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Awesome work man. Good luck!

The PSD for the header does not have a separate layer for the logo. Neither does the main PSD . So this package is incomplete, because you cant change the logo without screwing up the header.

Please fix this.


Also, in the main page .psd, the green grass layer is completely missing. The background layer is brown instead.

Pls fix this.


To edit the logo you need to open the main PSD (psd\drawn_landscape_design.psd) and search the logo group. It’s in the header group. If you edited the logo put the image in the headbg psd and position it to the right place (the method: give it 50% transparency, than place it above the original one).

I’m looking the design in Photoshop CS2 and the grass background is ok for me. It’s a brown shape with gradient. If you use older Photoshop version it may cause this.

I understand the Adobe issue. Like a lot of designers, I use GIMP , and this is the first time I’ve seen a problem with non-text in opening a .psd. A lot of other designers haven’t upgraded to the newest version of Adobe.

For folks like us, please take the suggestion below:

Since 100% of people who buy your template have to change the logo to use it, it would make much more sense to have the logo as a separate layer in the file psd\headbg_psdsource.psd.

I am in the process of editing it out now, and it is quite troublesome.

Your template is an awesome design, but you need to think about usability by your buyers too.

Thanks for you work!

Also, you should leave the guides in.

Yes, that’s not optimal, but usable solution. I will submit the new file tomorrow and I hope a moderator or admin can change it soon:).

The files updated! The logo now can be edited in headbg_psdsource.psd and I replaced the brown bg to the green gradient without blending, now you will see the gradient in gimp too!

Original, creative, inspirational, makes me ‘feel’ something…you are a fantastic designer. I wish I could draw like that ):


PS Live preview aint working.

Thank you :), the live preview working for me!

Merci, très beau !

Awesome Illustrations. But more appealing typography will make me to buy.

You can edit easily the text style :). Just search the name of the div in the CSS file and change the text settings.

oh my this is so lovely – purchased to use as my classroom website but I am so so not able to do it – I know basic html – basic photoshop – but layers ??? I ave tried to change the title – to change the button labels and I cannot do it – I love your work so much – but you are light years beyond me – I am sorry about this. I just wanred a simple site that I can update easily once it has been created. And after so much searching I thought I found it – instead I thnk I just lost 10.00.

I’m sorry to hear that, but I think I can tell you some beginner tips to help you out with this. To change the text layers in Photoshop just use the type tool, not worry about the layers, search the text you want to change, click on it with the tool and write the text. You can save the image after that, just open the image you want to change, use the rectangual marquee tool on the image you just changed, select any size you want, and use copy merged on that selection (Shift + CTRL +V compination on keyboard) and paste on the image you want to change. Click on the move tool and position the element to the right place. You can see the progress if you use 50% blend, just right click on the new layer (there wil be two, so that will be easy :) ), blending options, and search the oppacity text in the right. Take it to 50% and after the position done, take it back to 100. If you want to change the html code, just use Dreamweaver CS3 or newer html editor, you can use a design view and you can change the text easily! Please tell me if this helped you out :).

ok have the buttons working but I hace tried everything to change the banner title to say Mrs. Mac’s Class but i cannot get your title to leave. Any suggestions. Thanks :)

Hi, To change the logo just open the PSD you found in the package and rewrite the logo there. After this open this file from the images folder: headbg.jpg, select the new logo from the psd with the rectangular tool and place it in the headbg.jpg and ssave it. I hope this wil help you out :).

thank you – I will try this today… you are very helpful :)

sa marche bien! It worked horray!!!! thank you so much – I appreciate it – your help is great! Lori

Ok :), good luck with your site!

I was considering buying it, but your demo sites domain looks like its dead and being sold..

Hi, Unfortunelly yes, but I’ll put my demo sites up in the future.

The demo is available again, please take a look :).


the HTML code is very redundant , semantics is terrible too – in 2012 HTML must be different than in 2000.

Subpage Title — This is what you want, but not the title. And so on…