Doubletake Ajax HTML5 Portfolio Business Template

Doubletake Ajax HTML5 Portfolio Business Template

The pixelentity team is proud to bring you the “Doubletake” template. Doubletake is an elegant modern and speedy Ajax template designed with business and creative people in mind. Amongst other things, Doubletake sports an innovative full page side-to-side scrolling navigation effect, which will make your visitor’s user experience remarkable. With over 9000 lines of custom written javascript and a slew of cutting edge features, the Doubletake template is bursting with potential for your new project. Read on for the juicy details.

At the Doubletake template’s core is a custom Javascript scroller component featuring on demand slide loading, runtime resizing, single slide jumping and the whole component is cross browser compatible even taking advantage of hardware acceleration on Apple’s iDevices. Doubletake will keep you abreast with the latest technologies as it makes extensive use of HTML5 features such as the Videos/Canvas element, History and Storage, as well as catering for the past by nicely degrading via built-in fallbacks for older browsers (IE8+).

Doubletake uses CSS sprites, deferred script loading, heavy compression and a host of other advanced techniques to make the site load extremely fast.

From a technical point of view Doubletake employs unobtrusive background loading to fetch new page content so the user never experiences a full page reload, all code and styles are only parsed once, upon entering the site, which dramatically reduces browser rendering times and server requests. All of this results in very snappy page navigation when compared to traditional websites.

The Doubletake template has been developed with SEO in mind. Despite being Ajaxified to the max, Doubletake is fully optimized to keep Google happy.


Video support
  • Lightbox and Inline playback
  • Youtube / Vimeo using respective iframe APIs
  • and Local videos via local video player using native browser support and flash fallback
  • iDevices compatible

  • Background loading for pages
  • HTML5 History support for deeplinking, bookmarks and browser back button

  • Crossbrowser Ken Burns effect slider (Estro rendering engine*)
  • HTML5 Canvas visual effect
  • Lazy loading
  • Canvas fallbacks to a simple cross fade effect for old browsers lacking canvas support (IE7,8)

Scroller Component
  • On demand pages/content background loading
  • Hardware accelerated on iDevices
  • One slide jump regardless the position or direction
  • Queue loader for custom jquery plugin

  • Twitter/Flickr with client cached result (HTML5 Storage)
  • Contact form with inline validation and Ajax background submit
  • Newsletter signup footer form
  • Twitter/Facebook sharing buttons
  • Tabs
  • Accordion

  • Keyword based filtering
  • Masonary plugin

  • 16 ready to be used layouts

Browser Support
  • iOS4+ (tested on iPhone & iPad)
  • Android tested
  • All modern Browsers
  • IE8

  • Comprehensive browser based documentation
  • Reliable Support provided through our own Support forums


Design & Development of Doubletake by Pixelentity.

Notes: * Estro: only rendering engine included, no skins, can only be used in conjuction with Doubletake.

Tested on Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Honeycomb. Please note that because of the shear number of Android devices and OS versions out there, we cannot guarantee compatibility for all Android devices.

All content featured in the template preview is not owned or produced by pixelentity and is used for demonstration purposes only. For this reason none of this content is permitted in the download package. The download package will contain the same layout as this demo but will use dummy image content.