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Discussion on Domain Broker 2 - Landing Page to Sell Domains

Discussion on Domain Broker 2 - Landing Page to Sell Domains

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(sorry, I didn’t noticed that I wrote on an older question instead writing a new one. Plz ignore the other one)

Hi there,

maybe I’m blind. I never used your tool since 2017 and want to give it a try. Wasn’t it even so that it displayed the domains, which were simply redirected to the web directory, directly in the back-end for editing?

I use domains outside of my hosting-control panel and when I set an alias I can’t use SSL anymore. How is it possible to setup around 300 domains now?

Cheers, Steve

Hi extensionforge,

The setup is the same as before – point the domains’ nameservers to your web hosting, set the domains up as aliases or add-on domains, then enter the domains in Domain Broker 2 (either using the Visual Editor or directly editing config.php).

You don’t have to enter the http or https part when inputting the domains in Domain Broker 2.

If you want to redirect all domains to https please see this FAQ.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Yes, but I have my domains on and other system not on my servers. So I can’t setup alias/add-on on the other system. When I do this I can’t setup SSL for those domains, they have to A-recorded not alias to the webserver to correctly implement an SSL-certification.

I found an other solution now where I can use csv upload for the domains. But thank you anyway for the support.

Hi, I can’t install the theme on wordpress. It gives me an error: it is missing the style.css. Usually you solve this problem by unzipping the file and finding another zip file inside which is working, but I could not find any other zip file when unzipping. Do you have a solution?

Hi lalanco23, Please note that this is not a WordPress theme.

You can confirm that in the future by checking which category the item is in, and the item details will specify WordPress if it is supported.

However, the template is easy to install using the provided instructions.

If you don’t want to attempt installation, feel free to submit a refund request using this form and I’ll approve it.


I am interesting in this theme but have a big dude about implement HTTPS / SSL in all domains.

I review the FAQ and read this: “To remove www. for all domains AND force https:// (you must have a SSL certificate that is valid for all your domains)”

If I create an SSL associated with the main domain where I will install the template, then the aliases generated for that domain cannot have SSL because it is associated only with the main one. it´s correct?

In order to have all the domains with HTTPS it is necessary to implement a different SSL for each domain? This is non-viable if you have more than 500 domains…

Hi into, thanks for the question!

It definitely gets tedious after a certain number of domains! For that I’d recommend getting a “Multi Domain SSL” certificate. It looks like that type can do up to 250 domains per certificate.

hello!, I am trying to send an offer but for some reason any configuration that I try does not allow it. says “Sorry, the message could not be sent. Please contact us using the information below.” (try gmail and own server) I even uploaded the clean script without alterations (only in smtp setting) I had the same result.

I solved the gmail problem. Any suggestions regarding your own server? as a suggestion the log receives this message “Broken pipe: AH00646: Error writing to | / opt / psa / admin / sbin / pipelog 7081, referer: https: //”

Hi Manuel, thanks for purchasing!

It could be either a server configuration, SMTP credentials, or SMTP provider issue. Please contact me via my profile page contact form and we can continue over email.


Dave077 Purchased


I am using your Domain Broker landing page and I would like to use the reCAPTCHA for avoiding the spam. I have set it up and it works (also I deactivated “Verify the origin of reCAPTCHA solutions” option). But I found out that I need to put each domain into Editor. Otherwise I get a message “This domain name is not valid.”. So is there any way how to avoid this without putting each domain into Editor? Thanks.

Hi Dave,

That requirement can be removed on Domain Broker’s end, it’s just there to prevent spammers from sending invalid form data like links to their websites etc. through that field.

Feel free to send me a message at my profile page contact form and I’ll send the modified code.