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Hi, I have made portfolio items in different skills but the skill filter is not showing on the portfolio page. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

I found it already.

Glad you did. For any support-related questions please use our support desk at

Thank you

The theme looks great. But when tested on the mobile version goes in infinite loop. This also happens with your demo installation and also with my live intallation of your theme. If you want screenshot, I can share that too. Would like to get a solution for the same.

When we enable the jetpack’s “Mobile theme” the rediretion stops. But that is not a good option, as your theme is resonsive and it should not be necessary to use other theme for mobile devices.


Please open a ticket at as we do not use this comments section for support issues.

Thank you.


I downloaded this theme as part of a giveaway or bundle. Everything is working fine, except for one thing: the stagtools plugin does not show social icons when I put the [stag_social] shortcode in the textfield. The links are present, I can click on them, but everything is transparent. Any idea how to fix this?

Because this theme was part of the giveaway, I’m not able to register at your website with a purchase code.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there

I’m afraid we can;t really help without having a deeper look into your issue. However, support is indeed provided to verified buyers only so if you wish you can purchase a license and jump on our support desk.

Otherwise, make sure you are using the latest versions of WordPress, Stagtools and Doctype.


I just wanted to know if a small ecommerce store can be integrated into this theme. I might sell a few eBooks and some small merchandise. Is there a plugin to do this? I don’t seek to set up a large eStore.

Hi there, unfortunately it is not officially tested with any ecommerce plugins, so I’m afraid you should give it a try on your own risk :)

Let us know how it goes.


If you are check your theme with Google Page Speed, an error will be show on the mobile version. What you have done with it?

This theme is terrific! Thank you so much for providing it as a free file on Envato. I downloaded it way back then and found a use for it recently. I highly recommend it! I hope this recommendation with be of some use to anyone considering a purchase. I would definitely buy from Codestag, and if Doctype looks like a theme for you, buy with confidence. Great documentation.

One question: is there a place to find a list of all the available stag_* shortcodes? The Shortcode Generator icon in the toolbar doesn’t display the full list I see on


Hi, and thanks for the kind words. You an find the available shortcodes at the github page of the plugin:

Thanks! John

Perfect, thanks!

Hi, I am using the free version you provided some time ago (1.0.12) with WP 4.5 and I notice that the contact form does not work (says that email is succesfully sent but I never receive it). Is there a fix available?


Not actually without taking a look at it, it should definitely work. Unfortunately support is provided for verified buyers only. We appreciate your feedback.

Thanks! John

We got this template as a free template offer through Envato and wanted to look at how we can change the size of the logo on your support site. However, we cannot create an account as we didn’t get a key as part of the free package. Is there anyway we can create an account without one?. Sorry I should have said the template is doctype.

Hi there

I’m afraid that support is not provided for users who have downloaded the free version of the theme. If you are willing to purchase the theme, feel free to do so and you will get a purchase key to sign up to our support platform.

Thanks! John


It seems there is a limit to the overall length of content allowed on the homepage.

I’ve been adding content (several widgets) on the home page and it seems to reach a point where it will not display the full content of the widget but rather says… “READ MORE…”

Is there a way to correct this home page problem?



Hi there!

Please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will gladly take a look. Make sure you also include admin login details as they might be needed.

Many thanks!

Ok, I sent in a support ticket. Looking forward to your reply. Thx.

Cheers, JD.

Thanks! Will take a look soon!

Menu links not working on Iphone. Doctype Theme looks great but not working on Iphone, namely Iphone7. it does work on Android) Just launched this site linked below, I’m an experienced Wordpress Designer. Is there an upgrade needed or ???

Hi, sorry to hear that you feel this way. However you have been asking for theme support while you got the theme as a free file. As I have told you earlier I am not aware of the cause of the search results issue and we are not able to look into it further without a paid support subscription.

Regarding buyer confidence, you may look at our Author rating and you will see that we stand behind our products.

Many thanks John

Does your most updated theme work with iphone7 yet?

If you look at it from another perspective, downloading a “FREE” template that does not work right 6 months later is very detrimental to anyone who downloaded it, in addition to be a bad reflection on credibility from designer to developer. While it may not be the case, it looks like a way just to force people to buy the updated version.

I've spent alot of time trouble shooting this with a client that's not happy , so some followup on this is appreciated. Does your paid version is compatible w iphone 7? Otherwise we will have to use another theme- this has cost me ALOT of time.

Hi there

Sad to hear this. The case actually is that you have used a free theme (which btw was provided for free more than a year ago) to build a client project on. This is totally fine, and I am not judging your decision, but you must understand that you insist on receiving support which is provided to verified buyers only.

Now, our developer is looking into this, and if an issue is investigated and verified it will be fixed in a timely manner with an update. Any other issue you are facing (search results etc) is probably due a mis-configuration of the theme or WordPress installation, and we are not willing to look into this unless one has purchased a proper support membership.

We value our verified buyers and their active support memberships and we are always prioritizing their requests.

Thank you



Tosat Purchased

Hi! I purchased the theme in 2014 and the Contact Form worked fine until now. Now the wordpress says that the email is succesfully sent but I never receive it. Any tips to fix this mistake? Thanks

Hello there,

It’s most probably because of your server not sending any emails out. Try installing and running the plugin ‘Check Email’ to test the emails and if you see success message and yet not receive any email, you must contact to your service provider.

Hope it helps. Thanks.