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Hello Brainiak ! You have a great theme, congrats :)

I like the header picture of the home page, with the white lines moving around, along with the mouse cursor. How does this work ? Is this included in the theme ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this. Best

Hello lasjack69,

It is works on js (canvas plugin)

Sure, it is included in theme as all other pages and components.

Good luck!

I found my perfect theme – Domior. All functions are intuitive and I can easily modification of prepared demo. I have received professional assistance from the owner of the theme in advanced configuration. I highly recommend. THX


How can I change the Skills area directly from php, can you please guide me to the file?

Thank you


Needed file you can find here:



Do you plan to update to WP 4.8.x?



Theme compatible with WP 4.8

I have updated info now.

Thank you

Hello there,

First of alll, congrats for Domior, it’s awesome!

Now I’d like to know if it’s a way to create skills bar and timeline to a curriculum page.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry but my theme is not have Skill bars.

I will add skill bar in next update if you need ?

For now I don’t think it’ll be necessary

This project support multiple portfolio filtering accordling to its type?

Sorry, i’m forgot change number version. are update Domior Helper Plugin ?

I think so:

Domior Helper Plugin Version 1.2.0 | By Brainiak | Visit plugin site

Send to me URL site and assets to admin panel brainiaktheme@gmail.com


Is it possible create a custom shortcode for this plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/resume-builder/

Could you give me the instructions how to do it?

Are you can provide to me assets from your site with my theme, and i will try do it on your server ?

ma gmail: brainiaktheme@gmail.com

Ok, I’ve sent the information to your email.

Hello Brainiak, its me again, lol.

Is it possible to add custom social links? I need this feature to put github and bitbucket links.

And I’d like to know if it is possible to create a footer in more than 1 language. I’m using PolyLang plugin, but I can’t translate the footer.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve updated the theme, but I didn’t see Github and Bitbucket social link =(

My current version is 1.2.1

Also you need update plugin: Domior Helper, just delete that and install

Indeed, you are right, working now…

Hey there,

How I’m supposed to change the text of “All” category in portfolio?

I need to choose the word to represent this…

Hello, i will fix it today and realize update theme and you will can translate “All” in portfolio

Is it possible to change the “See project” button link in portfolio item pop-up? How can I do it?

Hello, you can change name this button in theme-options: Domior Options/Portfolio settings http://prntscr.com/gtgmdf

Sorry, I should be more specific. I’d like to change the link not the description.

I need to choose the page or if I leave this option blank this button send to the portfolio detail page

I want to buy this theme. However, I need to know if I will be spending only the $49 for lifetime licence. Couldn’t find any information as to the length of time I am paying for. I hope I don’t have to page another money after paying the $49? Urgent response is appreciated.

Hello, you need will pay only $49 for using this theme on you site.

Hello Valerii, I’m in need to display all testimonials at once, without scrolling.

Is it already implemented? How Am I supposed to do it?

I’m in need of this feature.

Please, I`m in need for an answer.

Hello! In current time Domior is not support this function, but i can create this customization for you for additional pay.

Привет! У меня почемуто не устанавливается демоконтент( Пишет , что Не удалось создать временную таблицу _fwbk_wp_ewwwio_images. Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci’

Приветствую! Вам нужно обновить MySQL до версии 5.6 на вашем сервере.

Fell in love with the design at first sight. Amazing work. I also want to express my great gratitude for the support and help in setting up. I also helped add more features! Thank you so much!

Hi – I’m trying to figure out why my Background Images are not appearing in Sections. I feel like I’ve tried everything! Thanks for you help!

Hello guys, great work, purchased, but theme options disappeared after update. Mail sent via here, urgent help needed. Thanks in advance.

Hi, we have sent an email, and leave by now 2 reviews (we modified the first one as we are getting no response at all) and writing this message by now attempting to contact the support. We would love to hear back from Domior’s Support theme regarding the email we sent. Thank you!

Good afternoon,

Is it possible to remove the ”/folio/” from project link. I’d like to use a link like this: www.mysite.com/projeto-link instead of www.mysite.com/folio/project-link.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, are you still maintaining this project? You didn’t post nothing since 3 months… =(