Domain Broker 2 - Landing Page to Sell Domains

Domain Broker 2 - Landing Page to Sell Domains

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Domain Broker 2 is a responsive domain parking page tailor-made for selling your domain names.

Quickly generate leads from interested buyers using the contact form. Display multiple domains with the domain portfolio dropdown. Includes intuitive visual editor to make changes on the fly. Brand your install with full-screen background images and textures.

Compatible with PHP 5.6+/Apache web hosting (see hosting compatibility FAQ). No database required!

Use as many domains as you’d like with just one install of Domain Broker 2. Just point the domain names to your web hosting, configure them as Alias or Addon domains in your control panel, and Domain Broker will handle them.

Watch Visual Editor Demo

Make edits to your theme quickly and painlessly. After some initial setup, you won’t need to touch code again. Visual Editor gives you a snappy admin interface to customize your install.

DB2 is backed by responsive support. Whether you leave a comment on the theme page, use my profile page contact form, or email directly, I’ll get back to you quickly, usually within one day.

Whether you prefer written or video documentation, it’s all included in detail.

Interested in what setup looks like? Check out the video setup tutorial!

Responsive design

Mobile viewers won’t be left out this time, either. DB2 is fully responsive, from smartphone to tablet to widescreen desktop.


Spammers love contact forms, but you can cut spam big time with Google reCAPTCHA (optional). It’s much easier than it used to be-just a checkbox for most (human) visitors.

Your feedback

Are you an existing buyer? I’d love to hear from you. Please rate Domain Broker, write a quick review, or fill out the feature request form if you have ideas for improvements!

Change Log

This theme adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.4.2] – 2020-04-24

- Add Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) support
- Add support for long domain portfolios - the list activates scrolling when it gets near 
  the browser's height
- SEO improvement: the page's meta description uses the domain's description

- PHP minimum required version is now 5.6 (8.1+ recommended for best security and 
- Simplified including vendor packages, now uses Composer ( 
- Updated PHPMailer to version 6.1.5

[1.4.1] – 2019-01-24

- "is for sale" and "is for lease" messages can now be edited from /views/index-view.php

- Fix reject price percentage setting not using the lease price value
- Fix domain select field not showing the correct text prefix in some cases
- Make sure JS/CSS files are updated for this release by adding cachebusting param to their URLs

[1.4.0] – 2019-01-22

- Optional buy/lease field. Can be enabled/disabled per domain. When the user clicks "lease", a customizable lease price is shown in the price tag.
- Optional head_code field - supports adding HTML to the <head> of the template
- Optional privacy_policy_link field - supports adding HTML after the copyright notice, for privacy policy links and additional information.

- Now using Envato login for the Visual Editor! This simplifies setup and removes the need for a Google/Facebook/LinkedIn account to access the Visual Editor.  
- Updated PHPMailer to version 6.0.6
- Layout and font sizing is improved on very wide screens.

- Fix domain name not switching with domain select dropdown when nicename is not available.
- Fix domain not matching due to character case on initial load
- Visual Editor - fix overlap on wide screens

[1.3.2] – 2017-01-03

- Updated PHPMailer to version 5.2.21, includes fixes for security vulnerabilities
- Updated Microsoft OAuth setup instructions

[1.3.1] – 2016-05-11

If you’re using reCAPTCHA with multiple domains, take note – Google is disabling a feature called “secure token” on May 18th, 2016 which DB2 used since 1.2.0 to avoid entering all your domains in reCAPTCHA’s admin page. It’s still possible to avoid entering all the domains on their page, but will require one change on your part. After updating to Domain Broker 2 version 1.3.1, disable Domain Name Validation in “Advanced Settings” on the reCAPTCHA admin page.

- DB2's version number is now in index.php
- Domain Validation for reCAPTCHA

- Removed secure token implementation of reCAPTCHA (Google is deprecating the secure token feature on May 18, 2016). Now requires disabling of Domain Name Validation (this option can be turned off in the Google reCAPTCHA website under your projects "Advanced Settings").

- When using the domain selection field, domains with no background override now use the default background instead of switching to a blank background

[1.3.0] – 2016-04-27

Note: if you downloaded 1.3.0 before May 4, please re-download the latest version. There were missing files which have been replaced.

This release brings a number of feature improvements to improve the buyer’s experience, including the ability to specify a background image per domain, add an optional message field, and an option domain selection field. There are also benefits to you, the owner – Domain Broker 2 is now easier to customize due to improved file organization. See below for details!

- Image override per domain!
- Domain selection field in offer form (optional)
- Copyright line in footer (optional)
- "Message" field (optional)
- Required fields now indicated with a star in their placeholder label
- Improved commenting in main.js

- CSS layout now uses flexbox instead of absolute positioning for improved vertical centering. IE 10+ get full layout styles, earlier IE versions get a simplified page.
- Organization: index.php sections moved into individual views, located in /includes/views/
- Organization: move re-usable code snippets to functions in /includes/functions.php
- Organization: move third party JavaScript to /assets/js/vendor/
- Visual Editor: improve domains list formatting
- Visual Editor: rename "Email" section to "Contact Form" 
- Visual Editor: general improvements to field hint wording

- Domain portfolio would display without opening on Android/iOS browsers in some cases. Changed portfolio animation from CSS transitions to jQuery
- Very long domain names will now fit on narrow screens

[1.2.0] – 2016-01-20

- Secure token implementation of reCAPTCHA v2, allows unlimited domains without entering them in Google's "allowed domains" list
- Visual Editor supports saving capitalized domain names, like

- Visual editor: when toggling switches notices would overflow past the container. Notices have been moved to tooltip format.
- Visual editor: some web hosting setups returned wrong script path for the login process, causing errors. Now determining the path using a more reliable method.


- Updated written documentation to reflect changes in Google and Microsoft OAuth setup.

[1.1.1] – 2015-10-26

- Set file permissions to 644. Previous update had 664 permissions which causes 500 Internal Server Error on some web hosts.

[1.1.0] – 2015-10-05

- Added 3 new background images: network, wood, and beach
- Reject offers lower than a certain percentage with reject_price_percentage setting
- Visual Editor support for changing reject price percentage
- Google Analytics tracking code inserted if ga_tracking_id is filled out
- Google Analytics event tracking - sends domain-associated event for each view!
- Add form submitter's IP to the offer's email signature
- Visual Editor support for Google Analytics tracking code
- Visual Editor help tooltips for domain and price columns
- Added primary_color setting to allow customizing the main color
- Visual Editor cross-browser color picker widget for tint/primary colors
- Add Color class for color transforms

- Use 2 spaces per indentation level instead of tabs w/ 4 space width
- Changed live update code for visual editor to use simple JS template engine
- Renamed "Background" section in Visual Editor to "Appearance" 
- Moved style overrides into separate includes/style-override.php file
- Make tint color affect all secondary color elements

- When JavaScript is disabled, the success message now shows on successful form submit.
- Removed console.log call in main.js
- Removed redundant code in editor.js
- Silence PHP notices when signing in to Visual Editor

[1.0.1] – 2015-09-14

- Use nicename for the <title> tag, if nicename is set for the current domain
- Remove outline on domain portfolio button when focused

- Fix reCAPTCHA alignment issue on iOS Safari, where it would shift over to the right

[1.0.0] – 2015-09-03


  • Composer—A Dependency Manager for PHP
  • jQuery—the “write less, do more” library for JavaScript.
  • jQuery throttle / debounce—rate-limit your functions in multiple useful ways.
  • BigText—a jQuery plugin that fits text inside an element
  • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin—a jQuery plugin that enables HTML5 placeholder behavior for browsers that aren’t trying hard enough yet
  • jQuery Validation Plugin—form validation made easy
  • Dirty Forms—a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
  • jQuery Remember State—remember and restore form state using localStorage
  • Bootstrap—the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • SASS—CSS with superpowers
  • HybridAuth—open source social sign on PHP library
  • PHPColors—A series of methods that let you manipulate colors
  • Grunt—The JavaScript Task Runner
  • PostCSS—Transforming styles with JS plugins
  • Google Fonts
  • DesignModo Linecons
  • Unsplash—free high-resolution photos
  • SubtlePatterns—free textures for your next web project.

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