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looks great, welcome to TF! :)


Very impressive! I had know idea there was such a framework out there! Competes with Catalyst Theme in my mind. Wow!

Thank you for your kind words. Our framework is really one of the most feature rich themes on the market.

Very impressive theme! May you get what you deserve.

Reading the comment of thejapanobserver, I’m curious: Catalyst does responsive layouts. Does this framework / theme allow that? If not, are there any plans to add such support?

The theme is not responsive. Although there is a responsive.css file in the theme package (not linked by default) that resizes images and changes the layout on smaller screens. We plan to add a full responsive support in the future.

Agree with thejapanobserver….WOW!

Is there a future update for unlimited color backgrounds for differnet areas of the site? header, body and footer? Nice theme

Dottoro Studio is a basic version of the Dottoro Theme. It supports all features of the Dottoro Theme except the Theme Editor (Visual Editor) and the Custom Web Fonts features. The Visual Editor allows you to design your site in real time, not only the background color of the header, body and the footer, but also every detail of your website. See feature comparison for details.

I like the color scheme in the third skin, great job!

Thank you.

I wish it were responsive. Would have purchased it.

Just wanted to stop in and say I think your theme is gorgeous, one of the best I have seen here. It will be my next Wordpress Theme I purchase for sure!!!!!!

Thanks for your comment. This kind of feedback is what motivates us to work hard.

Hi Dottoro I am interested in your theme but on the demo here, there is no h1 tag showing on any of the pages and no h2 on the home page either. This is not good for SEO . Can you provide guidance on how i can change the core code to always have an h1 and an h2 pages. Thanks in advance. Gailstorm

Hi Gailstorm,

The home pages in the demo are totally custom pages, they use the ‘Default Template’ that provides you full control over the contents of the page. The other pages of the demo display the page title in the subheader (the subheader is located between the header and the content). The theme provides an extremely flexible support for creating subheaders. You have the ability to create custom subheaders for each page, but you can also choose from predefined subheaders. The contents of custom subheaders can be edited the same way as the contents of your pages and posts, you can also use shortcodes in them.

For further details, please check out our video tutorials on Front page customization and Subheaders and our detailed theme documentation.

Note that the videos and the documentation is about the Dottoro theme not the Dottoro Studio theme, but the two themes are very similar. See Feature comparison for details.

Hi Dottoro

Great theme, just installed it and am going through your tutorial videos and documentation. One item has me confused, I am not able to select between the 3 skins that comes with the “studio” version. I am in Theme Options>Skins and all i see is a “save changes” button and this text “Select the skin you want to use: ”. Any ideas? I see via FTP the skins folder is in place and populated.

Using: WP 3 .3.2 Trying Admin in Mozilla 12.0 & IE 9 .0

Hi, this works for me, so I need more information about how to reproduce the problem. If you don’t mind, please open a thread in our support forum. That way we can better address this issue. Thank you.

Thanks for the fast reply, I just started a thread (3 duplicate threads actually :(

Wanted anyone reading these comments in the future to know that my issue was resolved, Dottoro went over and beyond the call of duty to fix this small item. I’ve purchased quite a few templates here at theme forest and by far this is the best support I have received.

quick question. On the homepage recent works and recent posts appear in boxes. How can I edit the title of those to recent events or whatever? Thanks

The recent works and recent posts are displayed within a [tabset] shortcode on the homepage. Just change the text in the [tab_label] shortcode and you are done.

For further details, please see this demo page and the theme documentation on tabset.

The recent works and recent posts are displayed within a [tabset] shortcode on the homepage. Just change the text in the [tab_label] shortcode and you are done.

For further details, please see this demo page and the theme documentation on tabset.


I have just bought this fabulous theme and it seems that category selection in the [post_list] short tag does not filter categories.

Despite the fact that I have entered ‘categories’ and ‘category_include’ attributes (as noted in the dottoro_studio_theme_and_doc/theme_documentation.htm#shortcodes_post_list) all posts from all categories are presented on a page and without any filtering by category whatsoever.

This is the short code that I’m using:

[post_list categories=”Nameofmycategory” categories_include=”include” datas_to_show=”title, preview” posts_per_page=”30” columns_num=”1” excerpt_length=”5000” thumbnail_width=”200” thumbnail_height=”60” thumbnail_align=”left_float”]

Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Did I missed something?



Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed your comment. No, you didn’t miss anything. Could you please open a thread in our support forum. That way we can better address this issue. Thank you.

Just purchased the full version of this theme, and all I can say is “wow.” This is the most exquisite, well-thought out themes I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful in every way. Kudos to you, and I hope sales go well. The framework is a game-changer; the theme editor is amazing.


Dear Friend,

This appeared the following message at the top of my site:. List_icon-none-auto. List_item_holder: before {} k rel = “alternate” type = “application / rss + xml” title = “Feed Plantuc ’” href = “http :/ / / feed ”/>

My site is

Do not know what I activated or deactivated. Ma would you help with this, give a light market.



please download the latest version (1.3) of Dottoro Studio, it will solve your problem. If you need further information, please open a thread in our support forum. That way we can better address this issue. Thank you.


thanks, your teme is the best

Hi. Congratulations fot this extensive great work. I have a big problem with it, mostly my work shoul have multilanguage suport and i use qtranslate. The thing is the categories in the theme doesn’t seem to accept the multilanguaage, while the taxonomies do. that means that all the content works in mutilanguage but when trying to acced through a category link in a widget or in “read more” just shows the main language post, portfolio..what ever.

Can you thing in a solution?, or maybe there is and i didn’t find it i notice this problem once the theme has been aproved by the client, so mostly of the work is done, and as you may imagine, going back to the ckient and tell them that we should change theme is not a nice idea.

see you.


I think, I found what causes the problem. The qtranslate plugin does not support custom post types, that’s why the URLs of news and portfolio posts, categories and tags point to the english version of these pages. I can give you a solution, but could you please post your question at our support forum so I can better assist you. Thank you.

Hi! Can I upload my own background image(s) for various sections, and call them out in Editor by editing the style sheet? Just want to make sure i am not limited to the three skins – thanks! Same idea with fonts -can I use Google api, import, use google fonts if I am a small bit handy with code? Thanks again! :)

One more question: is this all good with WP version 3.4? Very important to me.. thanks! :)

Hi, I think Dottoro theme is better suits your needs than Dottoro Studio. Dottoro Studio is a basic version of the Dottoro Theme. Dottoro Theme features a Theme Editor (Visual Editor) that allows you to design all sections of your site, not only the background but also every detail of your website. In addition, you can choose form several Google Fonts in the Theme Editor, so you don’t need to worry about coding. Please see feature comparison for details.

But I don’t need a domain, I don’t need hosting and I prefer to do some of my own custom css, so is it possible in Studio version? Thank you for the reply, but I had already seen the other option, Dottoro, and it is not what I need. Can I create custom css as I do with my other six WP sites? With our without child theme? Many thanks :)

The theme has four stylesheet files, a styles.css and three CSS files for skins. Since the WordPress Editor only allows you to edit the style.css file, you cannot edit the skin files in the Editor.

If you want to customize the look of the theme, it is highly recommended to use a child theme. You can override any style (such as background) in the style.css file of a child theme.

There is a Header Includes option in the theme that allows you to add custom HTML code so you have the possibility to use Google API .

Studio is compatible with WP 3 .4.

Thank you! That information helps :)