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A beautiful template. Congratulations! :)

Thanks :)

Awesome theme! ;)

Thank you :)

How difficult is it to add some properties ? Do I need to add some control board ?


This is an HTML site template. It’s not designed for a specific CMS. So, there’s not any control board etc. in this theme.

Hi, Great theme! Does the searching work? When I chose “Boston”, NY properrties came up? I also tried “huge castle” and the full list came up. How do you get it to pull up only the selected items? Cheers, J

This is an HTML site template. It’s not possible to include search functionality in an HTML template.

Very puzzling … non-functioning searching on the home page. So, what does the searching do?

HTML templates include basically only the front-end design. If you’re looking for a theme with built-in search etc. take a look at the WordPress themes, for example.

Looks great! plans for a Wordpress theme?

No plans for a WordPress version :)

Thanks for the response. I think you should consider making one. There’s only a few good responsive real estate themes for Wordpress out there so there’s definitely a demand for more. Either way, good luck with the sales!

The theme is clean, simple and very nice. Please consider a Wordpress version.

For some reason on the index page, for the

    section, the

    header has the line going right through it, but on the one I downloaded, the line stops at the

    header. The code is identical except for my changing of the word in the tag. I can provide visual examples too if you’d like (Chrome). Thanks!

Edit: Did you remove the <span> tags?

Sorry, I don’t know how to show tags w/o using them… it is in the ‘listing’ class and the text in the ‘h3’ header

Please send a mail via my profile page. Tell me the address of your site. I’ll take a look at it.

When I upload the zip file of the theme I downloaded from themeforest I get this message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


This is not a WordPress theme. Sorry to hear you thought so.

I bought for the psd source but did not find them even though they were a statement,psd and pictures were just some of the elements and the pages themselves were not (((((

i need psd of pages


Sorry I don’t have the PSD file for the full design. I design my themes in the browser, not in Photoshop.

is there a difference between the way this website looks on a full-size screen, and the way it looks on an iPhone? (isn’t that what “responsive” means?

If so, can I see a screen shot of the way it looks on an iPhone (or other mobile device)?

Thank you


Yes, there is a difference. It is responsive, so the layout is optimized for different screen sizes.

You can resize your browser window to quickly see how the theme looks on smaller screens :)