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Well said wow, great start with ThemeForest! Good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot. This is our first template. We hope you`ll like our works :)

Great job, I am really digging the featured slider.

We hope you really enjoy it.

Awesome theme….one of the best themes i have seen recently….awesome work with the slider….

I had 2 queries…does the template support multiple fonts and can we have mega menu within this template…mega menu would really boost the website feel…

Good luck with sales….:-)

Ok. We think mega menu will bo done as well with next update.

awesome guys….if this is done….i would be buying it immediately….


There are just a few more inputs from my end…

one the template should be W3C complaint…. two the website should have a good page speed you can try google pagespeed…. three the website should be devices friendly i mean computers,tablets and specially smartphones…. Also can we have multi column footer…

Definitely beautiful and modern looking theme. Will you be adding support for vimeo video as well? That’s practically standard these days. I bet it’s not too difficult to add if you already support youtube.

Also, do you offer the demo data as an XML file so we can start out with a replica of your website and then make changes? Some of us aren’t as creative on our own (that me!)....


We`ll do vimeo videos with next update – should be done next week. But about second question we`ve got someting like You can try to use it. I hope this will be very useful for you.

Will you offer the demo content and icons and photos with the theme?

Note: Images and icons used in our demo sites are proprietary images and are not included to the theme package.

But if you really want this images you`ve got under theme description links to images that we used for this theme.

wow amazing work, i wish you tons of sales :)


Thanks a lot :)

Wow, thank goodness it’s payday today ;-)

Nice to hear that you like it :)

If you don’t offer the demo content, can you at least offer the demo code? This way we can create a homepage and slider that looks similar to yours with our own images.

As we wrote in last post you can go to this site Just copy code from first tab “homepage” and paste to your wp theme :) We hope that replay will be helpful for you :)

hi does this come with a decent psd of the home page



For every page/subpage is VERY decent PSD (for homepage as well) :)

Great Theme!

Love it.. nice work and good luck with sales….i foresee many upcoming :-)

Thanks so much.

How is it that this awesome theme is NOT RESPONSIVE ?! Anyway, hopefully you’ll consider changing that. Good luck with sales. :-)

What you exactly mean “is not responsive”?

It’s not that new. It’s been around for at least 2+ years now and it’s only going to be more requested as time marches on and mobile device usage increases. It has, of course evolved since it’s initial inception.

All I ask is that you provide an option like many other authors have. A simple responsive design “on / off” switch in the backend theme admin panel. That usually satisfies both camps. That way people can leave it switched off and forget it even exists if they want to.

Anyone who thinks it’s just a buzzword or passing fad are potentially in for a rude awakening / kidding themeselves / in a state of denial about the changing mobile landscape IMO . People don’t like change, some more than others. No offense meant, just my opinion. You are welcome to yours. :-)

Bookmarked for later! Very nice job!

Hi Psd’s look great thanks

great theme great buy, forget about the RESPONSIVE thats just the in word at the moment

I would suggest a filtered/sortable jquery portfolio apart from that its first class

Great. Thanks for suggest. But please check this site As you can see you can filter portfolio. You`ve got “select category”. Please check that and wrote what you think.

There might be no need for such portfolio features if this excellent plugin already what you want (and likely much more) already…

Media Grid –

We will see what we can do with what you said. We need time to make some updates :) This is our first theme so please be patient.


I get your point about responsive , but a true responsive design can only be created once you have fully completed your own design updates

a responsive design is simply not just a switch you can turn on, by adding responsive features to your website you will need to create multiple layouts with different design features for each

bellow is a true example of responsive web design,

and not forgetting most people who access the net via a phone are using smartphones that can view most well coded morden websites with ease

“pinch and zoom”


I was thinking more Quicksand but we can add it ourselves, i have a list of top featues i wanted your theme has 99% of them, really like the home page and your icon nav idea,

good luck with sales

We understand now :) We`ll think about it soon.

@muffingroup – Thanks for your consideration! That’s enough. :-)

@will1234craig – I’m aware that responsive design isn’t simply comprised of an “off-on” switch. I merely meant that many themes have simplified it down to this level for end-users which I think is great.

100% is not always ideal either. Perfection is the enemy of the good often enough. So 100%, absolute, true responsiveness is not always better or necessary either. Having no responsiveness at all though is much less preferable IMO . However, that’s simply an opinion.

You might be surprised though how many people I’ve come into contact with that say some variant of, “Why do I have to pinch / zoom / scroll just to be able to read the text? It should adjust automatically to my device!” Lazy? Maybe. Entitled? Definitely. Are wrong to expect it? Not entirely.

Sorry, I’m done. I will hijack this discussion no more. LOL .

awesome work on this one

Thanks a lot :)

is it possible to simply use google fonts?

Not yet. Will be ready with first update (probably next week).