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Does this theme have parallax background?


JoeMC Author Team

No, it does not.

Hi I have an issue with the theme

when I create a new page with default template I have the domino banner in the bottom see

how can I delete this banner or where can I modify it?

thank you for answering


JoeMC Author Team

If you want to disabled the Call to Action banner globally you can disable it on the Appearance > Theme Settings > Page Elements pages (there’s a sub page for each post type). If you want to override the default setting on a per page basis find the Domino Page Settings metabox on each individual edit page. Click the Page Elements tab and override the default display in the Call to action field.

Hi. Pre sale comment/questions.

I am very close to buying this theme. it looks terrific! I will be using to promote and share my music. Is it possible to have a bar that appears at bottom of every page that can serve as the music player? I noticed this on a band theme, but I did not like the theme….

where can I see the list of widgets? is there an audio widget included with this theme?

thank you. T

Sorry, there is not any sort of audio widget included with this theme. If you can find a plugin that creates this functionality I’m guessing it would work. But, we do not have any more suggestions or tips for making this happen.

Thanks for quick response. I found the perfect plug in.

Greetings. I am enjoying the theme. I spent alot of time working on the slider. Now it works fine on some pages, but on the home page and the music page, it is stuck, does not transition to the next slide. Not even clicking the arrows start it up again. the site is still in a subdomain folder, but you should be able to see what I am talking about here:

stlil works fine on this page….

wait, the pages with the player are the ones that have a stuck slider.

I am having same issue with the music player plugin, the pages with the slider are affected it is not working seamlessly throughout the entire site as it did before.

Next, I will try restoring the slider to entire site and see if that make s a difference. And seeing what happens with the slider, or get more help.

thank you for your comments in advance.

I really like this theme. thank you. Tchiya

Thank you, T

It looks like you have some javascript errors happening on your site, probably from one of your plugins. Please go through the FAQ and see if you can narrow down where it is stemming from.

sadly, we did not find the answer.

Did you disable every plugin besides the LayerSlider plugin?

I have another question! the call to action banners: no matter how many times we try, they seem to link only to the current page. how can we change this? thank you. site about to be almost ready to being nearly ready to launch, almost…lol!

no. my developer says they are correct for him. maybe it is my browser? I have tried with and without #. will try with different browser now.


Ok, glad you got it working. Thanks again for your purchase!

Hi, I just installed this theme, and I am very lost, is there a video tutorial for this theme like there is for the Apex theme?


JoeMC Author Team

There aren’t any videos, but there is a Quick Start section (along with other documentation) in the documentation that is included with your download.

Pre Sale question: I thought in previous versions of this theme you could change the teal color to any color. Is there a eye drop color picker tool that you can use to change everything teal to a color that you want, or do you have to make changes in the style sheet?


JoeMC Author Team

Yes, there is a color picker on the Theme Settings page in the dashboard where you can pick (or input) any color you want.

Just purchased theme…i didnt see the theme documentation with the quick start guide. Can you email me the quickstart guide and can you tell me how to change all the teal elements in your demo to royal blue? Thank you


JoeMC Author Team

Sorry, I did send a reply but I just noticed that the reply to just added my email address and not yours. I’ll resend it right now.

In Full Screen mode I noticed there is about 350pixels on the right and left side of the centered content container of unused screen space when looking at the site on a desk top. Is there any way to use this space? When looking at it on a desk top it looks like a lot of unused space. I also emailed you a screenshot as well. Please advise. Thanks


JoeMC Author Team

There is no “Full Screen” mode for the theme. In the theme settings there is a setting for the “Page style” of your pages. The “Full width” option here just tells the theme to display the background the full width of the site. The “Boxed” option contains the content background in a box and you can set a different background color or image behind the boxed content.

You can adjust the maximum width of the content (the default is 970) by adjusting the Content width value in the Theme Settings > Style & Layouts (tab) if you want.

Hi, I have a lot of hacking problem with my website and my hosting asked me to update WP (done), Plugins (done) and Domino theme (To DO). I download the last version of the theme but now how to update it? Best regards, VL

You should be able to auto-update to the latest version directly in your dashboard. The latest version is 1.0.17.

If you need to manually update it you just need to extract the actual theme folder from your TF download. The actual theme folder is called “digitalscience-domino”. Then, using FTP navigate to wp-content/themes/ and replace the current theme folder with the new one.

Hi! Domino is compatible with WooCommerce? I hope your news, thanks!

Sorry, it is not. I may build this feature in some time in the future but currently it does not support WooCommerce.

Do you perhaps have this template in HTML?

Sorry, I do not. It’s only built as a WordPress theme.

Hi. do you support members login (registration) and posting their projects frontend user and editing their profile info and picture. thank u

Sorry, this theme does not include any of those features.

There are plugins out there that you could add that would make most of this possible, besides posting projects since that would need to be implemented within the theme. There may be another “project” plugin out there that works along with whatever membership plugin you find that could do this.

Just be aware that if you would go this route, the styling of the 3rd party plugins may not match the look of the theme and you’d need to add your own custom styling to match it up.

I purchased and installed the Domino Theme about a year ago and I’m very happy with it; everything worked fine… but for some days the customizer doesn’t open any more. After the click on “Personalize” the window (left sidebar) opens but can’t load the whole menu for personalizing the single positions…. Can you help me?

I do know that there aren’t any known issues with the theme. I would suggest updating all plugins (and theme) if any updates are available. After updating if you are still having issues, run through this article to see if there are any plugins in particular that may be causing your issues.

Thank you very much for your patience! Meanwhile Envato answered but it seems they can’t help me. I’ll try out what you suggested and in the worst case I’ll buy the theme again. Kind regards, Dirk

Ok, thanks for the update.

Hia how to remove line between header and slider. thanks before

Please direct all support question here (a valid Purchase code is required).


Crap… thanks for letting me know! I have the demo site up and running as it should again.