Discussion on Doors Onepage Corporate Multipurpose Template

Discussion on Doors Onepage Corporate Multipurpose Template

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Please how can i remove “For development purposes only” from the google map on the website.

What is the difference to Doors – Parallax Responsive One Page theme?

It’s HTML template and that was WordPress theme.

As I understand, this one is the HTML version. What about the blog entries? Are they stored in the WP Database? Or what happen to the items?

It’s a simple HTML template, not a functional theme. No database. You can convert it to any functional CMS.

Great template, I like it a lot… but after having built all of my customer website, I tried to complete the last part, integrate the blog….to find in the end that you only supply the front end, the display part (there are no fonctions in the back-end). Now I’m stuck and may have to redo the whole site with a different template to meet my customer requirements. Can you provide the backend portion of the blog. or suggest a solution (other than an iframe with a blogging service)?

You know it is a HTML template. And it has not functional back-end. If you want to create a new blog page HTML template or functional WordPress blog page, you may contact us for custom work. themeregion@gmail.com


i can’t install this theme there isn’t all files style is missing!!!

Thank you for purchasing our template. However, it’s not a WordPress theme. it is HTML template.


ie11 not support help me screenshot https://www.ssyukle.com/image/ts

Thank you for purchased our template. However, I could not understand with this screenshot that which part is not working. Please feel free to submit a ticket on our forum with your demo URL, so that it will be easier to find out the issue. http://themeregion.com/forum/


Hello Guys,

Beautiful Theme. Can I have a Multi Page version please. If I purchase this one pager can you convert to a multi page for me?

Thank you for your interest. Please mail us for custom work – http://themeregion.com/contact-us/


Hi, do you have an multipage version of doors? thx for answer

Not yet. Thanks


many thanks for the template, looks really beautiful! I have one question. In Google Chrome, when i click on a menu section i.e. “Service” and after that i scroll down to another section (for example “Clients”) than both of them are marked as “active” ... If i click only on the different sections, there is no problem. Could you please help me?

Thank you!


Thank you for purchased our template. However, actually it is focus color. if you click out side the menu after scrolling, it it will work fine. If you feel that is the problem, you can remove :focus css line no 277.

or any further assistance, please mail me.


That’s perfect, thank you!!

:D Welcome

Where can I edit the form/info for the newsletter. I click “sign me up/submit” and it only refreshes the page. I would prefer a “confirmed message” or something of this sort.

To be honest, I don’t really understand why you would put something in the template that doesn’t have a back end functionality…

However, with that being said, is there a way to us the Send-Mail PHP script, duplicate & modify it to connect to the newsletter form and just send an email when someone signs up with the email address?

Also when you confirm with the contact form right not it just pulls up the PHP script instead of the alert/confirmation message?

Hi blarnett, I think you feel angry. now if you tell me why you keep a search box in your HTML template… ? In this case I have to tell you sorry. because you are my valuable customer. However, I am sending you a mail. please give me your mail ID to mdmonir.square@gmail.com

Thank again


I cant find the source files for the Services Icons and I would like to change them.

Hi, Thank you for purchased our template. BTW, Services icons took from font-awesome icons. http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Hope you will able to change your desired icons easily.


Thank you for the reply. I figured out how to change my icons but I had to update to the newest version of fonticons. You may want to include the new version in the next update!

Thanks. I will update it soon.

Hello, how do i put a dropdown menu on this?

i tried to put code like this ” <!—
  • Products
    • Products Categories 1
  • —>

    and not working. Since this use bootstrap 3 and that function has already declare. Thx and sory for my bad english.

    Hi, Thank you for purchased our template. BTW, You know template has no dropdown menu. If want to make dropdown, your need custom codes.

    For further assistant, please send me a mail.


    Hello, i buy your theme and im very happy. but i dont know where can i change the latitude and longitude for gmap.

    please help me, and sorry for my english.

    Hi, Thank you for purchased our template. However, You can edit your google map easily. Just open main.js file and go to ”// Google Map Customization ” part. Then you can change your location form here. See the screenshot- http://prntscr.com/4hoqdr

    For further help, please send us mail.


    I have a question about the template, how the blog work? How can upload content for a blog, by text file or writing by hand on html file? Thanks Regards

    Hi antoniopolastri, Thanks for your interest. BTW, you know this is HTML template. So that you will have to put your content in HTML file.


    Hello, I purchased your theme and start modifying it but suddenly i start have problems like Service icons no scale when mouse hovers, can you help me please?

    Hi luis_juarezg,

    Thank you for purchased our template. However, you can add more section as you want. Just copy and paste any section. if you need further help, please feel free to contact us through contact form.


    Thanks for your reply! Don´t i need to add new name of new section in any part of the css or something?

    No need to add new name or more css. If you want to add new menu as new name you will have to change your section ID name. Thats all.


    I have a problem with doors template. I installed it for my website. When I open the template with iPhone the browser closes unexpectedly. How can I solve the problem? Also the demo template doesn’t work with iPhone.

    Hi, Please send us a mail with your purchase details.



    Would you mind telling me where did you get the slider images from?


    Flicker.com, unsplash.com etc


    How do I change the Google Maps blue colors in the Blue theme? Need to make them more of a teal…. thanks!

    Nevermind. Got it to work – thanks.

    Hi, Thank you for purchased our template. Ok. If you have more issues, please feel free to mail us


    Hello again, I would like ie. 6 collumns of images in another gallery page, this way they will be smaller. I created: .portfolio-items-6 li { width: 16.666%; float: left; position: relative; overflow: hidden;} .portfolio-item-6 img { width: 100%;} and changed the source code but it does not looks properly. There is nothing under gallery except footer but footer cover the images in the gallery. The more images I add, the footer grows up in high (become heigher and covers the images in gallery. What did I wrong, Can you help in this problem? Thank you.

    Thanks, We did not make 6 columns of images. It only 4 columns in our theme. If you want to make more column, you will have to make your custom css.


    I know you did not made 6 columns that is why I am asking you for help :), any suggestions what to do more?

    I can not give you proper suggestion at this moment. Firstly, I need to do that myself than I can give you proper suggestion. So, please try it yourself. For further query, please don’t hesitate to mail us directly :)


    Hi, there is a problem with links, when you go on single-blog page and you will try to return on some #section the page does not scroll properly to this section. I.e.: when you are on single-blog page and you will click the Contact, page scrolls but there is section Prices visible instead of section Contact, which is on the bottom of the page, almost invisible. Would you correct this or how to correct this? Thanks

    Thank you Maciej. We will try to resolved this issue on our next update.

    Sorry, but we need it now or next update if it will be within 3 days.

    Our demo site is working well. So, please send me your URL. And don’t take other ways, you can directly contact us through our mail as before. http://prntscr.com/57oq7a


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