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Bravo! really nice 404 pages :)

Merci beaucoup! Thanks :-)

Great 404 item, Good Luck ;)

Thanks ;-)

Great item. GLWS ;)

Thank you ;-)

Great Template, Best of Luck :)

Thanks :-)

Congrats ! Brilliant work GLWS :)

Thank you :-)

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My 404 page http://glenweb.services/apache2/404/ does not load the text when you refresh the page or visit the page again right after. The text fails to load. It will show up the first time, but after it shows up if you refresh or visit the page again it will fail to show unless you visit in a really long time.

Why is this? How can this be fixed?

I resolved the problem, it was a Caching issue with Cloudflare. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you.

I will notify you if I have any other problems related specifically to the theme.

Alright, no problem mate ;-)


I’m really in fond of your error’s pages. But, as I develop some projects with PHP, do you have any advices how I can send error message from the web server through the content of the templates? Thank you for your support and have a nice day! STEPHANE

Bonjour Stéphane, je suppose que vous êtes français ;-)

Vous souhaitez rediriger automatiquement les gens vers la page 404 lorsque l’URL n’est pas trouvée c’est bien cela ?


Can I have your email to discuss customization


Please contact me via my profile page at the bottom right : http://themeforest.net/user/madeon08


Can I use this 404 page to insert in the content of my html site? so that it shows header and footer of my site? thanks!


Yes you can, this is a simple html template with html/css/js code, nothing more, so, you can integrate it wherever you want ;-)



can I install the theme in my magento shop?

The head and the footer in the shop should stay like they are.

shop url www.mays-berlin.com

Best wishes mays


I know how to do this with Prestashop but not with magento.

Maybe an answer here : http://inchoo.net/magento/enhance-magento-404-page/


Hey Madeon,

could you please tell me which files I exactly need to get the 404 page running as in the template (with the bridge to nowhere)?

I think it is

index-image.html vegas.css style-image.css vegas.js main-image.js


Do I need more files to get it running?

Bets wishes mays

Exact, you need these files

Is your 404 page template a plugin or a 404.php file?

404 HTML template, you buy what you see, except the pictures not provided :-)

So I simply upload your 404 page to the template folder. Correct? I modify it in an html editor?

Exactly :-)


I was wondering if there was a way to implement the 404 pages within the site. From the demos, it seems the 404 page loads as a separate page entirely.

How do I make it that when the page loads, it loads as a ‘page’ within the site so you can still see the site header and footer etc?



The best way to do this is to take the very short html code used to display the 404 message and import the CSS and JS files in your website.


Hello, i just unzipped the files and see only wordpress files. Is this a WP-Template? Regards Noly

Hello Noly,

Thanks very much for choosing DOZ :-)

DOZ is simple HTML template and not a Wordpress plugin.

If I can do anything else for you, let me know ;-)

Best regards

WOW…that was a quick response. :) My fault…i was looking in the wrong folder. Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

Regards Noly

No problem! :-)

Have a nice day too!

Hi I bought your 404 template package some time ago. Will this work on a Wordpress website please? Also, if I pay you are you able to install it for me via FTP please? I am not a coder.. Many thanks

Hello Noly,

Thanks very much for choosing DOZ :-)

DOZ is simple HTML template so I guess we can use it with your Wordpress website.

I can do it for you yes, get in touch with me through the contact form on my profile page for more information ;-)

Best regards

Why does it claim to be fully responsive? It isn’t , it doesn’t even fit my screen resolution 2560×1440? These days 1920×1080 monitors are rare so it seems weird it only supports <=1920×1080


Are you sure? Because I can confirm you that DOZ is 100% responsive, can you upload a screenshot to show me what you get on your side?

Best regards

Here’s a pic of what I see https://i.imgur.com/bG9JQuA.jpg , the 404 page doesn’t fill and there’s a big border around the page ?


The border you see is a CSS one, added for the design with :

border: 30px solid #1e212a

You can of course remove it ;-)

And I confirm, the HTML template is fully responsive.

Best regards