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All of my featured images are no longer showing. Is there a setting that disabled this?

Hi, can you please send me your wp login credentials to ?

I don’t know what’s happening because the content is being loaded correctly, I can see it on the source code but not shown. Maybe a conflicting plugin?

I would need to have a look to tell you more. You also have mixed content, that means you are serving http (non secured) content via https (secured). You should fix that also.

Regards, Luis.

Was my email received?

Yes, replied.

Hi! After updating, child theme isn’t working. Any thoughts on what went wrong?

If this [mycred_affiliate_id] is a shortcode that needs to be precessed by a plugin you may want to check their docs to see how to integrate the code within your files. You may also check

. '?mref=' . do_shortcode( '[mycred_affiliate_id]') . '" 

Regards, Luis.

That works like a charm. Thank you very much. You are a life saver.

Hello. I bought your theme and I use it in my site and I want ask you if I want to use the same theme in my second site with different domain name, do I have to buy the theme again?

Hi, if you purchased a regular license (the cheap one) you should be getting another one to use it on your second site. On the other hand if you are uninstalling the theme from the first site to use it only on the second one you don’t have to buy another license.

Regards, Luis.

Hello, The theme seems to be conflicting with woo commerce. It is displaying hamburger menu on the checkout and on the payment pages. The menus do not do anything and in some cases are corruption the drop-down menus. I have tested the site with Twenty Seventeen and the issue is not showing. I have tried turning off all plugins with Dizzy theme and error is still showing.

The theme is said to be woocommerce compatabile so hopely there is an easy fix.

Any ideas?


Hi, I’m just checking it and I don’t see the hamburger menu anywhere . Can you please post a screenshot or even better give me the url so I can see the problem in action?

Regards, Luis.

Hi, again! I’ve been wondering, how to add visibility feature to ST AdSense widget. And it seems that i cannot find feature related info. This would be very handy feature for hiding AdSense from admins. Don’t you think?

Hi, can you add something like add_theme_support( ‘buddypress’ ); to functions.php? It doesn’t fix all the problems, but buddy press widgets will look nicer. you have 20 updates in this gif! I believe that you use old version of BP!

Hey, I see, the changed resolutions for avatars, that’s why is showing wrong now. We will be rolling an update for dizzy in the next days.

About the fullwidth, the way BuddyPress works it always looks for “page.php” before page templates so your choosen page template won’t be loaded, more info here . A specific sidebar is always shown for bbPress and BuddyPress pages (you’ll find them in Appearance -> Widgets).

If you want to have no sidebars at all on BuddyPress pages you can add a file named buddypress.php (with this contents: ) that will be loaded before page.php if it exists. Note that this template file will be used all over BuddyPress.

Regards, Luis.


1. Why you dont respond to messages?

2. Search field in your DizzyMag theme stoped working

3. Posts which are galleries stopped working – the images are not shown at all, a blank post is published instead

4. Uploading images to the Media files is not possible

Hi, as far as I know nothing stopped working, indeed, the last update was more than a month ago. Have a look at the error log, that might bring some light. If you are not logging errors add this to your wp-config.php

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

and a debug.log file will be created inside wp-content folder.

Regards, Luis.

How can I stop the Hyphenated Article Titled?

Add this css code via Theme Panel: { hyphens: none; }

Regards, Luis.


if i want to create 2 post type like 1) City 2) Airport

A) is it possible post type City have a categories for review different from post type Airport ? like City will have 3 categories rating : Safety, Clean, Public Transportation and Airport will have : Lounge, Customer Service, Luxury ?

B) is it possible for users to create a different review for each categories i put on City / Airport post type ? like, if City have topic TOKYO, user who visit Tokyo page, will able to add different story and add different rating for categories Safety, Clean, Public Transportation ?

C) If i have Topic/post call TOKYO on post type City, is it possible in that TOKYO page, i put lot of information and show all summary rating from categories i set (Safety, Clean, Public Transportation), and when i try to access one of categories like Safety it will go to page that show all rating and review for Safety in Tokyo ?

Thanks, i hope it clear enough :)

Hi, for sure you can create your own Post Types using the WordPress API. You will need to have some technical skills to make it work though..

For the reviews in our theme, we are using WP Review (Free), if you want your users to let reviews you will probably need to buy the pro version

All the features you are asking for can be implemented and the theme should show everything correctly but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance interacting with the theme down the road.

Regards, Luis.

hi, I have noticed that Wordpress SEO plugin and BuddyPress, makes ugly titles in tabs. Can you make that your theme work without WordPress SEO? And have nice titles.

Can you please send me an email being more specific? We’ll see what can we do. If possible, attach screenshots telling us what’s wrong with the title structure.

Regards, Luis.