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Hi Billy, Great theme, bought last week and am now customising to suit my site. Quick question. Is it possible to set the featured image of a post as the thumbnail on the blog page but have the post/link act like a video vimeo link (so when you get through to the post the video is ready to play at the top of the page?). Also, this may be something I need to get a developer to look at but is it possible to assign each portfolio category a different colour so that when hovering over the thumbnail the colour overlay will be the colour that I have assigned to the category the portfolio item belongs to? Hope you can help. Cheers, Chris


1. Video post format always displays thumbnail video in blog view as well as in single post view. You can try this:

to display featured image for regular post and then add shortcode with Your fetured video inside post body.

2. That would need a customization.


Thanks for your answer Billy. Worked a treat. One more question… Is it possible to have autoplay enabled for vimeo popup gallery items? Thanks, Chris

Hi Billy,

Bought the theme few days ago and it is, simply speaking, superb!

There is only ONE thing that I am not impressed with and would LOVE if it gets updated in the future release…

Responsiveness of the header!

Basically, header – especially in a case when we have plenty of main menu items – is taking over full screen on mobile device or even more… Header, in my mind, should be as minimal as possible for mobile devices so that most of the content is instantly visible without need to scroll too much (or at all).

In other words – is it possible for header to ‘collapse’ somehow – or, better to say, for menu to ‘collapse’ when in responsive ‘mobile mode’.

Have a look at this example:

or this:


This or similar feature is simply must :)

Thanks for the feedback. I will update header in mobile version in next release.


Brilliant! :)

Any ETA for the next version?

have decided to include in this beautiful theme “revolution slider” plugin (latest version)? it is possible to implement it?

I really like this theme but wish it was equipped with this plugin and that there was a compact version of the menus on mobile devices.

you can do it? with these fixes the issue would be rendered practically perfect. :)

thanks filippo


1. I guess that revolution slider would work without any problems with this theme. It is not bundled with theme at the moment – You would need to purchase single regular license of this plugin.

2. Will update mobile menu version in future release.



First of all, thank you for this theme which is very nice. Sorry for rickety English, I am French.

I have a problem with the quality of the images viewed in ” quick gallerie ”. The photo are blurred, while when we add a line of simple text in ” fonction.php ” at the top before ”<?php”, the gap restores a good quality of image.

Thank you for your answer, Alexandre


I’ve already do that, but it changed nothing. I made screenshots during the process :


Please open a private ticket via my support forum with login details and link to Your site.



I’ve just sent you an email via your page profile.


Hi there again.

I just tested my site on IOS with chrome and there are some very strange issues with it. -Jackbox for example opens very little versions of the image instead of the highres one. Any idea why ?


This is a known issue. Will be fixed in next release. Sorry for problems.


Hello. Where can I edit the text for the blog post title ‘next/previous’ links located at the bottom? I’d like to remove the text that indicates the post’s format (Image, Quote, Video, etc.).

Post title link shows as: Lorem Ipsum (Quote)

Customise to: Lorem Ipsum


Edit functions.php lines 2884 and 2889 remove var called $format.



first of all thanks for that nice theme.

But i have problems with the PageBuilder. When i use a Content Block its very tricky to get my content in there because sometimes it disapears, somtimes not… When i include HTML content its getting unusable.

So i have decided to use the standard wordpress content box at the top, but i cannot use/integrate quick galleries without the pagebuilder. Thats very disappointing!

Is there the possibility to use generated galleries or quick galleries with a shortcode or something else, independent of the pagebuldier?

I want to build up a custom page and integrate some quick galleries!

Thanks Dennis

Hi, Please try this:

and this:

What WP version, OS and browser do You use?

If still not working please open a private ticket via my support forum with login detials so I can take a look.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

The main question for me is: Is there the possibility to use galleries or quick galleries with a shortcode or something else, independent of the pagebuldier?

Can i access the shortcode of the generated quick galleries?

Its essential for me because i build up my pages independent of the page builder with custom HTML&CSS but i want to use the quick galleries.



Sorry for late response. It is possible to use shortcodes instead of page builder blocks. Please try this for gallery:


and this for quickl gallery:

[bk_quick_gallery quick_gallery_id="1234"]

to pass differnet arguments that will change size, categories and othe parameters of gallery or quick gallery go to file includes/shortcodes.php and see lines 1278 and 1538 – all parameters are listed there and can be insereted like in above quick gallery id example.


Hi, I would like to add the instagram link in the home page.

But seems instagram icon is currently not available in the theme settings. Can you guide me on this adding a instagram link like the other social links at the home page.


The easiest way would be to “replace” not used icon e.g paypal with Your instagram. Please edit shipped PSD files in the similar way like described here:


I am using bk_contact_form_widget to create a contact form it works fine. but I wish to use the default labels .. name,subject, message ,email etc…

how can I do it.?

Could You be more precise? Add link or screenshot? Mentioned labels are default ones.


Sorry, for the confusion caused, what I want is I need to change the default labels in the bk_contact_form_widget to with my preferred labels. eg:- name > type your name , message > type your message here etc..

Hi, I’m looking for a theme exactly like this with a grid layout but I was just wondering a couple of things first.

1) With the masonary layout for ‘Gallery’, is it possible to have a layout like this for posts instead? I’m looking to build an affiliate site on wordpress so I need to allow links, have my posts categorised and include text etc, would this be possible with a layout like you have with masonary under ‘Gallery’?

2) Say I have all my posts categorised, would it then be possible for a user coming to my site to filter the categories, say if they wanted to look specifically for ‘Games’?

I hope this makes sense as i am not too good at explaining things.

Many Thanks


1. Blog doesn’t support masonry layout like gallery at the moment. You can use gallery instead and add custom external affiliate links to thumbs so when user clicks on it will be redirected to any extrenal page.

2. Yes – You can add links for blog category similar to this one:

You could easily add those links to Your menu so user can browser Your categories e.g games, media, moves etcc…


Hi Billykid,

Absolutely LOVE this theme. Have sent you some tickets…

One quick question is: How do I add Titles and/or Captions to the Photos?

For all sections – Quick Gallery, Gallery and Portfolio

Thanks so much. :-)


Simply edit gallery thumbs for portfolio, galler or quick gallery via small green button and change description field.


Hi. Thanks for the last reply. Another thing I noticed on all mobile browsers is:

1 – On all pages on my site except portfolio ones a user can swipe from right to left and the whole site except the menu moves to the left. It is kind of annoying and breaks the flow of smooth scrolling vertically as the site bounces right and left.

2 – Also on mobiles : The background is no longer fixed and scrolls with the site. Is there a reason for this ? Can I change it from somewhere ?

And one final issue regarding a previous question about the lightbox that I want to replace. Is it possible without rewriting a lot of code to just make the images in galleries and portfolio behave like images and normal posts ? Maybe add a rel=something so a lightbox plugin is activated ?

Thank you again. -Aurel

Hi. I managed to workaround the first one. You should note that there is an issue that sometimes, some sidebars Make the theme behave like in the description. I just deleted re-added sidebars until the bug dissipated. I could not find any correlation between anything on them or anything else, same sidebar will work fine on a certain page but have the bug on another. For example it still exists in the page “about” on:


1 & 2 – thanks for feedback – I’ll take a look into this issue and will fix it in next release.

3. Galleries and portfolio have lots of options when it comes to lightbox behavior – just check thumbnail behavior for each portfolio or gallery – You can have image, video, gallery lightbox popups and many other thumbanil click behaviors.


Hey, How would I use the one-column blog layout for a category archive? Since it’s created automatically, by default it goes to the fluid grid layout, which is driving me nuts, because I need my posts to be in a specific order and can’t do that with the shifting layout. SO is there anyway to make the one-column layout the default for category archive pages? AND possibly tag pages?

Thanks in advance, and hope you’re doing better! Kindred Spirits is the SUB category; Harry Potter is the main category. Hope that helps!

Ok. please edit file functions.php and move lines 1875 & 1876 which looks like this:

if ($this_category->parent != 0)
                echo(get_category_parents($parent_category, TRUE, ' ' . $delimiter . ' '));

above line number 1873.


Thank you—that worked beautifully. :)

Pre-purchase question.

Does the menu have an auto hide feature?

Is there a scroll to top function available?


1. Menu have option for hidden/visible state on page load so You can choose whetear it is visible or collapsed on page load.

2. Scroll to top is no supported yet but menu can be set to fixed so it is always easly accesible for useres.


Hello… My social icons are missing… There is nothing in the Social menu but the browse button. When i click the browse button it just comes up with a blank lightbox.

I preformed both these steps with no results.

thank you

I am having this same problem and also followed the steps mentioned.


was it working previously? did You make any changes to the social-icons.png files insid ehteme to change /extend Your social icons subset?

If so please make sure that You uploaded proper images to theme folder.

Did You upgraded to latest version of theme? Blank/not accesible social module popup was related to WP 3.6 update which was fixed recently.


Awesome theme! I have a question for a news/media site.

Is it possible to add the search bar on the left to appear on homepage and all pages?

Is it possible to hide the slideshow menu on the bottom so it doesn’t cover the bottom half of the photos or to make the menu disappear on it’s own like in 3 secs?



1. You can add search widget on the left side under menu just like here on the blog page:

2. I assume that we’re talking about fullscreen slidehsow like this one: if so please use this – theme settings -> general -> advanced -> custom style.
#thumb-tray {
display: none !important;


Hi again,

1) Is there a widescreen video option like this for HD videos? – or

2) Is there an option to add featured posts above on pages, portfolios and posts like this? –

3) Is there a scroll to top feature?

4) Is there a Metro Slider option like this for blog posts, videos, and portfolio? –

5) Is there an option to add images to menu and change menu to top?

6) When a viewer search for items does the results display photos with the text?


1. Right now fullscreen background video isn’t supported.

2. Future release will support blog module that will show certain categroies ( right now it shows all blog posts ) so it will be possible to show some posts from different category – e.g featured instead of all posts. It won’t support slider with post like in Your link.

3. No – there isn’t but You can have sticky menu that always are visible on the left side or at the top of page so user always see it.

4. Sorry – no slider – but metro layout is supported for portfolios,galleries and quick galleries.

5. You can have menu at the top like this one:

and control its background color and/or image/pattern via theme settings.

6. Go here:

and play around with the search box under menu to see how it displays results.


Is there a way to set the background for individual page ‘content’ blocks that were added via page builder?


right now it is not possible.


Hi !

Pre-purchase question. 1/ Is it possible to build a homepage with last activities : last blog posts, last galleries,...

2/ I don’t really understand the difference between Gallery and Quick Gallery.

Thanks for your help.


1. Yes it is possible – just use page builder and add proper modules – e.g blog module for latest posts, gallery, portfolio etc…

2. In quick gallery all thumbs/images are linked into one popup gallery when clicked while in gallery each thumb is separate video,image,gallery popup.



It’s a really interesting experience to discovering Wordpress with your template. Your work is full of ideas and qualities, Merci !

Before to put my website online, I would like to know if you have a date for your release ?

Thank you, Alexandre