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Doesnt work anymore, Author dont comunicate, theme without support, without update.

for Flexibility

So far I have mixed feeling about this theme. I have never asked for support because in the first 6 months we did not have a question. But now that we do we find that there is a charge to ask a question.

Billy says that the theme supports video but, does it really?

We read through the tutorials and linked the video as described into the blog post. The preview shows in our blog and it plays small in the preview window. If we click on the fullscreen icon, it says: fullscreen is unavailable. Only if you click on READ MORE the video goes to fullscreen. At the end of the video there will be suggestions for other videos to watch (on YouTube).

We would like that the fullscreen icon in our blog preview works and clients don't have to click on READ MORE to be able to watch the video fullscreen and we would like to hide other video suggestions and the end of the video because we don't want to send clients off of our page. Can you please help us out. The link to our blog with a sample video can be provided.

Yes, I am a little miffed!

Author response


It seems like Your support period has expired ( if You purchase theme You have 6 months of included support to sort some issues / probelm during site installtion and setup - it is not my decision to make it that way - it is envato policy, althoug I fully support this model and I'm happy about it ). Imagine Yourself selling a product for 59$ and be "forced" to provide lifetime support without any additional charge ( it was like this I guess two years ago on envato - some of the "best" clients were able to send hundreds of emails and support tickets, most of those messages were far beyond scope of after sales support and were not a bugs )

Long story short - now that we have envato policy storted out I'm more than happy to help You make Your site work.

Please contact me via my profile page contact form and we can discuss this further via email. You don't have to buy additional support so far nor You'll be charged by me - don't worry.

After it's fixed support extension and rating is tottally up to You.

Best regards and have a nice day.

for Other

I love the theme so much, really cool and extrem customizable.. i use theme on www.nina-nice.com for showcase...i loveit.. thyx billy... pls develope it in future for more features... speed is fast, i love it... <3thx so much

for Design Quality

Great theme. Been using it since 2015. Had a bug issue recently and the author responded to my review/comment and resolved it. Too bad there's no longer support offered. I may have to find another portfolio theme in the future if the lack of support proves problematic. But for now, I'll stick with this one.

for Customer Support

No support. Complete waste of money.

Author response


Sorry for late response. Please update to latest version 2.9.6 and see if problem still exists. If so please open a ticket via support forum
and reconsider Your rating. Once again sorry for late response.


for Feature Availability

After 2 years, this is still the best theme for photography.
The portfolio option is really a great functionality, that is not easily found in other themes.

Author response

Thanks a bunch!!!

for Customizability

I can not recommend this theme for several reasons:
- Lightbox functionality is integrated and can not be replaced by other Lightbox plugins. I tried it with several galleries that come with their own light boxes including the "Final Tiles Gallery" which I bought here.
- the integrated light book looks ok on big screens but not on mobile phones, so imho, rssponsive design is implemented to satisfy customers who want to present their portfolios.
- So features and promises from product description do not get fulfilled
- support is basically nonexistent. you get very brief answers on your ticket that do not help. worst of all hearing that fixing a bug of missing feature takes too much effort. so you don't need to report issues and you don't need to ask for support
- pdf documentation is ok but pretty brief compared to what other theme authors deliver
- I like the design of the theme, but I would not have bought it again.

Thumbs down. sorry.

Author response


As far as I know other themes also have lightboxes which are integrated with theme and changing those require some custom coding - it is simply not possible to make it compatible with all lightbox plugins out there.

All features listed in theme description are fulfilled - theme is responsive and works on mobile phones.

There is a difference between support and customization. You cannot expect whole lightbox to be replaced customized by other script as a part of after sales support.


for Customizability

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for Code Quality

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for Feature Availability

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