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Doctreat - Doctors Directory WordPress Theme

Doctreat - Doctors Directory WordPress Theme

Doctreat is healthcare online solution for patients. This theme is created with an idea to address the medical and health related issues posted by patients and doctors. It has exciting features and excellent code quality.It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater the requirements of people who interested in building user based directories. The design is contemporary but at the same time it focuses on the usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end users. 

Login details

Password : google

Password : google

Regular User
Password : google

Hospital User
Password : google

Main Features

Detailed Dashboard

The dashboard of this theme is professionally designed to enhance the usability and user experience. It will

enable users to navigate through the site easily.

Powerful search for Doctors and Hospitals

The search function is very powerful and you can see this in the demo.

Private One to One Chat

This system also has a builtin one to one message inbox system to enable users to communicate with each other if

they had any questions regarding work or proposal etc.

Reviews system multi ratings

It has a built in review system that will allow regular users to feedback and rate the doctors.

Email template settings

Extensive email template settings would allow you to modify the system emails according to your requirements.

Please note that images are just for the preview and are not included in the package.

Other Features

  • Powerful Email template settings
  • Favorite doctors and hospital listings
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Translation Ready
  • Featured Doctors
  • Moderation System for Reviews
  • Powerful doctors and hospital detail pages
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Very Clean Code and easily extendable.
  • Very Powerful Theme Options. Profile page settings, Search Settings and much more…
  • 20+ Shortcodes
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Google Fonts
  • Very Powerful front end and back-end user Management.
  • One Click Demo Import
  • One Click User Import using excel sheet
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Packages Management with WooCommerce Payments
  • Reviews Management
  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Powerful Page / Post Custom Options
  • Front End Login/Registration (With ON/OFF) option
  • Revolution Slider Option and Custom Shortcode built-in option for pages Sub Headers.
  • Breadcrumbs With ON/OFF Option
  • Well documented
  • Built-In 404 Pages
  • Translation Ready this theme is fully prepared for translation to any language using po, mo files
  • Cross browser compatibility (IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge)
  • Child theme included.
  • Excellent Customer Support

Release 1.2.8 – 18 January 2021

For the pharmacy options we make the dokan lite plugin compatible with our theme. Please note dokan pro plugin is not part of theme, you have to purchase separately from the author site https://wedevs.com/dokan/ . We just added the compatibility of that plugin with our theme
-- Registration authentication code option has been removed 
-- Registration verification email parameter has been added into registrations emails. 
-- Add booking from doctor dashboard price issue has been fixed 
-- Pharmacy registration settings has been added 
-- Separate Pharmacy registration email has settings has been added 
-- Multi vendor Dokan plugin compatibility has been added 
-- Links boxes loading issue has been fixed 
-- Review the posted question before publish 
-- Remove invitation options settings has been added 
-- Booking with 0 price but service price is not zero settings has been added 
-- Social links options has been added for hospitals and doctors 
-- Admin email for a new question has been added 
-- Posted question status options has been added 
-- Both hospitals and doctors custom locations options has been added. 
-- Doctreat core plugin updated 1.2.8 
-- Doctreat cron plugin update 1.2.8

Release 1.2.7 – 16 December 2020

-- Payout download date ranges settings has been added 
-- Datepicker issue on back-end has been fixed
-- Doctreat core plugin updated
-- Doctreat cron plugin updated
-- Make the featured doctors from back-end settings has been added in doctors post type.

Release 1.2.6 – 09 December 2020

-- Auto approve regular users, verification is only for doctors and hospitals
-- Remove registration verification from the site settings has been added
-- Tooltip for icons on appointment listing page as been added
-- Quantity for the packages upgrade has been added.
-- Payouts listing display issue has been fixed
-- Featured users multiple categories selection options has been added

Release 1.2.5 – 23 November 2020

-- Offline booking earning issue has been fixed
-- Offline booking earning show in doctor dashboard settings has been added
-- Service price displayed while booking
-- Sticky note auto close issue has been fixed
-- Total price in appointment issue has been fixed

Release 1.2.4 -07 November 2020

-- Consultation fee is required while adding location
-- Invitation link has been added in invitation email
-- Prescription theme settings issue has been fixed
-- Duplicate appointment issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat Core plugin updated

Release 1.2.3 – 01 November 2020

-- User chat default avatar issue has been fixed
-- Deleted services showing in appointments issue has been fixed
-- User import duplicate issue has been fixed
-- Non verified users booking restriction has been added now
-- Documents upload issue has been fixed
-- Empty fields in award submission issue has been fixed
-- File content replace issue with same name has been fixed
-- Forum answers formatting issue has been fixed
-- Sticky note close issue has been fixed
-- Theme Settings options improvements
-- Appointment download PDF name prefix added in Theme Settings
-- Show Hospital detail or Doctor detail on prescriptions settings has been added
-- Doctreat Core plugin update 1.2.3
-- Doctreat CRON plugin update 1.2.3

Release 1.2.2 -20 August 2020

-- Appointment menus visible if user has not purchased any package issue has been fixed
-- Add Video links issue has been fixed
-- For hospital video links package message showing issue has been fixed
-- Prescription laboratory test display issue has been fixed
-- Languages display on doctors details page issue has been fixed
-- Gallery and video links display on mozilla firefox issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat Core plugin update

Release 1.2.1 -14 August 2020

-- Custom loader issue has been fixed
-- Verified patients can get appointments
-- Specialties delete issue has been fixed
-- Phone number and email validation issue fixed in appointments submission
-- Specialties showing in appointments if deleted from dashboard issue has fixed
-- Javascript error on doctors detail page if location is not added has been fixed
-- Generate Prescriptions if booking is not accepted options issue has fixed
-- Slot add number of custom spaces text issue has been fixed
-- Regular user default profile picture issue has been fixed
-- CRON Interval issue in theme settings has been fixed
-- Doctreat Core plugin update

Release 1.2.0 -28 and 29 July 2020

-- Node module folder has added, which was creating JS issues
-- Video links options has been added for doctors
-- Hide map on single doct page from backend settings
-- Booking service price checkbox add issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat Core plugin update

Release 1.1.9 -01 July 2020

-- Fixed location dropdown issue on home page 2
-- Fixed membership update issue if contact info for profile hide
-- Add phone number on booking detail if payment type is offline
-- Share doctors and patients mobile number once payment has been made in booking
-- Articles view shows 0 issue has been fixed
-- Hide name base from profile 
-- Name base settings for both type of users has been added
-- Slider auto play options has been added
-- Logo with options has been added now
-- Appointment count statistic has been updated
-- Gender base search settings has been added
-- Health forum post when i approve to publish the specialty disappear

Release 1.1.8 -14 June 2020

-- Fixed: free listing issue
-- Fixed: menu issue for login user on top
-- Fixed: forum question issue without login
-- Doctrear core plugin update
-- Appointment message in chat issue has been fixed

Release 1.1.7 – 6 June 2020

-- Resend code issue has been fixed
-- Dashboard button url issue after registration issue has been fixed
-- User profile default image issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat Core plugin update
-- Doectreat CRON plugin update

Release 1.1.5 – 1 June 2020

-- Text capitalization issue has been fixed
-- Images upload issues has been fixed
-- To hide locations from search form options have been added
-- Block profile issue on search result page has been fixed
-- Search specialty in keyword search text field has been added
-- Fatal errors on doctor detail page issue has been fixed
-- Generate Prescriptions settings have been added
-- Search featured doctors issues has been fixed
-- Interval field is optional(0) for appointment settings
-- Email date issue for offline payments has been fixed
-- Trial packages settings have been added

Release 1.1.4 – 29 May 2020

 -- Minor css fixes

Release 1.1.3 – 13 May 2020

-- View Profile Link menu has been added for doctors
-- Fixed image upload issues
-- Doctreat  Core plugin update

Release 1.1.2 – 09 May 2020

-- Order status complete instead of processing when booking created
-- Order and payment text translation issue in email after package purchase has been fixed
-- Doctor package get expired and patients was able to make reservation issue has been fixed
-- Booking on doctor profile page email issue has been fixed
-- Email template issue on Approved/Cancelled booking request has been fixed
-- Services & specialties empty saving issue after doctor profile settings has been fixed
-- Show message and hide booking button issue on call booking issue has been fixed
-- Fixed calendar day active class issue on doctor appointment listing
-- Fixed available day name if system type is single location base 
-- Date translation for post listing has been fixed
-- Fixed date translation issue in appointment listing
-- Fixed date translation issue in booking full calendar
-- Email field is required for registration
-- Fixed date translation issue in messages
-- Doctreat Core plugin update
-- Doectreat CRON plugin update

Release 1.1.1 – 24 April 2020

 --Sidebar appointment listing and appointment settings issue has been fixed
-- Maintenance page date counter issue has been fixed
-- Search V2 advance search icon click has been fixed
-- Typo improvements
-- Disable time slots before current time issue has been fixed
-- Profile update button text has been updated
-- Default photo for doctors top menu issue has been fixed
-- Removed spinner on booking detail page
-- Mobile number in profile settings has been added
-- Auto fill mobile,email,full name in booking process has been updated
-- Change singular name of booking detail typo issue has been fixed
-- Hide user profile menu on to menu bar if user is admin
-- Checkout page meta text issue has been fixed
-- Update booking status on dashboard page issue has been fixed
-- Auto fill checkout fields email,first name,last name has been updated
-- Email param issues on booking request has been fixed
-- Booking service optional in booking process issue has been fixed

Release 1.1.0 – 18 April 2020

-- Remove banner options from email template issue has been fixed
-- bank details showing in payout listing issue has been fixed
-- Send message issue has been fixed in appointments
-- Packages from admin side issue has been fixed
-- Fix total price issue on checkout for offline 
-- Add Service price, consultant fee and service price on booking detail page
-- Fix Service price issue on booking
-- Add minimum price for payouts
-- Doctreat Core plugin update
-- Doectreat CRON plugin update

Release 1.0.9 – 14 April 2020

-- Calendar language options have been added 
-- Full calendar date format issue has been fixed
-- Date issue on education has been fixed
-- Show appointment status Confirmed instead of publish has been updated
-- Show all the appointments by default and when select any date then show appointment  issue has been fixed
-- Appointment list issue on regular user has been fixed
-- Initiate chat once booking is confirmed
-- Skip password and verification step in booking setting has been added
-- Verification by admin issue has been fixed
-- Remove packages options settings have been added
-- Show patient information's have been added in booking details
-- Hide payouts methods from Theme Settings have been added
-- Hide information of bank transfer once submitted in payouts
-- Menu overlap when big logo uploaded in dashboard issue has been fixed
-- doctreat_core plugin update

Release 1.0.8 – 23 March 2020

--- Hospital team page buttons issue has been fixed
--- Save patient basic information issue has been fixed
--- Double(.) issue with dr name  has been fixed
--- Earning status is complete after booking in online payment
--- Payout statistics on doctor dashboard added
--- Health forum specialties issue has been fixed
--- Footer color on style setting have been added
--- Offline default booking settings have been added
--- Registration and login form disable issue has been fixed
--- Chat option on doctor detail page issue  has been fixed
--- Elementor shortcode files are extendable in child theme settings has been added
--- Class Header, footer and title bars files are now extendable in child theme
--- Verification issue has been fixed
--- Resend booking authentication code settings added
--- Added placeholder if no slots available
--- Single location for doctors instead of multiple hospitals settings have been added
--- Typo issues have been fixed
--- Checkout remove options have been added in offline payments
--- Date translation issue in forum listing page has been fixed
--- Doctreat Core plugin update
--- Doctreat Cron plugin update

Release 1.0.7 – 07 Fabruary 2020

-- Search page responsive issue has been fixed
-- Day language translation issue on doctor team request page
-- Verification disable issue from back-end has been fixed
-- Dynamic colors issue has been fixed 
-- Doctors slots display in team area on admin side has been added
-- Package detail on dashboard settings have been added
-- Assign packages to users from back-end settings have been added

Release 1.0.6 – 17 January 2020

-- Plugin Doctreat Core 1.0.6 updated
-- Header social media options issue has been fixed
-- Feedback model  issue has been fixed
-- Package expiry on email  issue has been fixed
-- Offline Payments for booking and packages settings have been added
-- Import users issue has been fixed
-- Default search option for doctors ,hospitals or both have been added
-- Doctor profile setting options web URL and phone numbers have been added
-- Social sharing options issue has been fixed
-- Days name translation issue has been fixed
-- Added option for search form on dashboard header pages
-- RTL compatibility settings have been added
-- Count booking on booking listing page has been added
-- Sidebar location when active sidebar has be improved

Release 1.0.5 – 03 January 2020

--- Doctors listing issue has been resolved
--- Service price issue in bookings has been fixed
 --- Custom post types permalink slugs issue has been resolved
 --- Invite hospitals and doctors options have been added with bulk emails
 --- Calendar translation settings have been added
 --- Fixed specialties listing on front-end for doctor, hospitals, search and other pages
 --- On call appointments, settings have been added : Admin can enable appointment on calls. Either phone calls received to admin or allow doctors to show their own phone numbers to get appointments via phone call
 --- Add consultation fee option have been added while adding a location by doctors
 --- Add appointments from front-end doctors dashboard settings have been added
 --- Fixed full width issue on search doctors/hospital/forum listing page
 --- Fixed article listing on doctor detail page (published status)
 ---  Feedback option to allow rating if patient have 0 booking settings have been added
 --- Email template has been added for rating/feedback
 --- Reset password model style update
 --- Phone,Web URL and maps for hospital detail page
 --- Fixed hospital availability text
 --- Hide on-board doctors if hospital have 0 on-board doctors
 --- Fixed Verify/Unverify option from admin users listing
 --- Show on-board doctors,availability,booking days on hospital detail page
 --- Recent booking view on dashboard page issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat core 1.0.5 plugin update

Release 1.0.4 – 24 December 2019

-- Custom Permalinks issue has been fixed
-- Display issue for hospitals and doctors has been fixed
-- Improvements on registration of custom post types
-- Doctreat core 1.0.4 plugin update

Release 1.0.3 – 23 December 2019

-- Trial Packages for doctors options have been added
-- Packages option limit issue has been fixed
-- Real-time chat issue has been fixed
-- Doctreat core 1.0.3 plugin update

Release 1.0.2 – 16 December 2019

-- Chat issue has been resolved
-- Change regular user name to patient
-- Verification email issue has been fixed
-- Tooltip settings has been added for users profiles
-- Mailchimp newsletters issue has been fixed
-- Typography selection issue has been fixed
-- Search specialties listing page issue has been fixed for doctors and hospitals
-- Doctreat core 1.0.2 plugin update
-- Disable SEO meta settings for pages and post has been added

Release 1.0.1 – 12 December 2019

-- Gallery options have been added
-- SEO meta tags settings have been added for posts and pages
-- Doctreat Core plugin update 1.0.1

Please note that images are just for the preview and are not included in the package


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