Dots Magazine HTML Templates

Dots Magazine HTML Templates

Dots Magazine HTML Templates super flexible and fully responsive html magazine template, best suited for magazine, news or blog websites.


  • Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 tableless design.
  • Well commented code.
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 9 headers layout
  • Mega menu
  • Adblock pop-up
  • Sticky header
  • Latest Bootstrap
  • SCSS files for SASS users
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Fully responsive
  • Font Awesome and Glyphicons Icons
  • Loading animations
  • Slideshow with fade effect
  • Light box
  • Ripple effect
31 August 2017 – v2.0
- Migration to Gulp and npm package manager
- Split HTML files into components
- Add mobile menu
- Add 9 new headers layout - now we have 17 header
- ADDED: Gulpfile.js
- ADDED: package.json

- ADDED: about-us-content.html
- ADDED: adblock-popup.html
- ADDED: adv-1.html
- ADDED: adv-2.html
- ADDED: author-block.html
- ADDED: blog-list.html
- ADDED: breadcrumb.html
- ADDED: Contact-us-content.html
- ADDED: filter-widget.html
- ADDED: footer.html
- ADDED: gallery-images.html
- ADDED: head.html
- ADDED: header.html
- ADDED: left-image-right-title.html
- ADDED: left-small-image-bottom-title.html
- ADDED: left-small-image-bottom-title-top-tag.html
- ADDED: left-small-image-right-title.html
- ADDED: login.html
- ADDED: logo-adv-bar.html
- ADDED: main-title.html
- ADDED: mobile-menu.html
- ADDED: navigation-bar.html
- ADDED: news-bar.html
- ADDED: newsletter.html
- ADDED: not-found.html
- ADDED: pagination.html
- ADDED: post.html
- ADDED: post-content.html
- ADDED: post-info.html
- ADDED: rate-stars.html
- ADDED: related-posts-carousel.html
- ADDED: review-box.html
- ADDED: scripts.html
- ADDED: search-popup.html
- ADDED: settings-panel.html
- ADDED: sgin-up.html
- ADDED: share-buttons.html
- ADDED: sidebar.html
- ADDED: slider-1.html
- ADDED: social-box-grid.html
- ADDED: title-over-image.html
- ADDED: top-bar.html
- ADDED: top-image-bottom-title.html
- ADDED: video-block-fix-height.html
- ADDED: advertise-1.html
- ADDED: advertise-2.html
- ADDED: hot-links.html
- ADDED: hot-links-footer.html
- ADDED: instagram.html
- ADDED: latest-twitters-footer.html
- ADDED: main-centered-title.html
- ADDED: main-title.html
- ADDED: recent-news-footer.html
- ADDED: sidebar-taps.html
- ADDED: social-counter.html

- ADDED: index.html
- ADDED: 02_blog.html
- ADDED: 07_Login.html
- ADDED: 12_Search.html
- ADDED: 03_Post.html
- ADDED: 08_Sign-up.html
- ADDED: 13_headers.html
- ADDED: 04_Post-With-Review.html
- ADDED: 09_404.html
- ADDED: 14_mega-menu.html
- ADDED: 05_Aboutus.html
- ADDED: 10_Author.html
- ADDED: 15_adblocker-popup.html
- ADDED: 06_Contact.html
- ADDED: 11_Author.html

7 August 2017 – v1.2

- Unlimited multi levels menu in the main navigation. 
- Unlimited multi levels menu in the top bar.
- Add mega menu.
- Add 8 new headers layout - now we have 9 headers
- Make slider controls fixed.
- Make the dark CSS file contains only colors instead of all properties and colors, Now you have to include the two files together if you want the dark theme.
- Top news filter: add colors for the filter controls.
- Fix spacing issues in the footer.
- Add 2 new paginations layout - now we have 3 paginations -.
- Add share buttons to the post page.
- Add comments widget.
- Add Adblock detected widget in a pop-up.
- Remove old search screen pop-up and replaced it by modal -pop-up- bootstrap.
- Fix minor issues.

17 January 2017 – v1.1

- Add Dark Theme
- Homepage: make the layout more flexible now you can sort the sections as you like.
- Homepage: fix video widget spacing issues in mobile, tablet, desktop.
- Sidebar: make the layout more flexible now you can remove the main title and this will not effect on the layout or spacing.
- Post view page: simplify post view page.
- Blog page: fix spacing issue, make the layout more flexible in sort sections.
- Post view page: apply all CSS styles directly on the HTML tags instead of classes.
- Post with review: apply all CSS styles directly on the HTML tags instead of classes, fix spaceing issue in "post view widget" 

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