D-Light - One Page Wordpress Creative Template

D-Light - One Page Wordpress Creative Template

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D-light is a multi-purpose, creative one page website. With our amazing content builder you can change the pages in no time and easily create / modify the website as you see fit. Try it out, you will not be disappointed.

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Change log

Update: 24.08.2015
- Updated Revolution Slider
Update: v1.6 – 9.9.2014
+ DLight 1.6
+ Revolution Slider 4.5.95
+ Frontend Builder 2.7.0
- Re-worked save template and load template interface
- Added option to delete template
- Added option to export page template in the save template menu
- Added option to import the page in the load page menu
- Added option to save the imported template to the template list
- Included column specific background options to the row controls
- Fixed elements not showing on touch devices sometimes
- Fixed scale parallax image size
- Several minor adjustments
+ Frontend Builder 2.6.5
- Major optimization of stylesheet includes
- Fixed refresh of the shortcode when an item is cloned in the sortable control
- Fixed creative post slider image centering
- Fixed bottom space inconsistency on image shortcode
- Fixed image shortcode hover appearing when it shouldn't
- Fixed default style bugs for accordion shortcode
- Fixed several translation issues
- Included option to remove meta tags of recent post and featured post shortcodes
- Included option to merge lightboxes in gallery shortcode, making a single gallery
- Included parallax fade option as a background mode for rows
- Included parallax scale option as a background mode for rows
- Included parallax scale and fade as a background mode for rows
Update: v1.5 -14.7.2014
+ DLight 1.5
- Fonts fix
- Safari scroll fix
- Multisite support
Update: v1.4 -10.7.2014
+ DLight 1.4
- Fixed notices on activation
+ Frontend Builder 2.6.0
- Implemented masonry gallery shortcode
- Fixed accordion font selection problem
- Fixed add media control
- Fixed on screen animation for gauge shortcode
- Fixed graph shortcode height calculation errors on displays with greater pixel density
- Reordered some controls for graph shortcode
- Adjusted hover effects for featured post shortcode
- Adjusted hover effects for recent post shortcode
- Minor css tweaks for audio shortcode
- Minor adjustments to functionality of creative post slider shortcode
+ Frontend Builder 2.5.2
- W3C revalidated
- Fixed rare issue with contact form mailing
- Fixed some minor bugs with button shortcode
- Several minor fixes
- Minor adaptation for the new frontend page builder woo-commerce extension available on the market
Update: v1.3 -9.6.2014
+ D-Light 1.3
- Contact form upgraded
- Contact form captcha phrase
- IE Sticky fixed
- Single shares fixed
- Footer Socials target _blank
- Added third level menu
- Fixed Demo install
- Fixed few minor bugs
+ Revolution Slider 4.5.01
+ Frontend Builder 2.5.0
- Optimized ajax requests
- Implemented gauge chart shortcode
- Implemented recent post shortcode
- Implemented graph shortcode label control
- Fixed some issues with item clone
- Multiple fixes and performance tweaks for slider shortcode
- Minor adjustments to contact form shortcode
- Minor adjustments to tour shortcode
- Minor adjustments to toggle shortcode
- Minor interface adjustments
- Added font subsets
- Several core functions updated
+ Frontend Builder 2.4.0
- Implemented audio shortcode
- Implemented few additional controls for image shortcode hover
- Implemented zoom toggle 
- Implemented failsafe that prompts user when link that navigates away from the page is clicked
- Implemented "preview page" that acts as a shortcut for "view page" in backend
- Fixed shortcode menu close button animation when item being edited gets deleted
- Fixed contact form text area background problem
- Fixed image shortcode border controls
- Fixed image shortcode hover icon animation
- Video, features and contact form shortcodes moved from "Basic" section to "Content" 
+ Frontend Builder 2.3.0
- Fixed WP Editor
- Reworked drag and drop system
- Implemented popup descriptions
- Implemented add new row button in control bar
- Implemented 'animation' speed control for shortcode entry animations
- Implemented 'order by' control for creative post slider shortcode
- Implemented clone options for sortable controls
- Implemented close button for the shortcode control menu
- Implemented 'icon spacing' control for icon menu shortcode
- Implemented tour shortcode
- Implemented toggle shortcode
- Fixed few issues with accordion shortcode
- Fixed few minor bugs
+ Content Timeline 2.35
- IE8 typo fix
- Fixed the issue of last item's title showing random text on touch devices
- Improved scrolling behavior when image is being dragged
- Added check not to create table on activation if it already exists
- Fixed the issue of item missing image border when "PrettyPhoto" URL field is empty
- Fixed te issue of opened item content always having 490px width
- Fixed "Image border color" control bug
- Fixed issues with multi-site
- Fixed the issue of title node bubble showing when there's no title
- Added feature to disable "Read more" button on individual items
- Added feature "Close item on transition" 
+ Content Timeline 2.3
- Included new flat timeline design
- Fixed overflow JS issues
- Included button color option
- Fixed color picker issues
- Fixed minor css issues
Update: v1.2 -30.4.2014
+ Frontend Builder 2.2.0
 - Implemented failsafe for creative post slider when post has no image
 - Implemented updated versions of icons (central aligned)
 - Implemented code that prevents lightbox from triggering while sliders are dragged
 - Fixed font-awesome not showing icons in some cases
 - Included responsive mode for slider shortcode
 - Included option for featured post shortcode that allows image link to be switched to lightbox type
+ Frontend Builder 2.1.7
 - Optimized for Wordpress 3.9
 - Optimized number of requests to server, especially while editing text
 - Included progress bars shortcode
 - Included date-picker variant for the optional field in contact form shortcode
 - Implemented new add media interface
 - Implemented add media control type
 - Fixed issue when some search fields fail to work due to cap. chars
 - Fixed image shortcode image size issue
 - Fixed a rare scrolling bug
 - Fixed multiple issues with percentage chart shortcode
 - Fixed issue with pretty-photo links
 - Fixed column drag visual glitch
 - Fixed interface glitch when there is no data received by the controls
 - Backend controls now fetch data from the site root, instead of domain root
 - Adjusted z-index of wp-editor in frontend
 - Minor tweaks on parallax elements
 - Several minor fixes
+ D-Light 1.11
 - Chrome smooth scroll added
 - Demo white pages bug fixed
 - Demo missing contact images fixed
Update: v1.1 -22.4.2014
+ Frontend Builder 2.1
 - included contact form shortcode
 - included creative post slider shortcode
 - fixed "Open in WP Editor" not displaying content properly
 - fixed video loop control on row video background
 - fixed image repeat control on row image background
 - fixed issues with add shortcode pop-up not displaying sometimes
 - fixed some pricing table responsive bugs
 - fixed number control interface bug
 - fixed visual bugs on testimonials shortcode
 - addressed the issue of google fonts not loading in some rare cases
 - fixed class and ID controls not showing in some shortcodes
 - fixed some accordion animation glitches
 - add shortcode button now reappears when the last item in the row is deleted
 - fixed shortcode popup not appearing on add shortcode after page load
 - fixed search shortcode visual bug
 - added custom width and height controls for image shortcode
 - added some fixes to address the problem of html structure of the page breaking when there's invalid html structure inside text/html field
 - added excerpt length control to the featured post shortcode
 - optimized for WordPress 3.8.2
 - multiple minor interface tweaks
 - multiple minor performance improvements
 - new media uploader
+ Frontend Builder 2.0.1
 - Fixed background problems in chrome
 - Fixed tinyMCE z-index problems
 - Fixed add new shrotcode button
 - Fixed shortcode opacity problems
+ DLight 1.1
 - SMOF update 1.5.1
 - new media uploader
 - fixed responsive issues
 - fixed contact form responsivness
 - fixed video controls / new controls added
 - fixed portfolio pagination
 - fixed portfolio fail to open the proper height
 - fixed scrolling on main menu click
 - fixed demo content
 - fixed broken content when Frontend Builder is not installed
 - added scroll to section on load
 - code optimization
Update: v1.0 – 1.4.2014
+ Fixed one click demo install


All images used in the preview are only for demo purposes. All the images are copyrighted and licensed to their respective authors and owners.