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Hi Madza – I tried signing up at madzathemes.com twice, it recognized my username and purchase code but I never got a password and it says I’m not registered.

Two problems -

1. The responsive header isn’t being responsive, it stays the same size no matter how small the browser width.

2. I’m using Events Manager, and in some of the pages it generates the header title is wrong. Here’s an example, this is an individual event view: http://wholechildren.itabix.net/classes/sensory-integration-games-and-pre-sport-skills/ Notice the header title is Blog instead of the title of the item, but the page title is correct. Any ideas? It works properly with the twenty-twelve theme and the developer said it’s a theme issue.

Thanks for the quick reply. 1. Done 2. I didn’t realize the logo wasn’t supposed to be responsive, is it possible you could add that? 3. Actually it was line 451, the same string – it worked, thank you.

Just to clarify, maybe I’m doing something wrong because the logo seems like it’s trying to be responsive. When I set the image to 320px width and use a large image as the responsive logo entry, it does not resize. If I use a smaller image as the responsive logo entry, it uses the larger theme logo then when you shrink the width it switches to the smaller logo but stays the same size – so it just gets blurry.


Sorry for so late replay!

Try 280px.

Best Regards! Madza

Do you have a tutorial video or anything to reference? I am having trouble finding all of your content elements like…

The Revolution slider Donation form

Thanks, a

Yes thank you kindly, I found them. my later message also references that the contact us template and the blog is not functioning properly. Perhaps I’m not setting something up properly?

BLOG SM IMAGES pages and the CONTACT US templates.

Any thoughts? This is what gets spit back at me. “Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/content/06/10949406/html/wp-content/themes/DonateNow/contact-page.php on line 14”

Site here to refrence… stagnesschoollp.com

Very nice work on the theme!! thanks for replying, greatly appreciated.


Thanks You so much! :)

I like your variation of this theme! :)

About this two templates: Please don’t use this two templates! I am removing it for next theme version, because is no longer necessary. Now you can easy create contact page from page builder!

Best Regards! Madza

page builder? OK I’ll try. I did figure out a solution by uplaoding contact form 7 plugin.

Hello Mazda, I’m building a non-profit site and I can’t get the LayerSlider plugin to work. I’ve created a multi-layer slider, but it doesn’t show up. I’ve tried so many options in the backend to no avail. Help!

Here is a link: http://missionalmusic.org



Sorry about late replay!

In slider Global Settings. Turn on Troubleshooting for js in body: http://cl.ly/image/2G442p3C080P

Best Regards! Madza

PRE-SALES QUESTION: Once an individual makes donations, are they able to log into their account and view all their donations, donation details, print, export, etc., for their donations? Thanks!


Sorry about so late replay!

No. But you can create all donation list.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hi again. I have managed to correct most of the questions I had, however I keep getting fatal errors for the BLOG SM IMAGES pages and the CONTACT US templates.

Any thoughts? This is what gets spit back at me. “Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/content/06/10949406/html/wp-content/themes/DonateNow/contact-page.php on line 14”


Please don’t use this two templates! I am removing it for next theme version, because is no longer necessary. Now you can easy create contact page from page builder!

Best Regards! Madza

Hi, I love your theme, it looks great! I’m just having a few problems with the navigation in IE 7, the drop down menus don’t always show the full list of options?

Any help to fix this would be appreciated :-)



Thanks for bug report!

I will fix it in next update very soon!

Best Regards! Madza

Is there a download for the documentation of this theme? I would greatly appreciate it.


Yes, open How_to_install/index.html

Also you can use our support forum madzathemes.com

Best Regards! Madza

Hello Madza

How is the donation processed? Does it go through Paypal or any other payment services?



Donation plugin use Paypal

Best Regards! Madza


Where is the custom post type code located in this theme?

Thanks, Josh



Best Regards! Madza

Thanks for the quick response!

Hi, I am trying to upload the theme but it is saying that it is missing the style.css. Am I supposed to create that or should it come with the zip file?

Also, is there a tutorial that talks about the sliders? I looked in the documentation but could not find anything. I would really like info about how it allows you to add pieces of an image to make one slider or is that flash?

Can I please get an answer to this?

I am sorry about so late reply!

1. Install LayerSlider Plugin. You can find it in plugins/layerslider.zip
2. Download LayerSlider content here: http://goo.gl/PtYUx
3. Import this content. Then go to Appearance/Theme Options/Home Page/ and insert LayerSlider shortcode.

Also you can check LayerSlider orginal video tutorial: http://goo.gl/hbBdH


I am interested in this theme and i got a few questions before buying it.

What do you mean by: SEO optimised, fast Google Page Speed ?

Is it working with the following plugins?:
  • 1. All In One SEO
  • 2. XCloner (Backup)
  • 3. Google Analytics
  • 4. WPML (Greek and English)
  • 5. XML Sitemap
  • 6. Shareaholic
  • 7. Visitor Maps and Who’s Online
Thank you in advance


Currently no incompatibilities with those plugins reported so they should work fine.

About SEO : Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines.

Best Regards. Madza

HI there! first of all, very very nice theme! Love the page builder!

I’m having an issue with the ‘category’ select for blog template on page. It displays all posts rather than the 1 category I select in page options.

Any thoughts?


Yes, for now it works only for portfolio template!

This fix comes out in v.1.7

Best Regards! Madza

Hi Madza – I tried signing up at madzathemes.com many times, it recognized my username and purchase code but I never got a password and it says I’m not registered.


1- I tried loading demo content. I have tried numerous times and I continue to get a large list detailing items that have failed to load.

goto http://medcityministries.com/

I really hope to use your theme. Looks great once we can get it to work out.

Support forum acces sent

I check your site and see when you 7 times imported demo content. Now you need delete this menu buttons in Appearance/Menu

To setup Homepage Content. Goto Appearance/Theme Options/Homepage/Show content from page

If you still can’t get it work. Send me your admin access and I will do for you!

Best Regards! Madza


Now we have installation video tutorial http://www.screenr.com/t797

Best Regards! Madza


I have registered for the support forum but have not received the confirmation email with password.

Thank you Matt


Send email from my profile page! I will send back you, support forum access

Best Regards! Madza

What donate method this theme uses. I want to use 2checkout with this theme is it possible


Donation plugin use Paypal. But you can set any link for donation button.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hi there, I am considering purchasing the template but just need confirmation that the images on the demo page (particularly the spinning earth) are included in the package?



You need buy this earch graphic license here: http://goo.gl/Et6PE

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hello, I am very interested in your wordpress theme and would like to purchase. I want to know if any external plugin has to be used for the sliding banners ? Can you share any documentation/ links on what are the supported styles. I would also like to see a screenshot of theme options before I purchase.

Thank you very much. -Asad


You can check video tutorial for LayerSlider plugin here: http://bit.ly/10J8OXD

Best Regards! Madza

I recently purchased this theme to upload to my WordPress site and this is what I saw on WordPress. Is there a way around this? Apparently WordPress is no longer allowing the uploading of custom themes. How can I fix this and use the theme that I purchased.


Hi, Yes, you need host this web on server http://get.wp.com/hosting/

Best Regards! Madza

I purchased the theme and I am getting the following when I upload the zip file. Please let me know what is wrong. I am following your documentation and tried with both FTP and zip file. Thank you

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/f/p/a/fpauganda/html/2013/wp-content/themes/DonateNow/options.php on line 64


Thanks for purchased DonateNow theme :)

Delete options.php file from DonateNow folder.

For next theme version this file is removed.

Best Regards! madza