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Hi, first of all, congratulations for a really good work! I want to do some changes on the template ( but I don’t know how:

1.- Put the logo on the top center (with a bigger size than template´s one). 2.- Put the menu under the logo (may be under the slider) an centered too. 3.- Set all the body with black background (I don’t see where to modify background an fonts color). 4.- Hide the “Tags” list on the Mosaic.

Thanks for all and sorry for my beginner questions.

1. Dear, its a customization. Create a new position and published logo on that new position from template manager. See the doc Adding Position

3. You can change body background and text color from template manager -> style tab. See the shot

4. You can write the below css on templates/ts_dotcom/css/ts_dotcom-custom.css

.sprocket-mosaic .sprocket-mosaic-header .sprocket-mosaic-filter{display:none}

Or leave blank from roksprocket item tag.

Please, mail me to for further assistance

Thanks! Where can I change the language of k2 elements like all the text at “Leave a coment” for example?

Thank u again!

All K2 template related language file is en-GB.com_k2.ini. Its path is language\en-GB folder. Open en-GB.com_k2.ini file and search K2_LEAVE_A_COMMENT.

Can you please check to download it from live site

Thank you very much trippleS! I update JB Maps from Joomlabamboo and now it`s workink fine! =) Good luck!

the [Feature Tab] widget/module. When I set the [Tab Position] to “Right” the arrow for the feature tab is pointing the wrong way. (it should flip and point to left (if the tab position is set to right, then arrow should point left) and vica versa.

No matter what position i set left or right, the arrow always points to the right. How do i get it to point to the left?

Dear, the arrow is not the part of tab position, (so it should not), its a extract part which present by css3.

You should do it manually. Please, go to templates/ts_dotcom/less/dotcom.less file find line # 1253

Make right: 100%;

Then go to line # 1264 and make : border-right-color: @linkcolor !important;

For further assistance mail me to

does not work in joomla 3.2 gantry 4.1.20, please help!

[login removed]

I see your mail and wil look after your issue. It is not wise to provide password in such way.

Dear, see the error on your site. Its memory limit issue. Increase the memory limit on your php.ini file. You can do it manually or contact with host provider.

Standard limit is : memory_limit = 128M

I am receiving the following error in conjunction with the FAQ Book Pro component. My hosting company says it’s template related. Please help!

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘RuntimeException’ with message ‘Less Parse Error: expected color value: /home/goldlass/public_html/ on line 22’ in /home/goldlass/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home/goldlass/public_html/ Gantry->addLess(‘global.less’, ‘master.css’, 8, Array) #1 /home/goldlass/public_html/ require_once(’/home/goldlass/...’) #2 /home/goldlass/public_html/ JDocumentError->_loadTemplate(’/home/goldlass/...’, ‘error.php’) #3 /home/goldlass/public_html/ JDocumentError->render(false, Array) #4 /home/goldlass/public_html/ JError::customErrorPage(Object(Exception)) #5 [inter in /home/goldlass/public_html/ on line 1141

HI! Any luck?

Dear, I told you to send your admin admin and ftp access to

Sorry, got the mail it was spam folder. Please, reply the mail.

Hi, thanks for the great template. I have a question: is it possible to open popular projects (i.e. roksprocket module items) in a lightbox popup? I think joomla (3.2) natively supports opening link in popups based on rel or class attribute. Can you confirm this?


Light box or popup is the feature of twitter bootstrap.

In Roksprocket there is no native support for light box. Its need customization. I’m really sorry for that.

Many thanks

Hi trippleS, I bought the theme and did the installation through Quick Start (ts_dotcom_quickstart_j3 (recommended).zip)

Follow the step by step documentation, and when the installation was completed I accessed the administration, and did not find the theme and the modules. It was installed as a standard Joomla installation.

I figured that this installation would install the site as the demo, with all the necessary settings.

How should I proceed to install correctly?

I think you just missed the step to select Default English (GB) Sample Data at the last step, which is noted on documentation. See the screen shot Link

Please, let me know the result.

Thanks trippleS that worked.

Hi, compliments for your work! can I receive the original images (the same of the demo)? Best Regards, Roberto

Please, mail me with subject to

You can insert any revolution slide, because after I change the images. Thanks

Hi, trippleS, I need help again, Can you help me? I need put again slide gallery in portfolio. I don’t know what happeed, but disappeared. Thanks.

Great template! How do I place links to Social Media icons on the top left corner?

You can put your own social link on href=”#” position.

Please see the below code:

<a class="topSocial fb" href="YOUR_SOCIAL_URL"><span class="icon-facebook"> </span></a>

You can mail to for further assistance.

dose this template support RTL ?

Dear, many thanks for your interest. DotCom build by Gantry framework. By default it supports RTL feature but I haven’t written css for this. So, you can get difficulties to use it. Thanks.

please can you write css for this template ?

Really sorry that can’t do this now. Many thanks for your interest.

I see the image on provided link is responsive. Please, tell me which layout you are facing problem.


I cannot find the admin panel that is referenced in the product page. How can I access this? Thanks!

Dear, I’m not fully clear about your issue. Please, mail me to with the page link with details. Thanks.


I have problem creating the TEAM page, could please guide me?


Please, collect the full html from here

Create an article a paste the code as you need. I attached team style 1 and style 2.

If you are using template only pack, then it will be better to install quickstart pack for testing purpose.

Let me know for further assistance.


I have problem creating the TEAM page, could please guide me?



I am having issue with the page footer. The popular blog post is not working properly. Please see below for the error message: Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/www/ on line 553

Strict Standards: Non-static method NSP_GK4_Utils::cutText() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/www/ on line 197

Strict Standards: Non-static method NSP_GK4_Thumbs::createThumbnail() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/www/ on line 304

Can you help me with this ?

Thanks, Ash

Please, mail me your site address with admin access to

just sent you an emeil. Thanks

Answered on mail. Just make error reporting simple, its a notice. Let me know for further assistance.

What version of Roksprocket is this template using?

2.0.5. Do you have any problem with it.

Hi, I am getting the below error when uploading site on network solutions server.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in v1/libraries/gantry/core/utilities/gantrylesscompiler.class.php on line 3226

Please let me know what to do


Please, do a general solution on your php.ini file. Increase the default settings.

max_execution_time = 60

max_input_time = 180

memory_limit = 128M

Hi Developer & Designer of the theme,

I need your help. I turned on Search Engine Friendly Links option to “on” on Joomla3, and all the top level 1 menu items are working properly, but some of the second and third items in the menu are broken links. It links to a 404 page.

What can I do to fix this? I’ve already edited the htaccess.txt to .htaccess, and I’ve turned on mod_rewrite().

Let me know if there are any other trouble shooting actions I can take to have this problem fixed.

Dear, please mail me to with admin access. I need to investigate the problem. Many thanks.

Hello tripples Unrecognized make this template An additional homepage layout with fullscreen slider

I’m really sorry that I’m not clear about your question. Can you please mail me to with details. Many thanks.