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thank you :)

Nice work! Really like the hover event on the images. GLWS!

thank you :)

I would really like to buy this, but I’ve discovered a bug. If you fix it, I will buy immediately. Bug is in the “Our work” section. To see the bug do this: Go to “Our work” section, click second item (to see details). Go to “Category 1”, then go to “Category 2”. You should see the bug now.

I attached an image on which you can see how the bug looks like:

Great job on fixing 2nd bug bierx. 1st one that I reported is still happening to me. Also I discovered 3rd one. I think it is a bug, maybe you did it on purpose, but let me show you: 1. Go to “Our work” section. 2. Look closely to the distance between elements of category and next section start (black field which is a part of the next section “Who we are”). 3. Switch to another category and pay attention to the switch. 4. Can you see that this next black section is getting closer to the elements of portfolio, DURING the switch? I don’t think it should be that way, but let me know bierx. It doesn’t look too good, because elements of each category are same height I think, so this “animation” looks weird and useless. As always I include two pictures to illustrate what I mean: First picture is taken while switching to another category – Second picture is taken after the switch: Let me know what you think bierx. Greetings

fixed. for the first problem please clear your browser histroy

Great job on fixing 2nd and 3rd bug, but still 1st one is active. Tried clearing all browser data on 2 browsers (Firefox and IE). To see the bug do the following: Press “Our work” section on the menu. Choose 2nd element (looks like rainbow curves graphic) to see the details. Now switch the category to Category 1. Then switch the category to Category 2. There it is. I wonder if it’s only me but I’m receiving such bug: And bierx I really hope you are not mad at me for pointing these out. I just want to buy this product really much, so I want it to be even better if it can.

You’re parallax is well implemented. You will appeal well to people looking for it. GL

Great job, but there is a bug, when I scroll up/down the active menu changes correctly, but once an element is clicked the active menu doesn’t change even when I scroll up/down

thank you! fixed bug

Wow! Creative work! Congrats!

thank you :)

Great job !! five stars design.

thank you :)

It is five stars design, but this bug in portfolio is killing me. Bierx, is it possible to fix it? Or am I the only one experiencing the problem? “Our work” section, activate one element (2nd or 3rd for example), change the category to Category 1, then change the category to Category 2. Bug is because page doesn’t know that next section should be lower in this moment, details of the activated element are overlapping with the next section…

so should look like navigation code: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function() { $(’#nav’).onePageNav(); }); </script>

please add to main.css in tehe navigation section this code :

cbp-af-header.cbp-af-header-shrink h1 { transform: scale(0.8); -webkit-transform: scale(0.8); -moz-transform: scale(0.8); -o-transform: scale(0.8); -ms-transform: scale(0.8); margin:-20px; }

and this: .cbp-af-header h1 { transform: scale(1); -webkit-transform: scale(1); -moz-transform: scale(1); -o-transform: scale(1); -ms-transform: scale(1); } and, of course add image to


Thanks very much bierx. It worked well. Now I just think how to add youtube/vimeo video instead of the image in one of portfolio element details. Think about adding it into demonstration version, so anybody can use it and adjust to their needs.

is it possible to change the pink to a different colour?

is possible by changing the main.css file. Tomorrow will install color switcher plugin so easily you can change who color.

sweet, I will be buying now

the ability to change color is available