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I started to use your template today – and have 2 problems with the Popular Projects link:

- I would like to click the whole image/background "sprocket-mosaic-image-container", not only the link icon "sprocket-readmore", the cursor is a pointer already, but it's not clickable.
- The link is not working, it's linking to /16-projekte/38-teneriffareise-com (and cannot find the post), the correct link would be /projekte/16-projekte/38-teneriffareise-com - the page name is missing!

Can you help me? lenny

1. Dear link will not work on overlay. You have to remove overlay to link on image. I mean you have to remove transparent color bg on hover image then link will work.

2. Mail me your admin access to

Thank you for solving it! One last problem, the accordion is wrong, on your demo page too:

“Other information” is not working – the content is below.

Please, open the footer menu -> find contact menu -> change the alias from contact-footer to contact -> on the right side you can see contact display option -> Make Display format plain and hide all things from contact display option. Then it look likes :

It directly load from component so it not look likes contact page. You can use external link of contact page so that it looks like contact page.

Hello i want to ask some things for the template, wich i found it very attractive. Firstly i want to ask you something about the menu. I don’t want the menu with the logo to be stack at the top when i scroll down. Can i change that? I also want to ask if i can change the place of the logo (i want it at the top of the menu) and to be bigger without to loose the resposiveness.

Thank you

You can change the position of logo but it will effect the responsive css. After change the logo position you just mail me your site address with ftp access I will fixed it manually for you.

Thank you for your reply. I also ask you if i can disable someway the menu not to be stack when i scroll down. Thank you

You have to delete the fixed-header.js file from templates js folder or you can rename it.


I have the same problem with Kipperlenny (a few lines above). The link in popular projects doesn’t work correctly as in your demo!

I think its for wrong configuration. Please, send your site access to


Your problem was not like Kipperlenny. Portfolio item opens in component area, so it appears in home page.

I created a new Details Menu with menu item type categories and select the category portfolio. Now it opens with a new window.

It happens when a category has not a parent category.

Hello i bought today your temlate and i am trying to enter the administrator but i can’t. The page is just loaded and nothing more. Can you please tell whats happening?

Dear, it is difficult to say why its happening. Did you install the quicstart pack properly. Need more information to solve the issue.

It will be better if you upload it on live server.

Yes ok i solve my problems! I have some questions, do you want to ask here or giving me an email to send you all?

Yes, you can mail me to with all of your issues. Many thanks.


I just purchased this and installed the 2.5 quick start and am getting the following error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’=’, expecting ‘(’ in /home/gfddevco/public_html/includes/framework.php on line 42

Please advise.


Please, check the technical requirement from here :

and tell me your php version. I think you have to update your php version.

Ok that fixed that issue, Thanks! Now I have the theme running at the bottom of home page the GK4 is throwing errors. I am going to email you my site URL so you can see it.

Answered. Just make error reporting simple from Global Configuration -> Server -> Error Reporting.

1-Ist it possible to use in home a full width video background with revolution?

2-Will it work out of the box with jomsocial and virtuemart?

Thank you

Many thanks for your interest

1. Full width video background with revolution is not possible

I tested DotCom with JomSocial and its work perfectly. Check the screen shot

Also I think latest virtuemart will support at DotCom

Many thanks again.

Hi trippleS,

Somehow I cannot get the main menu to show on my website. In the template settings I have selected the main menu and position Header-b.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Regards, Ewoud

Please mail me to with your admin password

Thanks, I sent you the email.

Fixed, RokNav menu was missing, I installed it. It was told on documentation. Thank you. Use email for further assistance.

We’ve been working on building a site using your template, which is going well. It is a very nice template.

However, one problem we’ve encountered is that web pages are not properly formatted when printed. For example, see the demo blog item at

On that page, the right-hand side of the article is cut-off when the page is printed.

Can you please add a css file for printing? All it needs is some basic formatting to print the main article content properly.

I see its ok for printing. See the screen shot. Do you ask about Blog Categories, Recent Post? It is not the part of Item.

It depends on the screen resolution. For example, if the screen has a resolution of 1920×1080, then the printing is OK. But if the screen resolution is 1280×1024 then the right-hand side of the article is cut off.

Please, provide a screen shot of your problem to

Hola TripplS, message on top, you can change location. image:

For a quick solution you can send your site url with admin access to Next week I will update DotCom.

HELP!! i can not have access to my template manager!!!!! what can i do please tell me!!!!!

It may be some permission issue or configuration issue. Please, send your admin access to

I just deleted all expired cache from System -> Purge Expired Cache, now it works. Please, let me know for further assistance.

Where can I buy the Revolution slider for $25? Can you post the url?

Please, find it on required-extensions folder.

I can’t find it.

Its on template bundle pack. You can mail me to with the issue, I can send you by mail.


Can you please tell how to disable the fuction of the menu who stays stuch when i scroll down?

Thanks in advance Thodoris

You have to delete or rename fixed-header.js file from templates\ts_dotcom\js folder.

I did what you told me so the menu not to be fix when i scroll down but it still remain (i rename the fixed-header.js file).The only thing that changes is the colour! Can you please tell me how to disable this fuction? i don’t want the menu to be fixed at top when i scroll down

Thanks in advance Thodoris

Mail me your site URL to

I ready install the demo but after installatiion apear in blank just i can enter to admin panel im wprking with MAMP php 5.4.19

Please make error reporting maximum from global configuration.

Hi. Super template really love it, but i face some difficulties creating content on my site, as i want to show it. Therefore i have to write the content in pure html, and to do that it would be nice to use the bootstrap framework… but but but the normal class definition doesn’t seem to work :-( In normal bootstrap i believe its possible to for example assign a class col-md-6 to a div (or two div’s), and let bootstrap do the rest of the work. Do you know why that doesn’t work???

Gantry framework runs on bootstrap 2.3.2. So, use span6 for two divs.

No need to load booststrap js. Let me know for further assistance.

Thx for your assistance, i was reading docs for boostrap 3.x :-)

One more small question. I need to create stripes in my page ( background color change i fullwith page ) through an article. So that an article has multiple stripes. Are there a way to do this in an article, without loading it in the fullpage container??? ( I don’t want to have multiple modules on each page )

Dear, I’m really sorry that the issue is little confusing to me. Can you please, mail to with some example of the issue.

hello i think there problem with turkish character what i do utf 8 ?

done i send you my friend

like there simple hakk?m?zda normal there hakk1m1zda that problem not ? then auto 1

I answered on email, please continue with email.

Can you please let me know how to change/delete “© 2013 Dotcom – Your Internet Business” from footer? I could not find anything in the footer modules. website

From admin area please go to extensions -> template manager -> open ts_dotcom -> then features tab -> copyright box. Change your text as you want. Regards.

Hello Creator,

I’m having iframe problems. My Menu items are always behind the iframe (youtube videos).

I’ve tried adding some custom javascript to my website: //Fix z-index youtube video embedding $(document).ready(function (){ $(‘iframe’).each(function(){ var url = $(this).attr(“src”); $(this).attr(“src”,url+”?wmode=transparent”); }); });

,but nothing happened.

I also tried to add the extra string ”?wmode=transparent” behind my youtube url, but still, nothing happened.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Mail me your site url to with the issue and where have you paste the javascript code.

Hello, I started to use your template today and I have some problems on the images and menu. The installation file is ts_dotcom_quickstart_j3 (recommended).zip You can see at Can you help me? Federico

Make error reporting maximum from global configuration.

I solved. Thanks

Let me know for further assistance. Thank you very much.

Excuse me … whether “DotCom – Responsive Corporate Joomla Template” compatible with Joomla 3.2.2? thank you

Next week I will update it. You can update Joomla to download update package from here :

Let me know for further assistance

and after that update Roksprocket module from here :