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The sidebar tab for this theme on the top right side of the page is hidden by the Wordpress header that displays when a user is logged in. Do you have a fix for this?

Also want to add that this plugin is causing duplicate Zilla likes on the post template. How to get rid of the one below my shortlink? See image below: https://docs.google.com/a/trredskies.com/file/d/0B0ZRrKdG0vISSDFMQ08zZkE2Z28/edit?usp=drivesdk

There’s also no “meta box” when adding a new Image type post to the blog. If I add an Image type post, the theme doesn’t pick it up unless I also set a preview image for the post. This should automatically pick up images from an Image type but it isn’t. Where is this “meta box” mentioned in the documentation?

No fix—it will be displayed correctly for users who aren’t logged in. You can just uncheck automatic Likes adding to Posts in the ZillaLikes settings. An image will require a post thumbnail.

I bought your theme, and then add my website. However, looks different..I don’t know why it’s different between both. I send my blog which is testing, could you explain why it’s happen, please.


The demo site is down (error 503).

Hi, PixelBin. This is a gorgeous theme, and I’ve had a lot of fun writing up my posts and watching the stacking and thumbnail magic happen. I’m currently trying to add forms for MailChimp to show up at the end of each post. I found a bit of code to help with that, but it uses the $content tag, and apparently in video and audio posts the “content” is the audio first and then the post text following it (or video in the case of a video post), so the form is showing up twice, as in this post: http://zacharydillon.net/hypercubes/

Is there a way to make it show up only once and just at the bottom?

Thanks for your help! Again, this is a fantastic theme.

Is this item still supported, or is it a mistake that it says that?

In the last three weeks, after some trial and error, I finally learned enough to do this myself. In case anyone else has this issue, in order to have my MailChimp for WordPress signup form appear at the end of every post (and not double up after the video or audio AND the text), I pasted this:

<?php mc4wp_form( XX ); ?>

where the XX is replaced with my MailChimp form number, of course, into my single.php (single post) before the footer, marked by this:

<?php get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘post-footer’ ); ?>

To add a bit of space between the end of the post and the form, I used the line break tag, which is “br” between < and >. (I can’t write it here as it should appear because it will disappear and actually create a line break)

So now with the form, a post looks like this: http://zacharydillon.net/hypercubes/


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Hello there! Theme is great for now but I have two issues regarding homepage: 1. I want to make 2 columns instead of 3. Is there any possibility of doing this “the easy way”? 2. What I want to achieve is to make columns more “functional”. For example: Category “A” should be shown only in column 1 and Category “B” should be shown only in column 2. How can I do that?

I’ve tried to edit some css and post-grid.php but without success. Thanks in advance for reply!

Hi, PixelBin. Draft is an awesome theme. Thank you for that. I have a quick question regarding spacing. The spacing between an embedded Bandcamp player and the title of the post is strangely large. You can see what I mean here, with the post “Spiraling”: http://zacharydillon.net/

Any ideas on how to make the spacing appear like the other posts? I tried changing the size of the embedded player, and that works, but it also cuts the player down so the info is partially or completely cut off.

Hello @PixelBin, Im interested in your theme but I want to know if I buy the theme you can help me to convert the theme in 2 column instead of 3 column?. Regards,