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Hey BillyKid,

I disabled the featured image that shows up big at the top of all portfolio pages keeping the featured image set with the code:

Theme settings -> general -> advanced -> CUSTOM STYLE:

.single-portfolio .bk-portfolio-featured-inner-wrap{ display: none; }

Now, the question is: there is a way to leave the image at the top only for a single portfolio page?

Thank you in advance for your support, Gip.

Or, better way, to show a DIFFERENT image (on top) that the one appears as featured image.


1. Displaying different image is not possible – please consider theme cusotmization.

2. Please provide a screenshot of what You want to remove and what have to remain visible so I can help You.


Hi, really great theme, I love it! I have some questions:

- is it possible to make normal pages appear like the portfolio pages or is it possible to have a single portfolio post appearing in the menu? - is it possible to use a specific post as frontpage when the site opens?

Hi, now I have another problem, I cant’t edit the content in my template anymore, maybe because of an update. Every time I click the edit button in the page builder, when the window opens, the screen turns grey and blocks and it’s not possible to do anything. Can you please help me? Thank you very much!


Pleaze Update to latest theme version, flush browser cache and swe if it works. If not please open a private ticket via my support forum.


Ok, thank you a lot, now it works again.

Annoyed, as upgraded and my custom settings are all lost, have to re-install twitter and cant remember how to find out the details again… arghhh wish there was a warning this would happen.

Infact when I try to alter any content it grays out…setting not coming up…

OK trying IE instead of Chrome, can access the content now,


Please open a private ticket via my support forum with login details and description of problem. I will take a look what is wrong.


HI, how can I disable right clicking on image popup? It´s to avoid stolen potos. Thank you in advance. Great theme!



Please use plugin which can do this. There are lots of right click protection plugins for free.


Thank you, I didn´t know it!

Hi, how can I force the footer to always be on the botton of the page depending on browser window size? Currently the footer always shows up directly below the individual page content. Thanks and Regards, Roland PS: really great theme!! :)


Sorry for such late response – I’m out of office with limited access to internet. At this moment only option would be to cusomize theme since footer by default goes just below content. If YOu just want a fullscrren background slidehsow with footer then stick to the revolution slider – it will push footer down for You. Read documenttion for revolution slider.


Hi Billy,

Do not know how but the contact form you turns black when getting up, how I can change it?


link: http://www.mrripley.es/word/?page_id=1003

Problem solved. Thank you.

Hi BillyKid, Very stylish theme, and I have some pre-buy questions, hope you can answer me, thanks in advance! 1) can I include a video work plus a few images in this style of portfolio page ? http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/moulin-rouge/ 2) can I have the video in a fixed width (eg, 800px), but not full screen? http://billykids-lab.net/division/portfolio/big-buck-bunny/ 3) Can password protected function be added in a portfolio work ? Thanks, MGBird


Sorry for such late response – out of ofcie with limited access to internet.

1. Yes – You can have some images and then if clicked videos will be displayed in popup. or you can even have videos inside little thumbs just like images are displayed – I don’t ahve any example on the live demo when it goes for second scenario. First scenario with popup work pretty much like this one:


2. You can use fixed width page instead of fullscreen and adjust page width via built in admin slider to e.g 800 px and then add video as featured content.

3. Yes – here is example of password protected portfolio:



Thanks a lot !

Hi Billy,

I have a problem with the portfolio pages. If I have a video and a gallerie then the description and titel is added below both. Is there a way to get the following order:

-titel -video -description -gallery?

Thank you in advance for your help.


please provide screenshot or link to Your page so I can take a look.


Hi Billy, Can I make images display the portfolio in a square format instead of rectangular?


Please use masonry layout for portfolio page but in this case You would have to upload each portfolio image used as thumb in square size. Masonry layout doesn’t crop and change original image aspect ratio so this would do the trick for You. Other option would be via theme customization.


Thank you very much Billy.

Hi, trying to figure out what the layout is for the fullscreen video layout (homepage would have a full screen video on top and grid gallery on bottom – http://themeforest.net/item/division-fullscreen-portfolio-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/5030589) . I have the grid gallery worked out but how do I include a fullscreen video or image above?

Is that another portfolio? I tried importing demo data but it times out before completion…If you could just explain how that’s done in page builder that would be great.

nevermind…figured it out

Great! It was revoultion slider – just for others reading this thread.


Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this item but have noticed some strange behavior with the back button. If you go from the main page, into a gallery then click through some of the images, then close the gallery you would expect the back button to take you back to the main page. Instead you have to go through each image again. Is this intentional or just the way it’s designed (each image looks like a separate page)?



It is just a popup gallery feature called deeplinking. You can turn this off via admin page and then when You close gallery and click prev on borwser You will be taken to the previous page. Deeplinking is used to enhance social sharing features e.g You can post a link to certain image inside gallery – try it open gallery copy link and then open new tab, paste the link and hit enter – You will be taken to this image.

Like I said earlier – his is optional and can be disabled via admin.


Hi Billy Kid,

I left a ticket a few weeks ago, with no reply. New Ticket #175983

Please do let me know about making the:

1) Gallery pages – with Bulk upload (like quick gallery)


2) Is there any way the Quick Gallery pages can have pagination, even if by a plugin?

Please, please, please add these features immediately – if not then I may have to choose another theme, have many photos and this is very difficult (to get pagination) to add one photo to one gallery post – over and over again.

Thank you so much for this serious consideration :)


Sorry for late response. Out of office with limited access to internet.

1. Not supported by theme – consider theme customization.

2. No pagination for quick galleries at this point. Please consider theme cusotmization.


Thank you – I have updated Ticket #175983 – with further comments and questions.

Will take a look int that as well.


Hi there,

I’m attempting to install Division on a client’s server and I can’t get to Theme Settings…it returns a 404 page:


Great theme and I so want it to work. Anyone have ideas why this might be a problem? I tried installing it to another server and didn’t have the same problem, but everything else seems to work.

Puzzled, Brian


Please open a PRIVATE ticket via my support forum with problem description link to site and login details.


Hi Billy! great theme…

we like it but we have some cuestions.

1. Can we make a new page in the menu with coments? 2. Can we introduce like button in the social bar counting the like in our facebook page? 3. Do you have an user guide for theme?

Thanks ;)


1. http://billykid.ticksy.com/faq/1282 – comments for regular pages.

2. I guess that adding a social like button to page contetn via shortcode would be possible without any problems. You could also add it to header ( fixed left layout ) via text widget with shortocde inside as well.

3. Yes – theme documentation is in user packkage availalbe after download. In case of any additional probelms feel free to ask or browse FAQ’s:



Thanks Billy, great work!

Hi Billykid

I’m going to keep using your amazing theme but a few questions of some of the features for Image Bulk upload – can you please recommend a plugin?

Please see my ticket # (above) And Thank you so much for your awesome theme :)


Will take a look into ticket soon.

Maybe this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/auto-post-after-image-upload/

but I’m not sure if it will work with gallery post type – I guess it works only with regualr post type. Please consider plugin customization – I guess that this is just a small change in plugins code to create ‘gallery’ instead of ‘post’ type if there is no such option in plugin admin pages.


Hi, I have a problem with uploading pictures:

_ I’m going on the Edit page of a Portfolio _ I click on “Add Images and Videos Selfhosted” _ I add 58 photos already on Media _ I click on “Update” and I get “Error 500”

“Error 500 – Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration problem and can not complete the required inserted.

This error can be caused by a CGI script or a non-functioning. Htaccess file that contains the error. “

_ If I update the page the error does not clear, if I go back the photos are not loaded correctly. _ This happens when loading 4-5 photos at a time, and even if I load one photo at a time.

In practice I can not upload more than 30 photos in a portfolio (otherwise I get error 500).

This is a server problem? Or a problem with wordpress? Or a problem with the theme?

Thank you, Roberto

Hey Billy,

Do you know of the proper way to change the size of thumbnails in the popup gallery to more of a rectangle? I went into Settings>media and try to change them there, then I used the regenerate thumbnails plug-in and that didn’t work either.

Thank You



The only way to change aspect ratio of images inside popup would be to upload rectangular images into media library since popup always shows original images with their original aspect ratio.


Hello, I need of complete psd file, how can I do? Thank you


All PSD files are located in division-user-pack/psd folder. Unfortunately there isn’t any overall complete design psd since this proejct heavily evolved during developement and design was changed few times as coding was done.


Council you indicate this because it is written that you provide psd :)

Ok, thanks for the feedback – all psd necessary to change how site looks are there – all icons, toggles, shadows etc… but not in one overall psd – each file have its own psd. I’ll add proper info.


Billy – loving the theme updates and the ability to make CSS editsfor each Page. I want to make the page are semi transparent for this page http://www.hamishnivenphotography.co.za/work-calendar/? I’ve tried a couple of variations based on info in the FAQ – but that was based on styling pit into the APPEARENCE>Theme Settings >Advanced. but it is not working.

I’m currently playing with background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); But I’m aware that this is not for the page / layout area. I’ve also tried color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); but this does not work either.

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks

Also there are additional lines in the accordion section of the Terms Page which should not be there, http://www.hamishnivenphotography.co.za/terms/ Even when I change the CLOSEABLE and COLLAPSE settings of the accordion –

Any ideas?



Any help would be much appreciated


Sorry for late response – out of office with limited access to internet. Please provide a screenshot of what You want to make semitransparent as well as additional lines.


Hi Billy – image with some comments on showing the page, the link the section and notes.



Will be back online on 28th this firday – sorry for delay. Please open a ticket via our support forum if You haven’t done so already.


Is there a way to remove the You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> from the bottom of the contact us form that is receommended for this theme? It is excessively irritating and I really dont want that info on my site Cheers</strong></i></em></del>

awesome stuff, thanks