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We have updated to Joomla 3.2.2 and now the module for RokSprocket isn’t working properly and leads you to a blank white page. Is this because I updated to 3.2.2 you think?

Can you please, update the RokSprocket current version 2.0.6 from here :

Thanks, that worked

Let me know for further assistance and please give DotCom a rating if you like it. Thanks.

Hello I want to make a custom HTML module exactly the same with the one you have at the demo site at the the top “Welcome to DotCom. Cool, Responsive and Flexible Template”. i want the grey background and the layout but i want to make it in different possition not in heading. Can you please tell how to do it?

this is the URL i want to make a module the same as the module that is under the slider. Unfortunatelly the site is in greek language.

Dear, you have already a position and you want another module like this on another position. I will prepare a full doc for you with some screenshot. So, please give a mail with a subject to

i sent the email with the subject “Same module position”


First I’ll state that the design is great. I am having a problem changing the logo. I replaced the logo ( at top menu line) with another logo (logo.png). It did not change immediately, but the new logos do appear. The size was not correct and I replaced it. I created a new logo graphic (logo.png), however, the old logo is still showing on the web site. I tried to access with difference browsers and still got the same results. Not sure what the issue is. I tried to clear cache but that did not help. The logo is under the dotcom folder. Please help.

Thanks Joe D.

I already tried to clear cache under admin. I will email you the url. Thanks

I had already tried to clear cache under the admin area. I am sending you an email. Thanks again for your support.



I get the follwing error when I try to open the “Feature Tab” utiliy-a module.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModulesHelper::getActions() in /hermes/bosoraweb021/b1172/nf.itsamazing/public_html/ on line 139

Your help is appriciated, Joe D.

The update worked. Thanks again.

Let me know for further assistance and if you like the template please give it a rate. Best Regards.

I will rate.. great template.

Can I take a same mail ? have got same problem; Turkish character?

I answered on email, please continue with email.

Solved. Just deleted existing fonts from template.less file. Regards.

Good day! Why do I no longer displayed blocks RokSprocket?

Site is not open

What is joomla version and did you update RokSprocket. See the changelog of DotCom version 1.4

Let me know the result.

Excellent site opens. Try again. Recent activities: Posted in finding the components and cleaned K2 and related plugins. And established gallery igniteGallery

I can see your site now. I’m sorry that the next issue is not clear to me now. Can you please provide a screen shot of your problem on

is it multilanguage template?

Best Regards

It is the native feature of Joomla. Please, follow the tutorial :

Let me know for further assistance to

I have successfully activated the multilingual system in joomla 3.0x The problem is that I do not know how to bring up the top menu Italian. In the administration panel template there is only the top menu in English and I would like to create in addition to English in Italian. I do not know what to do it from the admin panel. how do you? I hope you understand my question well.

You missed the step to publish language switcher module.

See the step 8 section from the below tutorial :

and step 6 from here :

Please, don’t double post.

Also answered on mail

is it multilanguage template?

Hi! I want to add the custom icons in menu, I have uploaded my 16×16 icons but I can not find them in menu icon, however I can see them when using menu Image. Thanks.

Please, tell me the path where you put the images. You can mail me to with your site url.

Hi trippleS, thank you for reply, I have started customization in my local machine so that I will later upload the site to the public domain, my local path is “DOTCOM_DIRECTORY\templates\ts_dotcom\images\icons”

Did you check here also clear your joomla cache and browser cache.

Hi trippleS

Look at this web sites;

Template love it. Have applied. Our customers loved it. I only ask that you pull down the colors are changing. We do Not want transparent. You want to have all gray. If you give me an explanation for ways I can change. colors. Where only needs to change. If you say you’ll do simple. Thank you very, very. transparent to olmy. logo to appear to be gray. whether drop.

Answered on mail. Thanks.

Great Joomla Theme

Hi, I would like to add a left side menu in the joomla dotcom template but I can not find the location in the module menu (module manager). Is it possible? how?

Best Regards

Please, go to module manager -> Open new -> Find Menu and published on left side. Here is the Demo

Hi, in the demo that you have shown me the menu is located on the right not in the left. I want it to be published on the left. In the management modules, the “new menu module” there is no place left menu. There is only the position of the menu to the right (sidebar menu).

Best Regards

Oh, sorry.

step 1: Published the menu on sidebar-a position

Step 2: Please, go to template manager -> Find Layouts Tab -> See the settings : Link

Also see the documentation from Module Widths

Hi! i want to buy this beautiful template but i need psd…is it possible to have? thank you very much damiano

Dear, thank you very much for your interest. But unfortunately there is no organized psd of this template that can be customized. Really sorry for that.


Hi, I’m using ts_dotcom template. or put my articles in joomla linked to a menu item in blog Category mode. Everything is working correctly. I wish, however, that in every article you could click on the preview image of the article (in intro image “images and links”) to open the page with the article expanded but now you can just click on article title. How can I do this? I’ve heard of override, but I applied it does not work with the template ts_dotcom. Let me know is very important.

Brest regards

Dear, I want to more clear about the issue. Please, mail me to with some screen shot, what do you need. Hope I will give you a better solution, if it is possible.


I just want to say that this was the first theme i bought from themeforest and by far it has been the best, not only the theme but the support as well. god bless

This is the reward for an author. Thank you very much. Please, let me know If I can be of further assistance. God bless you.


You deserve it, your work is suburb and speaks for itself :)

will do. Thanks again

How can I install only template? Without K2 etc.

OK, thank you! But another question – how can I add font with slovak charactes – ? š ? ? ž ý ?

Just install template only pack + gantry framework.

Or you can install quickstart pack and uninstall K2.

How can I add font with slovak charactes – š ž ý ?

“At first download your fonts from google fonts.” OK, but how?

Its the very basic question, how to download a google font. If you are not able with this provide your font name. I will download it for you and send you to your email address.

In breadcrumb I have “GPS icon” – – why & how can I remove it?

I use template downloaded today. I have there span with class “divider icon-location”.

Mail me your site url to

OK, Thank You very much!

Hello, how can I create second menu – visible only for registered users? Or if possible – only menu items visible only for registered users?

Can you please see the below notes and make a try.

1. ( 7. Create Menu Items )


Please, let me know the result

Yes, thank you. The problem was in CACHE – I must turn it off, because with cache is the menu same for guest and same for logged users). Can I disable caching only for “mainmenu” ?

For menu cache please go to template manager -> menu tab -> here is an option to turn of menu cache.

How can I create external link to image (logo) in Partners module (mod_roksprocket – type: Strips)? With normal link is click-able only the text “read more”, but I need the link to the whole image (logo) without the text “read more”.

Dear, you need to customize rocksprocket module stripes layout. For hints check template html folder -> then rocksprocket folder.

Yes, but there is no “strips” folder to customize php files. I need the default php file to customize. Thank you.

I copied folder “strips” from “com_roksprocket/site/layouts” and it seems to work!