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How is this version different from the magento version with the obvious exception.

Is it still built on top of bootstrap, has the same underlying responsive CSS framework as magento version?

I will be using this to theme another eCommerce .net based software.


Thank you for your comment. I changed few things to improve the template and serve the purpose more. No it isnt built on bootstrap. And it has no connection with Magento version.

awesome work buddy! Good luck with sales :D

thank you jogjafile

Great theme! Good luck :)

Hey mate Nice work!!! Good luck with sales!!! :)

thanks bro!

opencart theme?

soon :) a month or so.

great! can’t wait

I just purchased this theme. I tried uploading this on wordpress and it will not upload. I am new to this. Please help me.

I am sorry to inform its a HTML template , and I hope you understand its not my fault :) Please check it out : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ro5y3vc8swmoeh2/Dramming-html.png

Its ok, I understand. Im really new to all of this, so I didnt know. Im assuming that I can’t use html themes to upload onto wordpress?

No, wordpress themes are different. Its wordpress theme will come however in near future.

Hi! Is it possible to change the background of this theme? Kan it be used with woocommerce and BuddyPress? Thanks;

Background can be changed if you know a bit of html/css. no , doesnt work with woocommerce yet. Its just html.

I want to use this template with Opencart 1.5.x. Does it work with it ?

Please let me know , if yes i will purchase the template

Hi Rakesh, Thank you for your interest but its just html at this time. will not work with opencart.

Very nice template! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes !

I want to use this template with 3dcart. Does it work with it ? Please let me know , if yes i will purchase the template

No , it doesnt , its just html at this time.

It is great template :) I will buy soon, waiting for my customer. Is it possible the make listed products with little horizontal with css ? I now how to effect but I am afraiding abaut the design after making horizontal.

If you know enough css , you can change it easily as desired using developer tools like firebug.

I forgot to write ; The slider images are not rolling. Are they static ? Thanks

Slider images are made to change on click of navigation bullets on bottom.

Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the item, but wordpress tells me that its missing the stylesheet. Do you have the file and which directory should I save it in?

Unfortunately , its not a wordpress theme , its a HTML as stated in item description, category, cover image, item attributes etc.

Does this work on windows? It seems to crash whenever I try to scroll, click on something, etc. Is it the .htaccess file?

Yes, I created tested it from scratch on a windows system. There must be some other problem. Do you face same problem on my demo url too ? Please message me from profile page I will be able to help better there.

The demo works fine; I’ll check things again at the host.

Maybe im asking the most stupid question ever if thats so im sorry, but could you tell me wat kind of ecommerce program i need to use to get the site up and running.

With kind regards,


Hi Emilio, Its not compatible with any ecommerce program yet. Its just a html template.

does this work for iWeb? and which cart can i use?

Hey, Thanks for your interest , but its only html at this time.

Thank you for your work. That’s great, I could use for a restaurant. Thank you again for your time.

Bye. Nickola

Hi Nickola,

Glad that you liked it :)

how do i remove the javascript and your facebook app link without breaking the site? I’m trying to add jquery UI and it conflicts and breaks. What is the minimum js we need for mobile and responsive design?

The facebook app you are pointing is just html , its not a real fb app. You can replace that block in html with real FB app code. For javascript stuff , please remove head.js call in the header , and in the footer there are 3 javascript files are being called, you can call them manually like we include normal js files. Then you can include your own JS too.

thanks. The site fails without the head.js, so I just left it there and removed the footer code. Otherwise there is always a banner that says “um… please enable javascript” orsomething like that. Thanks again for all of your help.