HI, great theme! Some questions please:

1) Can we use “Justified image grid” in Gallery or in pages in “fullscreen” ? 2) Can we easily add Gallery with main category and a lot of subcategories?

Thanks, Regards


1. You can create a page and add grid,masonry, metro gallery or portfolio inside fullscreen page template and check if header/navigation have to be collapsed on the page load – this is option that can be set per page/post/portfolio basis.

2. Could You be more precise? You can create as many galleries as You like based on categories. E.g one page shows gallery items filled under category 1,2,3,4 while other page displayes category 5,6,7,8 and so on. You can have unlimited number of different pages with different galleries.


Yes, thanks for reply, for galleries, ok for galleries, your galleries works with pages. Regards.


Sorry for scuh late response. Yes galleries works with pages. You can easily add galleries via page builder.


Hi, can I use animated .GIF for the Thumbnails (and maybe inside posts) ? Is it possible or not possible at all for this kind of ‘fluid’ layout? I would want to use fullwidth -Large Metro. Thanks before that :)

Hi, When gif is being uploaded to media library it is resized in order to create proper thumbs. After this animation is no longer working for thumbnails – just checked it. Gif becomes static image. You can insert animated gifs inside page,post,portfolio body – where the text is and choose ( original image size ) – then gif works. Also animated gifs will work for portfolio/post featured images but ONLY in SINGLE post/portfolio view – when certain post/portfolio is being displayed.

Long story short – animated gifs will NOT work as portfolio/gallery/blog thumbs (no animation), but will work as portfolio/post featured images in single post/portfolio view.


Hi, is there a way to control thumbs aspect ratio in METRO and/or GRID gallery? One of projects is in Masonry and I like the way thumbs are higher but all images are horizontal so it looks like GRID. But in other projects there are vertical images and I would like to maintain same aspect ratio for thums using METRO or GRID gallery. Is there a way?


Please edit functions.php and search for those lines 4726:

add_image_size( 'portfolio-grid-1-1', 480, 297, true ); 
add_image_size( 'portfolio-grid-1-2', 480, 594, true );
add_image_size( 'portfolio-grid-2-1', 960, 297, true );
add_image_size( 'portfolio-grid-2-2', 960, 594, true );

those are settings responsible for metro and grid ( first one portfolio-grid-1-1 ) thumbs aspect ratio. Change those settings and use regenerate thumbnails plugin to create proper thumbs.


Hi again, all shop thumbnails became vertical (zoomed and cropped on sides). I used Regenerate Thumbnails. Not sure if that could affect it. I had upgraded to WP 3.6.1 but downgraded back to 3.6. That didn’t solve the problem either. Do you know what could be the reason?

This didn’t work for shop issue. I opened a support ticket #98410 with screenshots.

Ok, Will get back to You via support forum.

You already solved this via support. Thank you.

Hi Billy,

Really happy with your theme, I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s awesome. Unfortunately I encountered some problems today :(

After updating my Wordpress to 3.6.1 and some plugins I can’t change my pages anymore. I can access the post and the “pagebuilder” in admin and change things but it will not save any changes. I tried the “switch to WYSIWYG” trick but it doesn’t help. The problem persists even if I switch off all my plugins.

Any ideas?

I left you a ticket, hope for a fix soon because my site still says “under construction” and I can’t do a thing about it and can’t change my homepage.

I worked around the problem by setting another page as the homepage. It seems that was the only page having the problem, if I re-encounter the problem I’ll get back to you.

Another question: how do I fix the missing borders here: http://www.casperheij.nl/over-mij/portret-fotografie/

At the bottom, the sideborders seem to be missing.

Ok, great – good to hear that. I’ll take a look into this issue as well.

Missing borders inside pricing table?

Pricing table was desinged to work and display properly when all columns have same amount of rows e.g 5. For columns that have less than 5 rows please consider adding ”-” minus sing or something else that marks this feature as not present for certain plan. It will make Your borders to appear and pricing table will be more easy to read.


Hi, thank you for responses.

How to remove text (content) container (box) shadow? It looks like 1px grey border but I couldn’t find how to remove it even with Firebug.

Nevermind, solved it.

Hi – Nice theme – how do I removed ‘Division’ name from the browser title?


Main wordpress admin menu -> settings -> general -> site tagline.


Hi Billy, An issue appeared but I don’t know why… I have a second scroll bar that is displayed on all the pages except on product pages (I have the woocommerce plugin). This is a screenshot to show you : http://hpics.li/bee135d Do you have any idea or do you need more information ? Regards


Please open a private ticket via my support forum with link to Your site so I can see what is wrong.


Done :)

When do you think you will make a feedback to my ticket on the support forum ?

Hi, I hope you are recovering well after the accident.

A couple of questions regarding SHOP layout.

1. How to adjust width of 2nd sidebar in SHOP. I’d like it to be 25% as in PORTFOLIO layout.

2. On iOS (iPhone) when I select a product it’s image is on the left (very tiny) and text (short description) on the right shrinked in a narrow column. How to make it to work in same way as PROJECT layout does? (Foto full width and text below).


3. How to activate same hover effect in SHOP as elsewhere?

4. How to remove white triangular from thumbs?


1. Try this custom style:

.woocommerce .bk-secondary-sidebar {
width: 25%;

2. Thanks for info I’ll take a look into this issue and will fix it in next release.

3. Right now shop thumbs doesn’t support any hover effects.

4. try thos custom style:

li.portfolio-item div.portfolio-thumb-description-wrap:before,
li.portfolio-item div.portfolio-thumb-description-wrap:after {
display: none;


Hi, thanks for reply.

2. When next release is expected? 3. Will it support it in next release? Is it complicated to assign simple opacity hover effect via CSS? 4. It worked fine for portfolio but not for shop. How to adjust that?


Other question, it is possible to have the (page) content page in center and not to the left like the demo? BR


Yes You can have pages,posts,portfolios centered or floate left, right or fullwidth. Just browse through portfolio for examples.



i cannot Order Gallery By : cusstom order ( page atributes ).

not work. momsaxureba / ge


Please specify page order attribute for each portfolio and then choosep order by parameter via page builder gallery module. If still no luck open a private ticket vi support forum with login credentials so I can take a look.

Also take a look if there are any plugins that can interfere with theme. Disable all and try again.


Hi Billy! Can I add css code from .current-page-ancestor and .current-post-ancestor?. Something doesn’t work at custom styles. Thanks

Have you located the support ticket?


Out of office with limited aceess to interent. Will be handling tickets on regular basis after the weekned.


Ok I hope that. Thanks