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Amazing template, absolutely recommended.

Good luck with sales, gan

Okay, thank’s for your #SMANGART gan …

Great item , good luck with sales .

Okay, thanks :D

Nice landing page! Contact form? It must have a contact form, let me know when you added a working contact form with a section for address, tel and fax number for a business that I buy it. Thanks.

okay i’ll complete with the contact form with a section for address, tel and fax number for a business :D

Thanks. I know it’s menu uses bootstrap but it would be nice to add a “TOP” button at every section to go to top of the page when clicked. Now you have to scroll manually to get to top of the page if you don’t use the menu.

Is it possible to add a “TOP” button to each section please?

Okay, this template now completed with contact form with AJAX and send direct to your email.

contact form needed

okay, I will fix the problem soon ….

Okay, this template now completed with contact form with AJAX and send direct to your email

How do I create my own icons that are in the ” Slider Content ” for example ” icon-white icon-pencil ” I only see them called out in css .. I dont see them hosted anywhere? Any suggestions ?

Icon is built-in from the Twitter Bootstrap, you can see the details here

But if you want to make your own icon, you must define the icon in CSS file first …..


The Wordpress version of Dragness is completed and you can purchase it here.

Thank’s SpyroPress …

Hi, I have just bought your template, which is great. However, I uploading it to my server, but it doesn’t showing anything once its uploaded. Is the css index file the problem because its a html format not style.css ?

We are sorry that you buy only HTML/CSS template version if you want the wordpress version you can buy this

No its fine, if its the html template. I bought another html template from a different source and it worked great. The matter is once I upload to my server it doesn’t show up. Also when I open the css file in notepad plus or Dreamweaver. It shows <title>Error 403 : Directory access forbidden</title>

Error 403 : Directory access forbidden

For css you can open css/layout.css file.

Hello Guys,

HTML version is available now @

WordPress version will be soon available but we need to know how many you are interested in wordpress version.

Thanks -Spyropress

Can’t get the form to work with this. I set the form action to contact.php and changed in contact.php to send to my email address ($my_email = “”; // Your email address) but nothing happens. The index.html just reloads.

Can you help please?

Hi fatherb,

What is your site URL? I want to check it directly.


Hi – it’s the top form on this page.

Success / Error Alert messages don’t show. The page reloads – no email is sent.

Thanks for looking.

Hi fatherb,

Do you mean the form at the top (Enter your email address to be Notified when we go live)?

We are sorry it is beyond the scope of our support, because it is made ??in your own.


Hi – is there a wordpress version of this template available? The links go to an error page.


I’m so sorry for wordpress version is no longer available now.


Can I ask WHY there isn’t the Wordpress theme available anymore? I would have bought it if it was available…

Hi there,

We are sorry for the current version of wordpress and still do an update file will be available in the near future.


Hello, I just purchased this template and I love it. The only issue i’m having is, not understanding, what controls the active state for the main navigation. For instance, when I click on features (on the primary nav), the page scrolls down to the feature section, however, the navigation link doesn’t appear to be in an active state (with the blue color). I would like the links to change blue once they scroll to specific sections. I hope that makes sense. What would be the best way to handle this – any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Also, the icons you have used on the Feature section, is that copyrighted to you, someone else or is there a way to purchase that? Same with the prettyphoto lightbox in use in this template, am I licensed to use that since I purchased this template – I would appreciate your response.


Thank you.

Hi Forest-Media,

Maybe your element tag ID for each section so it causing inaccurate active state in your navigation link template.

For the icons is a free icon, you can see the detail here,


Hello, Is there a way to reuse the primary nav (scrolling nav) such that, the scrolling begins from the center of the page, as opposed to the top? What changes would I have to make to achieve that.

Also, what is the purpose of the <body data-spy=”scroll” data-offset=”80”>?

Thanks. FM



You can explain in more detail about this? “Is there a way to reuse the primary nav (scrolling nav) such that, the scrolling begins from the center of the page, as opposed to the top?”

The purpose of ”<body data-spy=”scroll” data-offset=”80”>” is to make that the whole page can be detected by scrollspy. And the data-offset=”80” tag has function to determine the offset data of the scrollpy. You can see the details here


Is there any option to make the home page slider moving automatically, like most other themes, it keeps stand still. if the customers want to see the highlighted item they need to click the Link, only then the image changes.

Hi there,

Of course it can be done by changing the slider setting, than the images in the slider will automatically move.


Hi, where do you adjust the center of all site content? also logo its distorced…it looks theres a setting somewhere wich increases the site original images size….please help us out to sort this matter. Thanks

Hi there,

Could you write your site URL here? I will check it directly.


where can we adjust the width of the template?

Hi there,

The template has a fixed width size, so if you change the width, the layout elements of the website will be irregular.