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Nice work!

The illustration looks great. Good job =)

very nice and clean

I could code this for you for free, I am about done with my current job. This would only take a day at max too. :) Email me, kr3wsk8r231[at]gmail.com

Nice illustrations

Thank you guys :).

Really nice illustrations, you should code this one ;)

Lovely idea – wouldn’t mind seeing more thought put into this; ie: generic content page, blog page, contact form, alternate style (nighttime?), etc. and eventually a full HTML /CSS. Great work :)

Thank you again :).

Yes, I will create more designs with the same style, but off course, I’m not clone this one to another :).

My new design is available :),

island vacation

(if the html code not working here’s the link: http://themeforest.net/item/island-vacation-design/42809 )