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I need to have the logo on the on the first page. I managed to do this by following the instructions you gave above as someone else had the same issue. However, if I click on another page and then go back to the home page, the logo dissapears again. How do i correct this please?

Hi Marky, just comment lines 32 thru 34 out in the custom.js file (or delete them):

// Hide logo
$('.tab-profile').click(function() {



First off, thank you for the template, I really love it. I am wondering if the button that says, “view my complete resume” is a way to download a pdf of my resume? If so, I cannot figure out how to make that work.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there! Tks for buying our theme.

I’m not sure what exactly you need, but give this a try:

Cheers! jw

It looks all nice how its been designed, but I found it incredibly sensitive to even the most smallest of changes (such as a different size logo for example). I find myself constantly test on different devices, as the site layout breaks very easily, it may look fine on an iphone 4s, but then you look on the iphone 5 and it completely breaks, and its very difficult to rectify.

Nice design, but really difficult to work with.

Thanks for your reply and I appreciate your support.

Please understand though that the logo is often one of the first things we change for a client. Most logo’s have different dimensions and a theme needs to be flexible enough to allow for that (and in my experience most other themes do). However, we are not to know that until we purchase your theme and have a reason to use the support documentation. Its not about a refund. Its about having a theme that’s a little more robust and customisable, and letting us know clearly, up front, of any major things that we should be aware of. My feedback is intended in good faith.

In the meantime, if you could suggest as to what I should do, that would be great. If it helps I can send you a link to the site.

Please send us the “logo” you’re using. If this needs an image (it’s currently text only), you would need to adapt the code. If it is text, let us know what and how big the text is. You’ll probably have to tweak some elements withing the ”#logo” div within the CSS.

And Marky, going forward, you should maybe aim towards using Wordpress themes, that need less html knowledge to adapt them to your needs. These pure html themes usually need some minor code tweaks and knowing how to code is important.

And please, if you prefer a refund, just send us your Paypal account, you have our email.

Best, jw


Thanks again for the last response. It actually helped a bunch.

I’m curious if I can embed a vimeo link in the portfolio section like the youtube one? I kind of figured it out but it didn’t seem right.


Hi Forest – we’ll have to investigate how to do that…

Thank you I really appreciate it.

This theme is not working on IE6, and not really compatible with other versions of IE. Is this supposed to be so?

Hi Bijanco, we’ve tagged this theme as being compatible with IE8+, not IE7 nor IE6, I’m sorry. You can see it here on the theme’s page.

I have worked out that this theme is not always compatible with the iphone 4 or iphone 5. It could depend on the individual user settings of a security issue with the files or some other conflict.

You were the only one having this weird problem so far.

I’m just relaying to you issues highlighted by SOME people who have experienced your site rendering incorrectly on their iphone 4 and iphone 5, that’s all. Please view the screenshot on an iphone 4 where your theme is rendering incorrectly.

Please note, as far as I’m aware these people have never had any of this kind of trouble viewing other websites.

Hi, what happened with the Twitter feed? Some kind of an API issue maybe? It doesn’t work on my site for about a week now and the same on your demo. Just “loading tweets” that’s it. Any idea? Thanks. Mike

Hi Mike… It took a little longer than anticipated to fix this, but it’s almost done and ready to ship… The fix will be sent to ThemeForest tomorrow and will then pass through their approval process, which can take a couple of days… By this weekend, at the latest, you’ll be able to download the updated theme. :)

Tks for hanging in there and again, sorry for the delay!

Cheers! jw

Mike, the files have been uploaded to ThemeForest and should be available soon. Thank you for your patience!


Great. Thank you very much!

I forgot how to change the map on the contact page. Could you teach me how to change the google map location? Thank you

I figured it out! Thank you :)

Hi there! Glad you figured it out, tks!

Hi again,

do you have some kind of a change log for your update on Sep 9th? Couldn’t find it in “All files”. Reason: I made some individual adjustments and now that the Twitter feed is fixed I would like to know what files are affected.

And as far as I can see you renamed some of the Folders (e.g. “js” > “javascripts”), right?


Hi Mike – no, nothing other than the twitter feed was changed. Meaning index.html and some javascripts. The folder structure was kept the same.

Sorry, I don’t think I answered your previous question. there’s no change log per file. Some folders were added (such as “api”), the custom.js file was updated and the style.css file has also been updated.

Read more about the plugin we used here – depending on the complexity of the way you changed things, it might be easier just to apply this plugin to your current tweaked theme. Ans pls keep in mind that this will need PHP running on the server to fetch infos of the Twitter API.

Tks. jw

I was wondering if you could tell me how I could change the size of the iframe when it opens. Awesome theme by the way.

Hi Looseygoosey -

Thanks for buying our theme! To add a width and height to the iFrames (and SWF’s), just open the custom.js file and add the height and width parameters to ”$container.find(’.folio’).fancybox” – more here

Let us know if you have further questions.

Tks jw

Wow, that looks beautiful;

Tks GrafAS!

The page source is full of errors. Meaning, SEO takes a huge hit, and the markup is not valid. The most glaring offense is the fact that you have nested “a” tags. This, of course, is illegal, according to W3C. I suggest you fix this problem. Another problem is that it contains rels=”...”, which are also illegal. Use “data-xxx” instead. As such, I cannot recommend using this product in this state.