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how can i add more widgets under the menu on the left?

I want to ass contactinfo of the client


add this code:

.bk-primary-sidebar {
position: absolute;
width: 220px;
bottom: 0px;
left: 30px;

instead of this:

.bk-primary-sidebar {
  position: absolute;
bottom: 0px;


Hey BIlly thx a lot for all the help. One thing: On mobile, the widgets in the header, and the menu are overlapping.

See the website on mobile:

Maybe something to do with position: relative; ?

Thx again man

Please use samller logo for mobile devices so menu toggle can fit right next to it. there is a separate setting only for mobile logo.


One final question before I purchase. How can I make the Blog a full width and get rid of that right side bar. This theme capable?


Yes, You can have Your blog page fullwidth without a sidebar. Each post or page can be also fullwidth without the sidebar.


Hi BK!! :) I found the way to translate with wpml most of the theme. The only thing i miss its the Subfooter with links. How i can translate it. I try with translation strings but nothing. Thx

I find many from this plugin “[plugin: all-in-one-seo-pack] aioseop_options [translate]” But not for wpml-config.xml or admin_texts_theme_division.


please open a private ticket with login details to Your page via my support forum so I can take a look or post a ticket number here if You already did so.


I open Ticket: #240098

Hi Billy,

I am looking for a good theme in the photography. Division is in General OK, but there are some deficits for me: - very similar galery effects (grid, masonry, etc.) - no Kennbury effect

In short, your galery effects are a liitle bit boring ig I compare with Sirius theme of Themegoods.

Probably, I will decide between Division and Sirius. What is the advantages of Division comparing Sirius theme?

Regards Mustafa


Division is chipped with revolutions slider plugin which can supports ken burns effect:

So You can add homepage fullscreen ken bunrs slider if You wish. Adding additional effects to portfolio thumbs would require theme customization:


Hi, sorry, I was in Holiday in your country (Warszawa) :-). Because of that I am responding alittle bit late. Thanks for Links. I have decided to buy your theme. How about with updates? Regards MBC


Great. hope You had a great time. Upgrades are free of charge.


Hi. When i see the web in a iphone, Safari breaks shortly. This problem is not in android.

All plugins are deactivate.

You can see the error in a video in this url weetransfer


Please check response on support forum.


It’s been recently brought to my attention that this script is causing my site severe slowdown:

wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/capt ions.php?rev=4.3.6&ver=3.9.1

I tried looking through the comment section to see if this is a common occurrence but I couldn’t find anything.

Because of the slowdown mobile is almost unusable

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


The latest version of Revolution is 4.5 and what I have is 4.3. Is there anyway to update it to the latest version or are we only allowed to use 4.3


Please contact me via my profile page so I can send You new version.


I am wondering if anybody is suffering from a slow site with this theme? I saw above were someone’s site is slow but they believe the cause is Revolution slider… I JUST started using it and mine was slow before.. I am not blaming the theme at all. I am just trying to narrow down the cause.

1) I have 4 other WP sites on the same domain on a very robust dedicated server. And they all are running fine. 2) I have deactivated all plugins.


Please send me link to Your site so I can take a look what is wrong.


Hi BK,

like to hide the comment function for the blogs. could not find a way to disable “leave comment” func. can you help me here out ? thx

Please edit post and search for option allow comments.


After create help from BillyKid I finish my multilingual website

Thx BillyKid for your Create theme!


I’ve been looking at this theme as I want to make a photography portfolio, and it looks like it could be perfect but would like to ask you if I can do this:

I would like to be able to have each of my galleries display as “medium masonry, large gutter, multiple images”, as in your demo… but when users click on one of the thumbnails, I would like that image to be displayed in a larger size in a slider… and have the option of going back to the grid. This is somehow possible in your demo but, the slider appear as a fullscreen lightbox…. would it be possible to have the slider appear next to the menu (ie: reduce the size of the lightbox..) ? ... and also would it be possible to add a button to return to the masonry view (or change the closing cross to another graphic?)

I hope that makes sense… here is an example of something similar to what I want.. it allows you to go from grid to slider and back to grid:

Do you think this is possible to achieve with this theme?

Many thanks,



When it comes to “medium masonry, large gutter, multiple images” it is ok – this feature is supported by theme and You could have mulitple galleries with this layout.

Regarding slider – the example You gave me works in ajax mode – no page refresh when clicked on thumb to fgo to slider and when going back – this feature is not supported. In my theme when thumb is clicked new page will be loaded and page will be refreshed ( exception is only when lighbox is attached to thumb ).

You could have Your thumbs added to page and then when clicked You could have something like this:

you could reduce description only to title bar with next prev and back to portfolio buttons or have no description at all like here:

in tis case You could add link to the sidebar on the right side under menu similar to this:

where other works are displayed – You could add just one link with text e.g portfolio etc..

Another option would be to use gallery thumbs with custom links applied to them. Then each thumb could link to page where revolution slider would be displayed:

this is pretty powerfull slider and You could easily add arrows to navigate to next previous slide just like in the example above ( You can use Your own images of arrows to match theme style ) as well as icon/image which could link back to Your portfolio/gallery page.



Thank you so much for your reply. It looks like this could work for me!

One more question, could I reduce the size of the images in the slider? I would like to have some white space around all of my pictures and show them at their original ratio…(if that’s not possible I guess I can ‘fake’ it in photoshop by uploading images that already have white space around..).

Besides that, I think it could work well for me…but just to make sure: I could have several galleries in the site that could be displayed as slider or masonry, allowing the users to chose the view they want? ... ...What I mean is that it could work one way or the other… so I could set it up that if a user clicks on a gallery, it could display the slide show first and have the icon for masonry/thumbnails view so the user could also look at the whole gallery as thumbs… ? Ultimately this is what I am after…

Thanks again…



1. Default slideshow would need customization. I guess that adding a white border would be easy using slideshow revolution plugin which is included.

2. You could easily use revoltuion slider plugin to add similar slider:

and then use page builder to add portfolio module below it:

with any lyout You want – masonry, grid etc…


How did you set up the contact page on the demo? I think it’s great!


Please create a page and search for fullscreen background content option -> add google map there. Change page layout to fixed right and change it’s width via proper option to 600px. Page builder to add some text and contact form via shortcodes.


Hello there! Great theme! I am facing a problem while trying to create a page that shows posts of one or more portfolio categories. I create a new page, Select the “Portfolio” option from Page Builder and then I edit and select the categories I want to show posts from. I save the page as a child of the main “Portfolio” page and then publish. When I visit the page though I see 404 error.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Kat

Hi again! I figured out the problem and it is fixed. I am facing a weird problem though. It am not able to save any widgets in the sidebar. I have already checked and there’s not any plugin conflict, so I cannot figure out what the problem is.

Note: If I change to the default theme the sidebars work without a problem.

Hi BK :)

If you see I made my menu space smaller with CCS and i dont use description menu under every bar but the under menu now its very small. Its exist any way to remove description so the space will be smaller be normal?

Sorry for late response – please provide a screenshot of the exact spot of menu/submenu thath You want to adjust so I can send You proepr code.


Sorry for my delay i was on holidays :)

I wont to make bigger just this ping space Screenshot

try this:

.bk-stacked-menu ul li a,{
padding: 10px 30px;

adjust 10px value as You wish.



I really don’t like the Jackbox, I would rather use iLightbox. I know it involves heavy code modification but I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction to try to modify it myself. I already have the iLightbox activated but it seems like the theme or jackbox is making it not work properly (i am not able to have the images in a group, they show up in the light box individually) Can you point me to the right direction to try to get rid of the Jackbox so that I can use a different plugin?


Please edit file js/functions.js and search for this code:

function bk_init_jackbox( $links ) {

and replace it with this:

function bk_init_jackbox( $links ) { return;

and search for this:

function bk_append_to_jackbox( $links ) {

and replace with this:

function bk_append_to_jackbox( $links ) {  return;

it will disable jackbox and You will be able to use Your plugin but I’m not quite sure if it will be possible to make it work without theme or plugin custom modifications.


Hi :) ,

Thank you for this theme it’s a pleasure to work with… Just a question, can i put the tittle of a portfolio a the top of it and not under the pics when it’s configured in gallery portfolio?



It is not possible without code modifications/customizations. I can only guide You where to look. Edit functions.php and search for code:

if( !get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_bk_page_title_disabled', true ) ) {

You want to move everything what is inside this “if” statement including statement and bracket itself ( around 50 lines of code from line 3881 to 3923 ) and place it few lines above where it was just above this code:

if( get_post_meta( $post_id, '_bk_portfolio_hide_featured_content', true ) == false ) {

which is on the line 3866.

It should work but if You’re not please cosnider theme customization.


thank you i will try …

Hi BillyKid,

your theme looks wonderful. :) After checking the several options I found the one which suits my needs best:

One question though: Clicking on an image opens a lightbox gallery. Instead of the gallery I would like to only see ONE image (the full size version of the thumbnail I clicked) enlarged to fullscreen. Is this possible?

Thanks a lot in advance, Jesko

All right, good news! That’s what I wanted to know! :) Maybe you could add such a gallery (modal lightbox without thumbs at the bottom) as a future reference for others…. And: Thanks for your rapid responses…

The problem is this is global theme setting and not per gallery setting so I cannot create just one gallery without thumbs without changing others. You’re welcome.


All right, got it.

All the portfolios on the grid page all show in Ascending order. For example post Z-A instead of A-Z. I have tried changing the order in the Portfolio page builder section where I am suppose to but it doesnt do anything. As a matter of fact when I hit save and then update and I go back it is still on the previous setting. Which in this case is the CORRECT setting in the first place… Order by Title and Descending.

Any ideas??


please open a private ticket via my support forum:

with login detials and link toyour site. Also try to uninstall all plugins and see if it helps.


Pre-purchase question; My images need to have multi-line captions. Is this possible in galleries, such as a Masonry type gallery?


Do You refer to this page:

on the overlay You can have single line title and when clicked You can have image decription below image in the popup which is also single line.


My descriptions will typically need to be multiline. Thanks for your response.

I need to stop a category from showing on the blogroll


If You have atest version of theme installed You can edit page which is used as Your blog and go to blog module in page builder. there is an option to choose which categories to display on th blog page.


Hi Billy,

Still using this wonderful theme and have no intentions of changing but am wondering if there are any updates planned?

It would be great if you could keep on updating and maintaining this theme for some time! :)

Here are just handful of things I would love to see in future updates:

1. More options in regards to headers – option to place it at the bottom of the screen and better control where logo and main menu are placed.

2. Some CSS3 animations would be great (to avoid installing separate plugins)

3. Control over portfolio / gallery thumbnail animations (it would be great to have this under theme settings so we can change current behavior into something else – like zoom in effect and similar)

4. Option to easily change current Lightbox (JackBox) with different types of slideshow players / lightbox.

5. Further code optimization (not sure if this is necessary but from my experience there is always something to be further optimized)

6. Horizontal dividers that we have a great but it would be brilliant to have VERTICAL dividers too (same dotted line would do the trick). This could be activated via columns with option to have vertical divider visible or not.

7. More short codes! :)


In my opinion, this is still by far the best theme out there but it needs to be updated and maintained to remain that… Perhaps not exactly now but in near future… I hope you will keep on working on it :)


Thanks for the valuable feedback. At this moment I don’t plan any huge update but will take a look into Your suggestions in the future.

Thanks for kind words.


Hi again! :)

No need for huge updates in my opinion – theme is perfect!

But small tweaks and expansions would be more than welcome plus, of course, any necessary updates to keep theme functioning with latest WP releases (such as upcoming V4.0)

Don;t worry – updates for new version of wordpress will be covered for sure.