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A.) Can I use layerslider with pagebuilder? If so, how can I do this?

Id like the option (to at least see how this would look) to be able to set a full-screen+responsive LayerSlider as my homepage…with a link/button in my slider that says “View Our Portfolio”.

B.) Currently, I have pagebuilder disabled, and have a shortcode link to my layerslider. It wont let me hide/collapse the menu+header even when I slide those options to on.

C.) A few feature request ideas:

I agree with poster above, you should include more customization options—you’re already off to a great start. Adding things like : -open portfolio items within the same window w/ creative design, not a link to a new page for that item.

-exerpt on overlay+overlay options=transparency+color

-more hover animations like tiles/squares animation that rotate on center axis or flip,etc. -ability to make portfolio squares have shadow affects, rounded edges,etc.

Any plans for these things or what kind of features are you thinking for the next release?

Thanks! Loving the theme!!!

that is using disabled page builder and short code with disabled header/menu-but obviously it still shows menu

I’ll take a look into this issue on my site and get back to You. seems like it can be a bug. If it is I’ll address it in the next release.


Feature request:

It seems the “show views” feature is only available in the portfolio.

via – Theme settings / portfolio tab

Would it be possible in a future version add the “show views” feature in blog posts as well?

Thank you,


Might be but cannot promise that right now.

hi billykid! awesome and best looking theme! would be nice to have a look at the backend as demo.

got some pre-purchase questions:

1. can i get bigger font, or buttons instead of the demo filter-buttons vertical on top of the page? is ist possible that they stay on top of the site if you scroll down as an overlay?

2. lightbox shows incorrect picture size on ipad, are you planning a fix?

3. feature request: pdf generator to download guest-selected pictures for offline viewing – or is there a workaround?

4. is there a price policy for updates?

thank you very much!


1. You can change font size via admin. Look of filter could be changed with custom css. Makin it stay at the top would be possible with some custom css / js but I cannot provide that as after sales support.

2. Could You be more precise? Maybe send screenshot and link on which page it is failing? I tested it on the iPad and it works without any problem.

3. Such a unique feature is a job for customization which cannot be provided as after sales support.

4. Updates are free of charge.


hi, thank you

2. sorry, all working fine, my fault!

3. maybe, you consider that in future updates ;). do you have an idea, how this ist done, just a hint?

4. nice!


just purchased!

Your page builder, is it something like visual composer, or is it a custom developed solution? Do you have any screen shots of it? I have used a few different page builders, and some are better than others.


It is custom developed page builder. I’ll add some screenshots and screencasts later.


is the password protected page useable on any page – I’d like to actually point it to another site altogether. If the wrong password is entered is there a notification of such?


It can be used on any page. If the password is entered wrong password form appears once again leting user to reenter the password.


what is the widget name for “other works” sidebar in portfolio. I found filter but not that one


Create custom menu under menu screens with links to desired projects. Save it and choose default wordpress menu widget on widget screen.



I’m actually making my website with your theme. On your demo, only on Safari, for the different display of portfolio, the items are blinking in white when they display. Also in a page item portfolio when pictures display. So, I have the same issue on my website (+ an another blinking effect with item in black and white)... The blinking effect does not appear on Chrome, Firefox, IE; it’s only on Safari (not Safari iPad).

What can i do to fix the issue ?



Could You provide a link to blinking page on my demo? What operating system and safari version do You have?

I’m on win7 and safari 5.1.7 and it works fine for me.



A few more questions.

1/On Slideshow #3 of your live demo the photos are all portrait or vertical photos. If I were to use that slide show and add landscape photos, would they appear correctly sized? Or is that slideshow just for portraits? In other words, would the slide show try to force the landscape photo into the portrait shape…thus cropping off all those parts of the landscape photo that don’t fit the scale of the portrait shape?

2/ On that same Slideshow#3 when the view comes up the fixed left menu bar on the left is automatically hidden. I want the menu bar to always show….not hide. Can the bar be set not to hide?

3/ On Slideshow #3 the background is all black. Can I change the color on this to any other color or to a full screen still image?

4/ If I used any of the other fullscreen slideshows, (#1 and #2 on your demo) would they be able to accept both portrait & landscape photos and adjust to each size as the slideshow plays. A lot of times full screen slideshows don’t scale to the shape of a portrait. I am a photographer and I have a 50-50 mix of portraits and landscapes. So I would like a slider that doesn’t just limit me to all landscapes only…..or all portraits only.

5/ If your sliders are not able to do what I described above…what slider plugins would you recommend to add to the theme that could accomplish this?

I really like your theme overall and I’m very close to purchasing but I just want to make sure that I can set my home page with this type of slideshow flexibility. Thank you for your patience with all the questions.


1. You can mix portrait and landscape photos in this fullscreen background slider. By default landscape photos cover all area like in example #1 and #2 while portraits are displayed like in example #3 ( always inside browser viewport ). There is a switch for each slider which can make landscape photos to behave like portraits e.g will be forced to always fit browser viewport and either on the sides or at the top and bottom dark stripes will appear like for portraits on the sides.

2. Yes there is a swtich for this too. You can have it visible or hidden on page load as You wish.

3. You can change background of any page but when fullscreen slideshow is displayed it has it own background hardcode which covers the default one. That would require some additional css.

4. Like in answer 1 – You can mix portraits and landscapes in one slider.

5. So I guess that my slider can do all the things You want.


Ok, thanks BillyKid!

Hello Billykid, love your theme, 3 questions

Can metro portfolio style also have titles enabled?

Can the portfolio section supports png invisible background image

Can I add revolution slider to homepage similar to ?


1. Yes You can have titels enabled like in enay other case:

There are categories also but can be disabled via page builder easily.

2. You can add any background to any page, post, portfolio as You wish. Could You be more precise what invisible means in this case? transparent?

3. Yes You can add revolution slider.


Hi BR, yes invisible means transparent png/gif

Yes You can also add transparent/semitranstparent images easily via admin.

Hey BillyKid – Ticket #68242 open. Please check asap and advise back to me…

Excellent job

1. Can search bar be added? 2. Can breadcrumb be added? 3. Can you please consider making a custom made right page scroll bar like this: 4. Does the theme have automatic update support? 5. Can you please considering adding auto hide option for the left menu like this. 6. Please please consider adding woo comerce support

Thank you


1. there is a search widget which can be inseretd into any of two sidebars. Primary under the menu or secodnary on the left or right side of page.

2. Due to minimalistic design there is no place where it could be displayed without breaking the visual appearance. But I guess that there shoudl be a plugin which can do that -> add breadcrumb with shortcode.

3. I’ll consider that.

4. No there is no automatic update feature right now.

5. Right now only clikc to hide is supported, but I’ll think about it.


Thank you, Please also consider adding auto hide footer so that social icons and copyright info can be added on bottom.

OK, just about ready to purchase. Question about works? Regarding: I want to create individual course pages using these posts. But the image here is much too large (these will be images of books, which are not hi-res to begin with – and will not look good in such an enlarged state). I want to place a much smaller image there (more like 100×120 pixels) in it’s place. – can that work or does it automatically enlarge the pic. It it can, can I do it on my own (I have a little WP knowledge – but not too much). Also, the section with the heart, etc. links and the social icons I would like to replace with text if possible – or remove this space altogether – how difficult would that be and is it possible. I know I’ve thrown alot at you – but very excited about purchasing.

that sounds good – but the images here: are bigger than simple thumbs don’t they? Or will it resize to thumb image if I do what you say?

I’d like more room for the text area there and much less for the image in the individual post – I don’t care if the image is on top or an the side

1. It depends how big images (how tall) You will upload and which layout You will use: grid – will crop images to small thumb masonry – will make images smaller but shows whole image like here: metro – will crop images and let You choose one of 4 images – grid, landscape, portrait and big.

So it is pretty flexible and I’m sure You will be able to showcase Your works nicely.

2. You can control this aspect also. You can have for axample 50/50, 67/33, 75/25 ( featured area – wher images are / text area – in percents ). And You can choose one of varius page layouts – fullwidth, fixed left , fixed right , fixed centered ( set fixed width in pixel easily via admin ). So once again I guess that You will be able to set page the way You want without touching single line of code.


zakupione… sprawdzmy teraz to…

1. w sekcji portfolio – na pojedynczym wpisie, chcialbym dodac opcje komentarz FB… jakies wskazowki?

Please try this but I cannot guarantee that it will work:


was able to correct the original problem from this post. thanks again for the awesome theme. :]

BillyKid, great theme. I just bought it yesterday and I’m already excited about what I can do with it.

Two things: 1/ I have an open ticket with you and I just had a follow up question there I need help with. Please take a look. 2/ Is it possible to give the fixed left menu bar it’s own background image? In other words, If I don’t want to have a white menu bar but somethng that has a pattern in it…can I add a jpeg image somewhere just for the menu?


Yes there is custom uploader in colors -> navigation/header section.


Is it possible to change to opacity settings of the lightbox? I didn’t see it in the admin console or documentation.

Can, for example, this page:—be used with a right sidebar. Not totally necessary – but could use it.

Yes You can use it with right or left sidebar. This theme is very flexible. It is not old wordpress approach where You have fixed amount of different page templates controled by different files where changes require tweaking code. You can mix and match different modules from page builder. Choose page layout – fullwidth, fixed size (defined by pixels) from admin – float page to left or right side or leave it centered. Add left or rigth sidebar. It tottaly up to You.



Is there a trial version of “division” so I can try to customize the theme before purchasing?


Sorry no trial version is available right now.


Latin-ext subset support

Hi. I need to add subset “latin-ext” to fonts – how can I do this? Mikolaj

I’ll answer to Your question on support forum.


How can I have images from blog posts be displayed on the home page (set to most recent posts) rather than just texts?

Please use featured image option for each post to attach proper thumb that will be used.