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Nice theme, good luck with sales! :D:D:D

Thank you!

Gorgeous theme. Makes me want to actually make my portfolio :P

Tks! It’s never too late!

Theme looks really nice! The only problem I see with it is under IE 9. There is some kind of ”>” on the top and it’s breaking the whole layout.

Also another problem with iphone and contact form. The labels are broken

I think if this is fixed I will be more than happy to buy this theme :)

Hi Pocko! Tks for pointing this issues out, the theme will be fixed over the weekend. Tks!

how do you make the PHP mail to work?

Hi Robert, you will need to host your site on a server that runs PHP (most Linux servers out there do). Did you buy the theme?

I just purchased. How do i change the twitter feed, Flickr Feed, and google maps location?

Hi pixel, thank you for purchasing! The feeds and Google maps have to be changed in the custom.js file. Read the instructions that come with the template for further details.

Thanks! jw

How can I add Pinterest to the social icons?

Hi Willaallen, thanks for buying our template. Since the icons are an image sprite, it would have to be added to the main icons sprite and the CSS updated. We will add this feature on our new release which will be launched soon.

Thank you! jw

Could you add vimeo as well.

Will do, tks.

Hello, I purchased “Doctype Personna – Responsive vCard Template” and I have a few issues that I do not know how to solve. 1) Problem with the contact form. When I submit it opens another window with the sent message confirmation. I need it to be in the same page. 2) it does not look good on mobile devices, probably because I have modified it too much. Can I send you the web for you to tell me if you can help me solve these problems? Is it something you can do? let me know where I can send you the web. Please help!!!!!

Magui, the site isn’t available, see here

Hi, yes, I see that the site is not available…..but when I go to the link you tell me to see I can´t login…Could you see my link Do you know how can I solve the problem? You can email me here: thanks Magui

Hi Jan! Thanks a lot for your reply… I have just eliminate one of the scripts (javascripts/custom.js) and now the menu bar doesn´t appear twice on mobile. But as you could see with the home and contact images I have a problem… I´m in a problem with this… isn´t really a way that you could help me with this???Even if it means paying something….

Best. Magui

Hello, I recently purchased this Theme…its very nice.. I need one help…i want portfolio page as a landing page. What should i have to do?

Hi Siraz – thank you! Copying and pasting the from the portfolio to the homepage would probably be the best solution.

Tks! jw

Thanks…I done like you said working perfectly…:)

I dont want the name and slogan disappear on the Profile page what should i have to do?

Very Thanks Doctype…I am happy…

how I can implement the updates: Adjusted Contact Form labels on iPhone Added Socials: Vimeo, Pinterest Optimized “hover states” of portfolio images in mobile versions Map resizing issues on mobile???

if i overwrite it will change the enitre HTML right?

Yes, it will… you’ll have to look and pick the css elements.

Okay Thanks…Wish you have to good sale…


I have just bought this theme which is exactly what I was looking for :). Very nice job !

I just have a little question: I wanted to work on this template on local, but it seems that I cannot do that (maybe because of the responsive feature….. ?): the indix has the strucutre, but the header is not formated and some images are missing (although it works perfectly once uploaded on my server). Do you have maybe a solution?

It’s not very important I will do it directly on the internet if I cannot find a solution…

Congrats !

Hey !

forget what I wrote before it is now working… I did not know why it was not working earlier.

Nothing left to say your template is just awesome !

Hope you’ll have a lot of sales.

Hi there, just purchased your template hopefully everything works well.. i have 2 questions tho; 1. can the copyright on the main page be changed? 2. if i do face problems with the template can i contact you?

Thank you, nice template.

Hi jeretec – thank you for buying our template. Yes, please send us a private message with your questions and we will be happy to help.

Hey, just purchased it. Great one so far I have to tell! Suggestion: Maybe you could keep in mind to add Instagram into the site-sprites? A “nice to have” would be Xing and Wordpress but that’s not a requirement. Perhaps tumblr… I’m not a tumblr user at all but since you can create a good blog there maybe it’s interesting for other users as well? Keep it up… Mike

Hi Mike, tks for the feedback, we’ll definitely keep this in mind for future versions of the template. Tks!

Hi, I have a small problem : a file seems to be missing in the .zip package. “style.css” and I can’t install the theme. I have update to 3.5.1. Is it a knwown problem ?

Thanks Doc :-) So, how can I install the “Doctype Personna – Responsive vCard Template” I just purchased ?

I tried using Filezilla… but I have a error message… :/

Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with server or FTP issues, we would recommend you to contact your host for guidance of how to upload a website to a server.

Hello, I just purchased but while I was trying to install it on wordpress (directly and not on ftp) and I got: “style.css is missing” like bobsinclar.

I really was expecting to use it with wordpress. Is it a question of version of wordpress? is the theme working with wordpress?

You did a great job with the template, but the lack of this information makes me a little disappointed as when I bought your template it was to use wordpress with it. Is it possible to have this file?

Thank you for your previous answer. I have other questions: How can we change the text next to the favicon? Can I change the copyright to my name?

Hi Phidias -

What exactly do you mean by “change the text to the favicon”? The favicon is usually displayed in the browser address bar, what text do you mean?

About the copyright, yes, this is just a placeholder – you can change it to your own.

Best, DoctypeThemes

Hi, thank you for your answer. I found the solutions, it was on the index. Again, well done and good luck for sales!


I have just purchased your theme. I have downloaded it and when I click on index.html I cant see any imagery- just text on a white background?

I have tried extracting the files through windows explorer and jzip. i then try to open the index file in Doctype Persona and I get the same thing. Please advise…

Could you please send us a screenshot of your Explorer window (not the browser, the file structure). Do you see all the exported files in the folder? Sending you a direct link to the ZIP unfortunately file won’t help, it will be the same file that you download through here.

Your folder with the extracted files should look something like this:

Maybe you could email me a link to all the files so that I can download them directly? Either way I really need to start working on this theme as a matter of urgency.

Hi Marky – the fact that you’re seeing this link correctly tells us that you had some kind of problem when exporting the files to your machine, since these are the same files as the link above.

I have no problem downloading other themes as I do on a regular basis, even since I have bought yours. There are no problems with those. Only yours. We need to get the files to me another way.

Hi Marky – pls advise about the working theme here: – is it OK now?


Need some help installing. Could you please email me at

Thank you,


How can I remove or make the dark red bar transparent at the navigation menu?

Hi – just remove the “color” element of that specific class in the main CSS file.

thanks a lot. Another thing is how to change the font to a custom font? I tried to add a @font-face in stylesheet, but it doesn’t work.

Hi – it depends on what font you’re trying to add to the theme. Read this for more info