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Thank you for such a thorough and amazing theme. I’m having an issue with the Twitter widget. No matter what username I use, I get, “Bad Authentication data.” Any ideas on how to resolve this?

This isn’t for a Twitter app. This is the widget that displays a Twitter feed with simply entering the username

Yes I know that but in order to use a widget You have to go to appearance -> theme settings -> general -> twitter and fill in proper fields. Follow mentioned tutorial to register twitter app and obtain secret keys and tokens.


thank you!

Hello again! Thank you for the great theme & the amazing support! I would like to filter my gallery categories like the portfolio section. Is there a way I can do that? Thanks! :)


Unfortunatelly right now it is not possible but I’m working on a new release and I’m considering adding such functionality.


Fullscreen Slideshow:

Is it possible to change the X & Y positions of the image Title & Description? As a few others have suggested earlier, if the excerpt field was included and perhaps a button for the link, then there would be no need to include a slider.

Thanks for the great theme and continued support. 5 stars!



I’ve added this FAQ:

Good idea. I’ll think about it.


Thanks for considering. If that were implemented it would also be essential that the font color can be set for title / description, black or white. Black text on dark images or white text on light ones wouldn’t work so well unless they were able to be set as opposite by the admin.

Thanks for valuable feedback.

How do I edit the content on the contaact form? I successfuly got the plugin working but I can’t seem to get this part.

The content area is the text on the page. I inported your XML that simulates the demo and I’m trying to edit the contact content. Where do I edit that? I can’t find it.

there should be a page called Contact. Find and edit.


There was a bug where that content wasn’t showing in the edit field but it works now. Thank you!

Hi. I’m about to purchase but before I do, I’d like to find out if the thumbnail images in the portfolio can be custom-cropped? Can I specify what the thumbnail looks like?

Thanks in advance.


There is no such option. However it depends which layout would You like to use? E.g for masonry layout similar to this one:

thumbs are not corpped at all. Thumbs are just scaled down to proper sizes but You can control how thumbs will be displayed simply by preparing Your images in photoshop and then uploading via wordpress admin.

For other layouts – like grid or metro thubms are scaled and cropped automatically via wordpress so it is harder to control how would they look like. However thumbs in grid or metro except landscape and portrait are cropped to sizes which always maintain golden ratio aspect rule so I guess that preparing big images with this ratio would give You fine control over how small thumbs will be displayed.



can you integrate woocommerce? I want to be able to showcase products but also to have an option to sell them. if you can integrate woocommerce, can you show me some examples? tnx


I’m working on integrating and styling woocommerce right now – it is not supported in verison 1.02 yet . New version should be available soon.

Stay tuned.

Please, can You tel me what is the maximum dimension supported for the image?! In pixel? Tks


there is no limit when it comes to uploading images for this theme however stick to this guideline.


Hi, you could send me demo_data up to 2MB? Because my server does not support more than that.


Please contact Your hosting provider – I’m pretty sure that they will take care of that – increasing limit. It is a common case.

I don’t have smaller demo data and that would require few hours to setup and export new site, so please contact them.



I love this Theme!!

A few questions: Can I - resize the Logo? Mine has to be twice as high as yours. - change the background color of the menu bar Most of my images are portrait. Will they be shown without being cropped in the different gallery modes?

Thank you!


1. Yes You can upload any logo and even easily setup top and bottom margins via theme admin.

2. Yes – You can change color of background color.

3. Just use masonry layout like this one:

and images will not be cropped and displayed correctly.


Hi there have problem with installing sample data. Hope you can reply my support question which I sent via ypour support site soon as its kinda urgent. Thanks in advance, Also have two feature requests – 1- can u add captcha or control question to contact form to prevent spammers ? 2 – is theme wpml compatible ? I need site in two languages …also if you somehow implement language switching position for flags to theme would be great so it match site design…


1.I’ll take a look into Your issue.

2. Please use this plugin – it supports captach and is very flexible.

3. It is not Yet compatible with WPML but I’m planning to do it.


hi… love your theme.. 2 questions…

under portfolio page, ex :

- Can we show a description for each image along with the title? - also, can we show Facebook/Twitter button on the enlarged view (lightbox)?

I saw these images are responsive… but does the same version of the image load for smaller screens? (as these images will have a larger size)

or are images with different resolutions loaded depending on the browser size?

Thanks, I am looking forward to your replies and then purchasing this theme.


1. Do You mean – title and description in popup mode when thumb is clicked or when user hovers over image? Popup mode right now supports only one field – You can use it for title or description like when biggest image is clicked there is description – ATTRACTIVE MODEL. There is no option right now to add two lines of description e.g:

ATTRACTIVE MODEL lorem ispum dolor sit….

Overlay right supports only simple icon or no overlay at all at the moment – I’ll think about some imporvements in next release – like show title or description on hover – but haven’t decided yet what to add.

2. Right now facebook/twitteer can be only displayed in portfolio meta section. Popup doesn’t support this at the moment.

3. Yes – same sizes are loaded for all screens at the moment. This topic ( handling responsive different images based on device screen size ) is still arguable and there are some soultions but all requires some additional effort such as server side device detecion or javascript libraries.


Thanks for a quick response… regarding 2, there are many popups supporting social links now a days… so would love to have it… if you can…

regarding point 3… I was hoping something on these lines:

Hope it makes sense.

2. I’ll take a look into extending this popup with socila icons.

3. Seems like a nice solution. Haven’t tried it though so cannot say nothing more ;)

1 more questions… sorry..

on such page… do we have the ability to configure thumbnail size for each image? or do you have a set of pre-defined sizes? and do we get an ability to select which part of image we want as thumbnail?

This particular layout is called mixed masonry. Here is masonry layout example:

it doesn’t crop images – just scales down so You have total control over thumb appearance – no cut offs and poor croping ( like missing head of a person on portrait image ) occurs.

Mixed masonry allows additionaly to specify which thumbs are in big or small mode. Big mode uses bigger images which always are two times wider ( height is sclaed properly to maintain original aspect ratio ) than small ones.

So It depends how original images and its aspect ratios looks like and which lyout mode is used and is very flexible.

Part of image as thumbnail ? Do You mean custom cropping ? You can specify via featured image which one will be displayed as thumbnail and it doesn’t have an impact on how single portfolio item gallery looks like.

How thumb of single portfolio item looks on portfolio page once again depends on used layout. For masonry whole thumb is visible – only scaled down. For other layouts such as metro or simple grid original image is taken scaled and cropped automatically and used as thumbnail. All thumbs have aspect ratio that follows golden ratio rule so preparing proper big image that follows this rule and uploading it via wordpress gives You control over how thumbnail will look like – because if it will have golden ratio before uploading it will be just scaled down – otherwise it will be additionally corpped to meet this rule.


HI. i have one more question^). When i create the page, i write the title in the top of admin panel = this title is using as H1-title-of-content and as the SEO page title. But i need them to be different. I installed Yoast SEO plugin , but it didnt help. I wrote seo title in the yoast, but the old title from admin panel is still displayed. Rely on your help.

No. I want to change SEO title of the pages. For example: the page “Pricing” = i need header text to be: “Pricing”, as in demo. And the SEO title to be like “The Service price of our agency”.

I guess it is matter of plugin capabilities and configuration. What about force rewrite titles in SEO -> title settings?

I bet a lot of peopel had similar issues and answer is somewhere on the net. Could You please contact plugin authors for info?


it`s done. Thanks.

Hello, I have a problem with quick gallery upload. After 58 pictures I get an error message.(404 – NOT FOUND We’re very sorry but the page You’re trying to find isn’t here.) and at the buttom i have this (Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/hannahdb/public_html/wedding/wp-content/themes/division/admin/bk_gallery_manager.class.php on line 292) Is their any limit for uploading pictures….I tried to delete a few pictures and upload another one. But after 58 it’s always finished…How can I fix that problem?

My hosting provider told me (hostgator) it’s not possible increase these PHP configuration values….. What can i do now..? it’s possible make changes to my website on a ftp server..? or any other ideas how to manage more than 59 pis’s in the gallery…. Please Help!


That is wierd – I’ve never faced such hosting provider behavior – usually there are willing to change it, but I didn’t use hostgator. Please try to convince them once again to do so and if still no luck you have two options:

1. Change hosting provider – I know that this is a bit to much of trouble 2. Divide Your quick gallery into chunks – create quick gallery 1, quick gallery 2, quick gallery 3, ... etc that will contain all Your images that You wanted previously to add to one quick gallery and then use page bulder to display those quick galleries one after another – it is not a perfect solution – because You can have gaps or empty spaces between each quick gallery and not all images will be linked inside popup – just certain chunks.

FTP will not help in this case.


Hello. I just installed your theme. Looks great and has a lot of features to play with. I am wondering how to change the category in the portfolio section. You can see it is on top i am traying to put it on the left like in your example….


Hello! Yesterday I purchased your theme … it’s amazing! I have something to ask you: how do I create a page equal to “meet the team”?! I would like a presentation page just like that … Thanks!

one last question! as is done add the “signature” at the bottom of the menu? For example, on your preview at the bottom of the menu you wrote “Division Theme by BillyìKid 2013” ...

Theme settings -> header -> general -> header tagline.


Global Navigation:

Is it possible to change the navigation style on the Fixed Left Header to match the style of widgets? Currently the navigation links have a horizontal dotted line that runs underneath the link text which stretches the entire width of the column bleeding edge from left to right. If a sidebar with a widget is added to the left column it shows a solid black line under the text then continues as a dotted line. However, the dots don’t run up to the edge of the column. It appears there is about 30 or 40 pixels of white space to the left and right of the widget. My request is to be able to match the global navigation style to the style that is applied to the widgets? In other words, I don’t want the dots under the nav links to run the entire width to the bleeding edge and I’d like the solid black line under the words. Hopefully this is possible. 8-)




I’m willing to go find someone to do the custom CSS. In your opinion, would it be a lot of work? Or just adding a few new classes?



It should be rather easy. Most likely about 20-30 lines of css.


Good to know. PM me if you know anyone. This is something I’d be willing to pay for.

A) Any thoughts about adding a cool/customizable search bar to the navigation bar?

B) Also, is it possible to link a specific portfolio entry directly to open a page in a new window instead of redirecting the current page to that link?

C) Is it possible to ignore the side gutter on a full-width page for the portfolio——and have the text,images,etc layout have say an _px gutter and have the portfolio section extend the entire width of the frame with NO gutter at all?—I tried “remove side gutter” option within the portfolio menu…didnt do anything.

D) Any thoughts about making it so you could rollover a portfolio image and show another image overlay rather than text? For instance, i’ve got logos on my site as images…if you could hover over a portfolio entry and see an alternate image.

E) How do I create a link back to a specific part of a page…For instance, how can I link my photoshop “Back to Team Page” Icon to the team section on a different page that is halfway down the page..not just back to the top of a specific page?

F) Also would love to know if you ever figured out the previous posters issues with Layerslider or RevolutionSlider…It seems we cant include the shortcodes to these things in the content section of a page builder…we have to turn off page builder for it to work and even then, it doestn seem very clean-it’s very clunky. Any thoughts about building in some integration with layerslider,etc-seems like it would be a relatively easy fix and would greatly improve the ability to display content in your theme for everyone. Just a suggestion. Cant wait for your next release!

Thanks! Loving the theme!


A. Could You shed some more light into this idea?

B. Right now it opens in the same page but You can edit includes/shortcodes.php line 1192 ther is a code that outputs external link just add this attribute ( target=”_blank” ) so it looks like this:

$content .= '<a target="_blank" class="bk-portfolio-thumb-link" href="' . get_post_meta($post->ID, '_bk_portfolio_thumbnail_external_link', true) . '"></a>';

C. Rmove side gutter works – let say You have portfolio with 10px gutter – the 10 px gutter is between items as well as on the left and right side of portfolio container. When remove side gutter is enabled 10px utter is only between portfolio items – side gutter is removed. But if You have fullwidth page padding set to e.g 30px above portfolio setting will not remove this padding ( 30px ) since those are completely different settings.

D. Good idea – I’ll think about it.

E. Try this:

or maybe there is a plugin that can do this – but haven’t use any yet.

F. You can use revoultuion slider inside page builder without any problem – just checked it. I guess that layer slider will work as well. All You have to do is add content module via page builder -> edit it and add slider shortcode e.g [rev_slider homeslider] via editor. Save and publish – and it outputs revolution slider in the place You want.


A.) Hate linking or referencing other themes…but salient has a great example of a search bar at the top menu….

B.) Thanks, but i should have specified….is there a way I can just do this for certain types/filters within the portfolio? For instance…Can I have all items within filter “A” open in a new window…and filter “B” & “C” to open to their portfolio content pages.

C.) Yeah I have full-width page padding on. Darn I was hoping there was a way to extend the portfolio past this to go full width when you have page padding :(

D.) Thanks!

E.) Thanks!

F.) I’ll try revolutionslider, thanks!

A. Ok now I see what You meant – Looks nice – I’ll think about something – right now only opption is to add search widget under menu or in page sidebar.

B. Right now no – I’ll think about adding such option in future.

C. You could try this custom css code – let say You have fullwidth page padding se to 30px:

.bk-portfolio-wrap { margin-left: -30px !important; margin-right: -30px !important; }


Glad I bought your theme! I’m using it with WPML (multilingual plugin). How can I make sure the Facebook like button is displayed in the correct language depending on the language of the page we’re on please? Can I use your pw_maze_white.png (background image) or is it copyright? Thx.


All backgrounds used in demo can be found here:

You can use it. I’m pretty sure that WPML will not be able to translate facebook button since it is inside iframe which is displayed by facebook. I guess that facebook recognizes user language and displays correct button label.