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I was wondering if it is possible to get this type of design on custom website based on our wireframes?


Hi haypet,

I’m not really sure what you mean by that, but the theme is a standard HTML template so I guess with some customization it could work with your wireframes.

Best regards, Ivan

Hi Ivan,

Sorry for not being clear. I meant to design and make HTML /CSS for a different web site but within same conception. We have wireframes and need artistic dessign and HTML /CSS for it and I was wondering if you provide sucha a service?


great work, thank you !

You’re welcome :)

Is there the php contact from file in it? I bought some templates in the past saying the contact form is working but I had no php file… If not, how does it work?

Hi Franmex, sorry for the late reply…

The template comes with a working contact form and includes the necessary php file.

Best regards, Ivan

Hi, Thanks for your theme. I’m not sure this is only happening to me. When I opened style.css file by editor (EditPlus 3), it shows a message “This file contains characters which can be lost in current encoding. Do you want to select one of other encoding options”? When I change some code in style.css and upload them on my website, font looks different on the website. They shouldn’t be any encrypted code there right? Once I change any code in style.css and save them, then upload it to website, font doesn’t show same on the website.


hmmm.. I’m not sure what could be causing the issue… Might have be something to do with the @font-face code… Have you tried editing the css file in another editor, such as Notepad++?

Also, look up in your editor the option to set the encoding and change it to ANSI (that’s my default encoding in Notepad++ and I haven’t had any problems)

Best regards, Ivan

Thanks for reply. Yes. I have deleted “local(’’),” in src from @font-face. Then it is working fine. Thanks.


When we enter our Twitter username in custom.js to be displayed at the bottom, it displays the tweets, but links to invalid statuses. Is there an update to the code for this plugin? Thanks.


Hi zea, The plugin I used for displaying tweets needs a bit of tweaking to work as there were some changes in the Twitter API (I’m guessing) .

Contact me through my profile page (via email) so I can send you the modified script.

Best regards, Ivan

Hi Sorry..but I am not able to install the theme. (I am new to wordpress). I installed the entire folder into “wp-content/themes/domination-business-...” now what? It says domination-busines-html-template Stylesheet is missing. - how do I fix it. I went to http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do for support and it says to upload style.css manually…so my question is where (which folder) and which file…as this themes have many style.css (different color folders)...please help. thanks.

Hi bhalavatv,

I’m afraid your trying to use the HTML template and install it as a WordPress theme, which cannot be done without significant customization.

Best regards, Ivan

Great template. I’ve purchased it and have a quick question. The blog page of this template – how do I add to it? I note that I was able to download an HTML5 medialoot admin page – is this what I use? What configuration is required? Thanks! Terry

I’ve purchased this teplate couple monts ago and I was very glad. I felt very comfortable working with codes and design. All are highly professional. My best compliments to Jezh!

How light is this template? I want to use it on my website, but it seems it loads slow. I don’t know if its only here or the template is just heavyweight? Is this free for ddos attack too? How’s the security?

Very beautiful template and very good job done. Lot of well coded pages.

Just missing the social sharing possibilities inside pages

Well done, very pretty. How can I make the async-slider stop on mouse hover?




Thank you for your great work on the Domination Template.

We have a hard time inserting the facebook window into the aysc slider index page. We are trying to place this on the bottom where Twitter feed is. Is there anything specific we should do to make that happen?


Marcin Mirski


its possible change bacground color on top header in css ?... Or its make as bacground picture repeat-x top; if its like this i can change color in CS6.. icludet PSD file?.. or i can custom only peace of repeated picture baground. Thanks for info about theme!


Hi sorry for the late reply, I’m on vacation and I don’t have access to the source files so this is from the top of my head…

To change the color you’ll need to play around with the PSD files. You can change the existing background patterns or you can create your own and then just change the background image in CSS.

Best regards, Ivan

Hi the twitter API v1 is now disabled, the latest tweets area doesn’t function anymore, any tips to fix this?

Hi, I am aware of the issue and I will be updating the template as soon as possible.

Best regards, Ivan

The template is updated now and is working with the new Twitter API. Check the documentation for instructions on how to configure the Twitter feed as it is a bit different than before.

Best regards, Ivan

Hello! I purchased this template and love it, but our design team is running into two issues:

1: For the tabbed content, we need to have more than one instance of this per page, but when we have more than one, each one only affects the topmost set. For example, if I have one set of three tabs, then a second set of three tabs and click on the second tab in the second set it changes the top set. How can we make each of these tab sets operate correctly on the same page?

2) We’re doing our editing in Dreamweaver, but we can’t seem to edit the popups that use the PrettyPhoto plugin easily. When we click on the objects we can see the code in LiveCode view, but overall it’s hard to find and edit. Is there a better way to access this code once its on a page?

We love the template and look forward to your insight!

What about version for wordpress?

Hello Jezh, yesterday I purchase a Domination theme and my developers are saying that the slider is not working in html/blue/index-async-slider.html. Can you please help us to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

In what way is the slider not working, I just tested a fresh download of Domintation and it works fine. Did you make any changes? If it’s online send a url to your site to see what might be wrong.

Best regrads,

just purchased this template but having problem with the sliders not loading, getting this error:

1. Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/.


2. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined