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I bought and downloaded the theme and now I think it may have been a mistake.

The theme comes with very vague documentation and no mention of a short codes list. Every theme I have purchased has a start up guide this one doesn’t. Not to mention it doesn’t tell you how the slider works.

On my page editor I have no sign of a visual editor to add shortcodes.

This is crap.

When you create a homepage with the “Home” page template you’ll see all of the homepage content settings under the post editor.

Unfortunately, the popup shortcode generator will not work anymore with the 3.9+ version of WordPress. We are working on building a shortcodes plugin for our theme but in the meantime we recommend using this very powerful and free shortcode plugin…

Hi. Has this been tested with WordPress 4.0?

Yes, our demo sites are running 4.0

I sent an e-mail via yesterday, asking just a couple of basic questions. When can I expect a response?

It’s now been over a week since I tried contacting Designer Themes for support. I’ve sent 2 messages on the form on their webpage, a message through, and the post here in these comments…I have not received any reply whatsoever.

Designer Themes’ website guarantees technical support when you purchase their themes, but I have yet to see it. I hope that they will still contact me (if they do, I will provide updates here), but until then f you think you might need any technical support at all when setting up a theme, I would not recommend Designer Themes.

Disappointed with this purchase. I won’t be using this theme. Would have been nice if there was a video tutorial to help set it up. I have bought a theme called The Retailer and they have a great video to help the people who pay good money. I’m sure the support is good but a video would be a help.

I submitted a ticket through your support system and had no response. How can I receive support??

Need an update the Options framework is no longer supported and now i can’t upload custom logos. Please help.


I love the Dope theme which I have had on my site for a few years. All of a sudden, I guess because of Wordpress updates, the home portfolio slider no longer works properly. The slider is one of the theme’s nicest features.

I have removed it from my top page as it was too ugly but you can see the problem at this page I created so you can see:

Basically it puts one item a row below the other ones, creating a lot of blank space below the slider, except on the last bit of the slider where it shows you the messy item-sitting-below … if you see what i mean.

I’ve tried changing the number of items shown, but that doesn’t solve it.

The same problem occurs on the ‘related’ slider at the bottom of all portfolio items, e.g.

This is important to me so if you tell me that you are able to help and give me a solution, I will happily pay the $32 to renew support for 6 months. I mean, as long as you tell me you think you can fix it, I will renew, and then you can tell me! Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you (or from anyone who can fix this!)—thank you.

Do not buy. Theme no longer supported. Many functions not working correctly with newer WP versions.