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Amazing work man! You must win :D

Thanks Mocarg, Glad you like it :)

This looks like a winner indeed!

edit: never mind found it.

Thanks Bluz :) , just updated the description with the font name, it’s Harabara

WOW . This is very awesome looking. So professional, clean, elegant and perfect. So many options too! ;) ;) (double wink)

Thanks WPExplorer, glad you like it ;) ;)


Looking to buy this but I was wondering how easy it is to set up with MailChimp?

Hi Leehughes,
Thanks for your interest in Double Wink, it’s very easy to use it and edit it in Mailchimp [you will have to insert any required formulas (like forward to a friend and view online) by yourself from the visual editor] and in order to be able to edit it in Mailchimp you need one line of code, go ahead purchase it and email me via my profile page and will guide you through the process.
Good Luck :)


Very good design. Thanks.

But, when i pass the html page into spam filter SpamAssassin, my mailing is marked as spam because of font size with size value 0 or 1.

“You can improve your email content and subject to minimize the chance of getting filtered by spam filters if you change this :” 0.4 BODY : Message only has text/html MIME parts 2.6 RAW : body contains 1 or 0-point font

It is possible to keep this design with higher value ?

What is the purpose of font size with size 1 ?


Hi zzzap,
Thanks for purchasing Double Wink Newsletter, the font with value 1px is for layout purposes (like border cell or to ensure empty cells don’t exceed the defined width or height.. so on) just to ensure old email clients won’t break the border cell so i set font to low value while there is no text content affected by that 1px value, this could be problem if there is text content under such low value, but since there is no text affected should pass the spam check, so i think real email programs won’t flag the newsletter as spam.
In case you want to remove that 1px font value just make fast search in HTML for font-size: 1px and delete all results, the layout should still work fine in major email clients but not sure about the old one.
In case you need any additional help feel free to contact me through the contact form in my profile.
Good Luck :)

I remove all font-size: 1px and it seems to work nice in most email clients. Thanks for you support.

Hai, The design it’s amazing, I have just one issue, the background doesn’t work on hotmail/live. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Hi doumeki,
Thanks for purchasing Double wink newsletter, the newsletter background color works 100% in hotmail, are you sure you didn’t remove any style elements ? Please email me gifkytest [at] copy of the newsletter and will I’ll check what’s wrong.