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Thank you for the help with each of the previous items. I have one minor question that I’ve attempted to work with a bit on my own but can’t quite finalize a resolution.

I’m using a Metro-based Quick Gallery on the homepage of the site I’m working on. I’ve been making sure to follow your guidelines regarding the Yoast SEO plugin and everything there seems to be working fine. My only question is – the titles and alt tags are not appearing for each of the images in the grid. I went through and tried to add them via the functions.php file with no luck. Have you experienced any issues with this in the past?

Thanks Jim

Any chance you’be thought about the option of square images for the grid? Example: Instagram photo feeds.


Nevermind. I figured out the square format. Sorry

Ok – great. Check out new version.


Hello, Is this theme works with only codes ? Isnt it supposed to be just like any wordpress blog? Please advice I have been trying to work this theme for the past 2 weeks and I am having a hard time uploading photos and tabs. This is urgent, I hope someone can advice. ‘

What I mean is that my visual tab is missing and I cannot deal with HTML coding as I am a blogger and blogging doesn’t need coding, how do I get my visual editor back?

Wp admin -> useres -> Your profile -> disable WYSIWYG editor while writing -> uncheck this option and You will have Your rich editor back.

In case of any other problems please open a ticket via my support forum.


Hi BK,

Just one question. I have an option menu with two suboptions. Is it possible to make the parent option not clickable? Thanks


Edit Your menu and add Link as a parent with url set to #


Hi Billy!

Hope you are doing well.

Can you please look at this theme (it just appeared on ThemeForest):


I love the way side menu ‘auto collapses’ and generally behaves. It is way more convenient than what we have with the Division…

Any chance you can implement similar behavior?

Main issue right now with Division side menu is that people need to CLICK on very specific small area of the side menu (little cross) in order to open or close it.

Of course it would be much better if it behaves as shown on this example – simple mouse over / hover over ANY part of the menu in order to open it or mouse out to close it back.



Sorry for late response. thanks for feedback. Really interesting feature. I will take a look into that and see what I can do.


Yes please!!!

In my opinion, there is no need to change anything visually – just replacing “CLICK on very small space(x) to open menu” with much better and way more convenient – MOUSE OVER at any point on the sticking edge of the menu to open it (and of course MOUSE OUT to close it)

Update could really be as simple as that as far as I am concern! :)

Hi Before i buy it I’ve few question.

1- Can i use Uber menu ( I would like to use Mega menu instead of the default one) 2-I’ve User pro and i want to use it in a widget area, can i use it under menu, maybe under search product. I also need cart, same as User Pro.


Sorry for late reponse.

1. It should work out of box – since plugin and theme uses same wordpress guidelines and api. I’m not surea about left fixed menu how megamenus will be displyaed but for top it should work. Maybe some additional styles will be needed to match theme colors etc…

2. If plugin have option to add flipbook via widget then You can.

3. Which cart?


Is it possible to set video popup on the main portfolio page? I mean when I have the main portfolio with a lots of items, I would like to click on the thumb (smaller image) and it would make to open the video automatic?

Thanks! It’s works… Only one thing is sad… Now I can not open my portfolio item page… But even if I go inside this portfolio item, then there is no feature movie which I would like to show. There is only text… Even if we create new content and put vimeo “share code” then we can not fit the size to the page…

Ok. I know how to set video size, but the question is: is it possible to go inside the portfolio item if we turn on the popup in the main portfolio site?


Sorry once You choose thumbnail behavior as popup it will not link back to Your portfolio post anymore.


Hello, phew I got there, but that obstacles! http://www.jfscalbert.com Essentially, I encountered many problems with self-hosted videos. Sometimes they work, sometimes refuse to start. The reasons seem to be very capricious … The only format accepted by all machines is. Mp4 (m4v does not work on the Ipad), must in all cases add a file with the same name with the extension .webm. I used the plugin “add-from-server” to include videos of more than 64 mb. It has sometimes happened to me to be able to run a recalcitrant video by simply changing its name? ... sometimes I unfortunately had to bring myself to go through YouTube or Vimeo. So if someone has a universal solution, let me know! thank you for visiting my site and talk …


thanks for feedback. mp4 is cross browser / device format. webm has to be added as fallback with same name in case of videos inside popup – I will have to update documentation to explain this – sorry for troubles. Thanks for Your valuable feedback – your site looks great.



Is it possible to have a top navigation with the filter for portfolio items in the navigation? I got it to work being under the navigation, but I want it in the actual bar.




Unfortunately filters under menu in left fixed position are displayed as widgets but in case of top navigation there isn’t any place to display widgets ( filters ).


Hi Billy, Please see the issue I’m facing all the profiles are visible on the page but when we are clicking on any of them it showing 404 – Page Not Found http://archintdesigns.com/portfolio/juggal-residence/

Please go to wp admin -> settings -> permalinks and click save. Then open once again portfolio main page and it should work. If no please open a private ticket via my support forum.


Again same issue http://billykid.ticksy.com/ticket/159828 ticket locked pls resolve.

Hi Billy, Please see the issue I’m facing all the profiles are visible on the page but when we are clicking on any of them it showing 404 – Page Not Found http://archintdesigns.com/portfolio/juggal-residence/

Please go to wp admin -> settings -> permalinks and click save. Then open once again portfolio main page and it should work. If no please open a private ticket via my support forum.


Again same issue http://billykid.ticksy.com/ticket/159828 ticket locked pls resolve.


For Woocommerce, how is possible to show the descriptions of categories with your theme ?

Thanks, Alexandre

Sorry I didn’t be clear.

I mean to make visible the description of the category like here in turquoise color : http://imageshack.com/a/img545/9342/2pmf.jpg

Thank you a lot for your version 2.4 !


by default theme doesn’t display category descriptions. please edit Your functions.php file and paste this code at the top:

add_action( 'woocommerce_archive_description', 'bk_category_description' ); function bk_category_description() { if ( is_product_category() ) { global $wp_query; $cat_id = $wp_query->get_queried_object_id(); $cat_desc = term_description( $cat_id, 'product_cat' ); if( !empty($cat_desc) ) { echo '<span class="bk-category-description">'.$cat_desc.'</span>'; } } }

and then use theme setings -> general -> advacned -> custom style to add this:

span.bk-category-description p { margin: 15px; margin-bottom: 0px; }


It works :)


Hello billykid!

I know that ask for an eta is not good, but i read on a comment that you will release the new version at the end of this mouth. do you release it this day? or later? Do you have a changelog, im very curius :)

Don’t worry, im not pressed and take your time, im only curius for your next release :) Thank!

It is ready now. Sorry for dealys.


Hello :) Some pre-purchase questions:

1. Does the portfolio support video and music? And the gallery?

2. In the gallery is possible to remove the miniatures under the pics?

3. How the portfolio filters appear when the header is fixed on the top of the screen?

4. Is possible to make a “post” made only by a quote? (in the demo besides the quote there is the body text)

5. Does the portfolio support comments?

6. the social buttons in the gallery view have some glitches with retina displays: have you planned to fix this problem?

Thank you very much :)


1. Yes:

http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/the-bay/ http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/big-buck-bunny/ http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/soundcloud-2/ http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/audio/

2. please provide a screenshot of galery that You refer to. there are optins to remove thumbs from popup gallery.

3. Like this:


or You can add it to the sidebr like on the shop page:


4. It would require custom css to hide content and just leave grey box like here:


5. Yes – portfolio posts supports comments:


6. Please provide a screenshot.


hi, can menu items /links/ be stacked one on top of another in the header, and can portfolio filters appear as menu items in header, so they have subcategories that are pages or blogposts?



1. Yes – You can have menu like shown here:


2. You can add portfolio filters / links into header menu so when user clicks on it it will display archives for certain category:

http://billykids-lab.net/division/filter/photography/ http://billykids-lab.net/division/filter/logo-desing/ http://billykids-lab.net/division/filter/branding/


Hey BillyKid!!!

Still love this theme. Using it on both sites still. I had a quick very important question. It seems on the Portfolio Page you can set images to either have a ZOOM effect, or an ICON effect. Is there any way to change the ICON to a “SOLD” sign. More importantly, is it possible to have this “SOLD” sign appear when moused over? It would also need to be set to SOLD on a per image basis, rather than portfolio wide default. I realize this is asking a lot, but it is very important to me. I am an artist and I have people asking which paintings are available or sold, for shows, events, for purchasing… I really need an “classy” way to add a “SOLD” sign to images, so that people have a very easy way to know what is available. I did look for the ICON image in my files and did not see it. I don’t know about all this, but it sure would be amazing.

Thank you again for a great Theme! http://acrylicmind.com/


sorry for late response. You could replaec original image inside images/plus.png but it would then appear wherever icon overlay is used. Inside single portfolio gallery there is no option to add cusom image overlay per image. I guess that only solution for You is to use custom images with watermarks added in photoshop – with sold label.


I’ve been contemplating adding a watermark to images… At first I though it’s perfect and easy. Genius… Then I am not sure if I want all my images being Pinned to Pinterest or to other social media sites with those watermarkings on it.. or to say they would show up in google images with those markings as well.. Still debating this. But a viable option. Thanks for your time as always!

Hi Billy, Sorry to reply on this. One I’m not able to use the support section. Please help in that. Another very important is, I have made the general discussion forum on my site http://archintdesigns.com/forums/ through wpbb plugin as other user friendly plugin’s like bbpress is not working properly on out theme. Also I need some plugin or code so that all the user registered on my website should get an email notification whenever a new topic or reply comes up on this forum section http://archintdesigns.com/forums/ please help as I’m desperately need help on this (used many plugins but no help) currently using Subscribr but not working :(

please edit admin/admin.php file and find functions called:

function add_bk_mce_plugin( $plugin_array ) function register_bk_button( $buttons )

and replace with following functions:

function add_bk_mce_plugin( $plugin_array ) { if( bk_is_theme_admin_screen() ) { $plugin_array['bk_shortcodes'] = get_template_directory_uri() . '/admin/tinymce/plugin.js'; } return $plugin_array; }

here is second fucntions

function register_bk_button( $buttons ) { if( bk_is_theme_admin_screen() ) { array_push( $buttons, "|", "bk_button" ); } return $buttons; }

then creating forums and topics in admin will work – editor will be visible and working.



there functions are visible better.


Any update.

Any news?

New version is ready now. Sorry for delays.


Dear Customers,

Latest version 2.4 is right now ready for download. Sorry for delays.


Looks like AMAZING update, Billy! :)

Just had a quick scan through changelog… wow!

I’ll be installing this asap!!!

MANY thanks for all your hard work – you are the best.

WOW! Revolution Slider! and you updated the the themes documentation!! I see you are upping your game here!!! Thank you!!!

You’re welcome!