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Czesc Billy, czy jest mozliwosc w galerii wstawiac filmik Flasha np. jako iframe? Tak, zeby mozna bylo przewijac jednoczesnie obrazki i flasha w ramach jednego lightboxa. Albo przynajmniej odpalic w galerii pojedynczy filmik flash. Tak jak tutaj: Piekny szablon! Pozdrawiam Domin


Szablon nie obs?uguje Flash’owych animacji/filmików. Jest mozliwosc wstawienia filmiku mp4/ogv lub linku do Youtube/Vimeo. Jezeli jest to zwykly filmik flash na pewno jest mozliwsoc wyeksportowania/konwersji do mp4. Dzieki za slowa uzniania.


Witam, widze, ze w szablonie uzyty jest JackBox, ktory teoretycznie na liscie ficzerow ma: “Load iFrames”. Na swojej obecnej stronie filmy flash wstawiam wlasnie poprzez iframe… Czy moge miec nadzieje, ze przy malym pochyleniu sie nad kodem uda sie odpalac tez iframe w tym lightboxie? Czy moze bylo to testowane z niepowodzeniem?


Zgadza sie – w tym szablonie uzyty zosta? JackBox. Na pewno da sie odpalic równiez iframe – kwestia “kastomizacji” szablonu. Niestety nie oferujamy naszym klientom takiej us?ugi ( ani jako czesc support’u ani jako p?atna us?uga ), wiec musia?by Pan zrobic to na w?asn? r?k? lub zlecic komus innemu:


Question! I have Fullscreen Gallery enabled on my homepage, looks great. But when I look at the site on my phone, the slideshow seems to not load or something, just get a spinning circle. Anything I could do? my site:

It works now. Just checked it on my nokia lumia – just wait a liitle longer – it takes more time to load and render page on mobile phone than on pc. What mobile phone do You use?


I am using an iPhone 4S. Still doesn’t seem to load for me, been staring at it for over 10 minutes, shouldn’t take that long right? Thanks again for your help

No it should take so long – it should take up to 5-10 seconds depending on internet connection. please try to refresh browser or clear it’s cache if it is possible on the mobile device. Maybe it still displays old version form the cache.


Is there a way to make this image as big as possible in the theme? I like the social buttons, I like the thumbnails at the bottom, but I’d like to maximize screen real-estate – possible?


In modern borwsers that supports fullscreen mode e.g chrome You can maximize it by clicking arrow on the top right next to close button.

If You will use bigger image e.g 1920×1080 it will be resized to fit the screen – e.g on big screens it will occupy all space except thumbs and arrows. You can also hide thumbs via theme settings.


Hello BillyKid, congratulations for the work you’ve done. Everything works fine. An idea to improve. In PageBuilder once the item is selected, it would be wonderful to be able to display the title. For example, having a page with lots of “toggle” would help to know which title was given by facilitating composition.

Thanks again


Thanks for feedback. This is really good idea. Will think about this in future.


Can you add load more button for woocommerce ? please Template cool but that I was missing: (

Mniej wiecej o jakim czasie Pan mowi piszac “w przyszlosci” ? Kupilam szablon z mysla ze dla kazdego typu postu dostepna jest funkcja load more.

Nie mog? w tej chwili podac ani konkretnej daty ani czy taka opcja zostanie w ogóle zaimplementowana w przysz?osci. Powy?sze zdanie:

“At the moment I don’t plan to add such feature but will think about it in the future”

nie by?o i nie jest wi???ce ani nie jest obietnic? dodania takiej funkcjonalnosci w przysz?o?ci. Zawsze nalezy dok?adnie sprawdzic stron? demo oraz/i zadac sprzedajacemu pytania dotyczace szablonu aby rozwiac wszelekie w?tpliwo?ci.


Ok rozumiem

Hello, i have purchased your theme. i did some customization in your theme. now i want to update theme to latest version.can i update your theme directly in wp admin section?? after update do i loss my code which i added for customization??


where did You made those customizations? If only in theme settings -> general -> advacned -> custom style and script You’re ready to update via admin screen – all custom code adde there will remain intact. But if You made some changes inside style.css or any other file inside theme then consider saving those changes somewhere else since update will overwrite this files. If You have some customizations in theme files please consider using child theme – this will make sure that all changes will remain after updates.


Hi BillyKid,

I have a question about the theme options in the backend.

If I set “Shop -> Related Product Count” to 0, I get 5 items below each product, if I set it to 1, I get one.

Is this a bug or do I have to change something somewhere to make it work?

I want no related items below a single product.

Thanks in advance. kasenga


I have to take a look int this issue. Meanwhile please use this fix:

add this code to functions.php file


Thank you, this worked for me.

Hi there. Your theme looks fantastic. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind, before buying.

On the Live Preview you have a filter widget which appears under the Portfolio area. Can this widget also be applied to the Gallery area?

What I am looking for is the ability to create approximately 10 photograph ‘Categegories’ (for example ‘Sunsets’, ‘Cityscapes’, ‘Seascapes’ etc, and then add sets of images within those categories, so the Cityscapes category could have many galleries of images with between 2 and 15 images in each, and the same with each category.

I would also like the ability to password-protect an area in which many gallery sets could be stored for only Licencees to view.

I hope I have explained this ok, and thank you for your time. :)


Unfortunately gallery post type doesn’t support filters like portfolio does, but portfolio post type can also operate in gallery mode – You can have for example this page:

and when user clicks on any thumb it will open a lightbox like here:

Could You be more precise about Your idea. Categories are just filters which toggles certain thumbs like for portfolio or those are separate pages where You want to display group of images?

Each separate gallery page can have its own unique password.


Witam, Problem dotyczy quick gallery: W dniu dzisiejszym doda?em now? galeri? typu GRID i nie wiadomo czemu na siatce zdj?cia pionowe s? nieco wy?sze od poziomych co rozwala ca?y uk?ad – zdj?cia (wiersze) nie s? równo pouk?adane.

Zdj?cia przygotowa?em tak jak do tej pory, czyli dluzszy bok ma zawsze identyczny rozmiar i wszystko zawsze (do dnia dzisiejszego dzialalo). Jak rozwiazac, co moze byc przyczyna? Dzi?ki za pomoc

regenerate nic nie pomog?o – ju? sprawdza?em. Zaraz wy?l? prywatny ticket z linkiem

Ticket: #222016

Hi. I was wondering if this theme also has a “dark” version?


There isn’t dark version ready to go out of box, but You can control all colors, backgrounds, etc… via theme admin so it is easy to create one. You would have to also edit some psd files like social icons, dots, small cross toggle to match dark version. All psd are included.


Awesome! Thank you for the speedy reply!

Hi, I am keen on purchasing this theme. I need more information about the following: a) can one album be displayed in any of the layouts you’ve sampled for galleries b) Can I display title and caption below each images in a gallery grid display and not on the lightbox c) Can layouts like this have text descriptions with the gallery

Hope to hear from you soon!


1. what do You mean by album? Could You provide a link to my demos site?

2. That would require a theme customization. You can have gallery with titles under thumb like here:

3. Where do You want to add descriptions? Above or under whole gallery or under each thumb? Under each thumb would require a theme customization.


Thanks for your quick response! I’ll be hosting my fine art photography works and I need to know that there are adequate options to describe my series of works through text i.e. (concept notes, captions and descriptions.) How easy or difficult would it be to customize text placement alongside images? Does the theme files have enough editable files if I need to tinker around a little bit. Also, could you please explain the nesting hierarchy of the images. for e.g. on a page like this – Clicking each of the thumbnails on this gallery opens another gallery.

1. You can have this layout out of box:

with title and excerpt or with excerpt only:

and make it behave like gallery:

so when user clicks on any thumb the gallery will popup.

2. Please provide a proper link – remove theme forest bar from the top of page. I assume that You’re talking about this page:

each thumb visible on this page is separate gallery post type where You can edit it’s tile and behavior when user clicks on it. It can show single image, video or mixed gallery images + videos, galleyr of images, or gallery of videos on click – or link to external url. Options are pretty flexible.



Not only that you can make ‘dark skin’ site with this theme but you can make almost anything you wish :)

Here is my ‘dark skin’ site using this theme:

As Billy said – you will need to spend some time editing few files and settings but compared to some other themes it ia all straight forward stuff.

Probably one of the best themes currently available on TF!

Hi BillyKid,

great theme but I have one issue with the highlight shortcode. When I set highlight colour tab to custom colours in a content area it has no effect: it still uses the global site colour for highlights. Have you any ideas on how to get it working right?

Thanks, Jave


just checked it and seems like there is small typo in the code. Add this inside Your custom colored hightlights as workaround:


so it will look similar to this:

I’ll fix this in next release. Sorry for problems.


Hi BillyKid,

I got a question

With new blog / messages post the preview text doesn’t seem to appear anymore. You can see it here (last 4 posts does not have the preview text): Is there a posiblity to fix this?


Just one more thing, In the Themesetting / Blog / General there is an option where you can set the Excerpt Length. Wat does this do if there is no automatic Excerpt? Hope you can help me with that



sorry for late response. You can also disable page builder add some text to default editor – excerpt will be created form this text, enable page builder and add post content. This will make sure thath excerpt is generated form default wordpress filed while post content is based on page builder. Excerpt length is only applied to posts where manual excerpt is not used is empty and it is used to trim generated excerpt.


Thx, that is the reason I don’t see the excerpt anymore. The old posts have content in the default editor. I used page builder in a later stage. Lesson more learned ;-).


Hi BR,

I have a question about the theme options in the backend. Shop -> Layout -> Base size

Is it possible to display 5 items in a row on a 1280 screen resolution? I have set the base size to small and it displays 4 items. If I change the value to medium it displays 4 items as well.

I have some knowledge of CSS, so this wouldn’t be a problem if you give me a hint.

Thanks in advance kasenga


Sorry for late response. Layout of shop as well of portfolio, galleries is fluid and is calculated on the fly. Numbers of columns is based on base size and screen resolution and cannot be simply changed via css. Javascript modifications will be necessary. Please consider theme customization since this requires some efforts.



I have a couple of questions that I am having issues with on the theme.

The first is, no matter what order I put my portfolio items in they never show up correctly in that order on the website. I have the settings correct on the backend to sort via post order.

Secondly, how do I remove the text on the top of the portfolio page that sorts it?

Last, is there a way I can make my blog posts show up on the portfolio page? I am using the portfolio page as the homepage and would like to populate the most recent blog posts as well.



1. Please uninstall all plugins and see if it helps – especially plugins that may change order of posts on backend and frontend. Also flush caching plugins if any to reflect any changes.

2. Edit portfolio page – go to portfolio module via page builder and search for option show filter.

3. You can use page builder to add blog module above/below portfolio module on Your homepage.


Hi Billy,

After using your theme with my site for some time I have finally decided to install W3 Total Cache plugin to optimize the site performance and speed.

And wow, what a difference – it works wonderfully!

Apart from one thing…

When I activate CSS MINIFY, layout of Woocommerce pages (single product page and the rest) gets broken.

When I disable it – it all looks fine, of course.

So there is definitely one (or more?) CSS files that needs to be excluded – question is, which one(s) exactly!?

I have tried every obvious CSS Woocommerce related file without success… :(

Any chance of help please?

Here is how single product page looks like now:

Image should obviously be much smaller with price and info aligned right from it…

Is it excluded right now? I still cannot see excluded styles.css in the page source. seems like it still takes styles.css and combines with the rest of files. You can always try custom style.




OK – perhaps you should add this one to your FAQ…

In case anyone experiences CSS conflict with the W3 Total Cache in relation to Woocommerce pages layout please do the following:

1. Go to MINIFY menu of W3

2. Under Advance exclude following file (or simply copy paste the following line): wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/css/woocommerce-smallscreen.css


Ok – great. Thanks for feedback.


Hi BK,

Just a small enquiry this time my friend.

This time with relation to the fixed top menu (not mobile but on screen)

Currently I have the fixed top menu activated and my blog is a centred width of 1080px. My question is how do I bring the logo and menu links to be inline with the edges of my 1080 column rather than being spread all the way out to the far corners of my screen?

It just looks disconnected to the content especially on a large 27inch screen.

Having said this though, I like the current layout of the menu on the front fullscreen layout and think the compressed menu would not suit that particular part of the site.

Any help would be awesome.

Cheers, Matt


Please try this:

#bk-header-inner-wrap {
  max-width: 1080px;
  margin: auto;


Hey a beautiful theme you have! im 99% sure i will purchase, im just a little concerned about the loading speed. It seems rather slow. But with less images it should work fine, right?

All the best, Nikolaj


Loading speed depends on many factors – type of hosting You use, internet connection speed, server load, caching plugins, number of images, etc… With less images it will load faster.