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Could you please update the template to Joomla version 3.3.0?

I tried to install it on a new Joomla installation, but it doesen’t work: it’s loading forever, but never gets to an end.

I checked with Joomla 3.3.0 and gantry framework version 4.1.24. Seems everything works fine.

5 Stars template and support from trippleS. Thank you.

Hi, i would like to buy your template, but i have 1 questions: 1. Is possible to use ROKBOX ?

The template runs on gantry framework, hope rokbox will work perfectly.

Thanks a lot

Good service and support!!!! I recommend.

Thank you for your kinds words. I just saw your rating and good comments but really upset to see your 3 star rating. Can you please change this rating and tell me which part need to improve. Best Regards.

hie, i just bought this Attractive template, but unfortunatly it does not show anything neither for the homepage nor for the adminitrator’s page.

In both case i’have a blank page. And in both case it is // Execute the application. $app->execute(); that doesn’t do nothing

I’m working with wampserver PHP 5.4.12, mysql 5.6.12 and runnung windows 8.

The installation was okay and everythings goes without problem.

If you can help me ?

I’m with wampserver with PHP 5.4.12on windows8

Can you share your site admin access to Please, set display_error maximum from global configuration.

Hi trippleS ! BIG thank`s for update to Joomla 3.3 ! Good work !

Oh, sorry for late. It was small issue, I think already customers update it to joomla 3.3.

Let me know for further assistance.

BTW did you see my latest HTML Template, hope this month will relese Joomla version too.

Thank`s for the reply, trippleS !

This html theme is very nice ! When you done it on Joomla 3.3 I`ll buy it immediately. Maybe you can make this theme on Helix frmw? Gantry frmw is very good but it is hard for many servers.

Hope at the end of this month. I’m using T3 for Dart and will continue with T3 framework :)

It just awesome, easy and light

Client noticed one problem with this template. Links on pictures on homepage below slideshow doesnt work correctly in Chrome. Do you noticed that and maybe have some patch..


Dear, I think you are talking 4 feature on home page (Clients need template). I see there is no link on picture, link works on learn more text. Please, let me know for further assistance.

Hi TrippleS, Just about to buy another of your themes but just want to check that we can have multiple colour variations?



I only wanted to know that it was possible. When we decide on the colours you can guide me through the process. many thanks

Yes, I will guide you but I want to clear your confusion :) I think you have mockup of your changes.

Ok, just mail me with the changes what you want I will guide you with the solution or for small changes I can write the css for you. Regards.

Thanks. Top services as normal

Hi hi !

Maybe a stupid question but how can use module class suffixes to do modules variations we can see on ?

I tried to proceed as it is written : “Enter any available suffixes at Extensions ? Module Manager ? Module ? Module Class Suffix.” but I cannot find “Module Class Suffix”.

Thanks ;)

Please, open any module and find on advance tab. Write the class after one space. See the link.

Let me know for further assistance

Thanks it’s working perfectly :)

Glad it works, let me know for further assistance.

Hi !

I saw on > “Default buttons” that there is plenty of different buttons but all the buttons I see are the same (same color, same effects) Plus when I try different type of buttons “btn btn-primary” or “btn” It makes exaclty the same thing : for exemple it is suppose to be a gray button for “btn” and “provides extra visual weight” for”btn btn-primary” but I can’t see any difference.

So my question is: how can apply different effects and color on buttons ?

Thanks ;)

If you like this template please give it a rate and thanks in advance.

Thank you very very much :)

Hi dear trippleS !

I have two question about SEO :

- Is there any influence on SEO when using modules positions (mainbody more important than mainbottom for exemple) of your template ? - Is there any consequences when using only modules to build the homepage instead of writing “directly” into the page ?

I hope I’m clear enough ;)

Thanks !

Just re-check the tutorial :

Link One

Link TWO

Link Three

There is no problem or benefit with module positions :)

Thank you for your answer all these informations :)

Hi TrippleS !

I’m creating my footer but I have un problem with the position: Indeed, I created some custom HTLM modules to create my differents footer parts and have chosen footer positions (footer-a, footer-b, footer-c etc.) but my modules don’t appear in the footer but at the bottom of my website.

May you help me with that please ? :)

Thanks ! I solved the problem but I still have an issue with the color. It should be #3e3e40 but it’s white.

I just sent you an email.

Answered via mail

Thanks ;)

Hi trippleS! :) I find some problem in mobile layout. See screenshot please

as you can see in mobile layout not display very impotant information, for example Phone and Mail, search and social icon.

Tell me please how can i set this informations visible in mobile layout ?

Please forgive me for the delay in replying. :) Sent access to e-mail .

Done, please check now and let me know the result.

That`s all that i need! Thank you very much!

Hi again TrippleS, but i am waiting for my answer about: HOW TO MAKE RESPONSIVE MY LOGO, because in mobile it show cutted. please check, i will wait for you reply at my personal email. already sent to you my question.

Dear, I’m extremely sorry for late. There is internet connection problem in my area. I will fixed it soon.

Dear, I’m extremely sorry for late. There is internet connection problem in my area. I will fixed it soon.

We just bought this template yesterday and support has been excellent. We are very pleased with our purchase. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your kind words. Let me know for further assistance.

If possible please give it a rating from Download section, it will be highly helpful for us.

Hi! I really like to try this template but I have a question. I have to translate the site with falang, is it possibile to translate the roksprocket tag with this tools? I’ve just tried with another similar template but roksprocket mosaic module doesn’t see output translated tag.


From Roksprocket 2.1.6 its supports Joomla Article Tag. I think Joomla article Tag can be translatable. I didn’t use Falang before.

is theme compatible with joomla 3.4?

Yes, Dotcom is fully compatible with Joomla 3.4.1. After quickstart install you need to install the 3.4.1 update package or I can do it for you.

Now its compatible with Joomla 3.4.1, we updated it yesterday.

i can’t see at mobile browser. That page redirect in other page

For mobile you just need to delete the demo bar. Here is the link :

Sorry, I can’t understand.

Hello, How can i edit the logo size? I can find it in template manager and in css-complied folder but it have many file .css in there.

Please, create ts_dotcom-custom.css file to templates/ts_dotcom/css folder and write your custom css. I told about it on documentation. Let me know for further assistance.