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Probably will use it in a project :D

Best Regards

Thank you! :D

You use Graphs, which can not be used for commercial purposes!

Thanks for the information, seems like I have to find some other resource! :)

wow this one is awesome.. good luck!

very nice work!

thanks! :)

Nice work.

But, I’m looking to this and find it to be very similar with “Spina” template.

And, like @dimka_ua_kh, you can’t use these Highcharts JS, as this is free for non-commercial projects.

I advice you to change to another script if you don’t want to get a “soft-rejected” message. :)

Good luck.

Yes, I will integrate a new graph as yearly as possible! thanks for the informaton! thanks a lot :)

You can try jqPlot, it is very easy to understand. And, is dual licensed MIT and GPLv2.

I plan to purchase the template once it is made ??for an update and added a table model with paging.

Regarding the Highcharts I’ll also buy the product license so I think the author should leave the component in the model.

Hi, I will update the chart and will update u within 24hrs! Like @Smartik said! I cant leave the component in template, I have to get commercial license to put this in my template!

You can leave the code and the references to the .JS for the Highcharts, but don’t include the actual .js files. Of course, also add the charts with the free scripts as well. This way people can have a choice as to what graphics use, the free ones or the pay ones. You don’t loose anything, since you already made them, and the customers have more options.

Thats a great idea, but I have no idea whether the reviewer agree with this!



The Highcharts which is included in this package, can’t be used in your projects unless you get a license from them, Since this issue happened by my mistake, Iam working on the update with new chart option, will be Updating within a couple of hours! apologies…



Very nice. I would like to purchase but this lacks a file manager like most other admin templates. Also does it support edit table data inline?

thanks! I will include filemanager in upcoming updates! also the data table is static! :) will consider that too.

Really like the look of this template but there is one thing missing which I think is essential is a selection of static tables & data grids for searching and paging through results.

A calendar view would also be very useful.

Will try to integrate those in upcoming updates! :)

When will you add full datatable support? I need sortable, pageable tables, once you have that, I am ready to buy. I need this asap as I’m choosing a template this week for an upcoming project.

Also, does this template use the grid 960 system? I don’t see any references to the grid layout used.


Hi, I have used custom made grid for “Dreamworks”, I will include pageable tables on the upcoming updates, I am not sure I can make this in a week’s time! Will try to implement as early as possible.

Thanks Paul

Can you please post an example of how your grid system is used in html? I don’t need to see the css, just how would I lay out an 8 column wide area, and a 4 column wide area side by side to make a standard 12 grid column width layout?

For example, most of the grid 960s on here use something like:

<div class="x8" /><div class="x4" />
Hi, The grid is used like for eg:
<div class="one_two_wrap">2 Col</div>
<div class="one_four_wrap">4 Col</div>
Hope this helps :)

Do you know how hard it would be for me to make a backend for this? If not, do you know where I could buy a backend to implement this into?

Sorry!! I have no idea about this! :)

Check your theme on 320px screen, looks like something is missed ;)

Hi, Thanks for the info, currently the theme doesn’t support screen resolution <700 , I am trying to make this mobile compatible! :)

Thanks Agate! :)

Hi everyone, I have updated Highcarts with jQuery Flot, the purchasers who bought the version with Highcharts, Please send me a mail from my profile page, I will send you the updated files.

Thanks Paul

Hey there!

I don’t mind anyone being inspired by our work and making money off it, but I would really appreciate it if you could mention our name as a source of inspiration. :-)

Thanks and good luck with sales!

Changing to the jQuery Flot library broke chart compatibility with IE8 . It may be an “old” browser, but very common.

Hi there,

Can you send me a mail from user profile page, I will send you the updated version with ie8 chart compatibility!


Found a bug, please fix for future users. Your button_small class does a text-transform to uppercase, which kills the font-based icons you are using, making it so only the uppercase icons are available.

I removed the transform to fix mine. Also, you should really describe how that works in your docs, and map them for people, i had to type them all out in word after installing the font just to know which icon maps to which key… ;-( And that was after looking through all your image sets for actual icons… which you have in the css folder but are not the same icons.

Hi there ,

Thanks for pointing the bug, I will fix it, and include usage in my doc for future buyers!



Do you have pagination ?

Example Pages [First] ?1 [3]... 7 9

Couldn’t find ?


hi Squad, Thanks for purchasing dreamworks! Pagination is not in this version, I will include that in my future updates! very soon.

:) thanks

I like your template, you did a great job there ! :)

Will I have access to it ? Or I will need to pay again for the update ?

Thanks !

Excellent theme. I took a risk as I wanted to see your documentation before hand but it’s well documented with every JS/CSS file’s purpose explained, makes it easier to edit.

HTML5 another bonus, and key part of me purchasing. I love the fact you integrated a similar navigation to that of Spina – however, I felt that this was more complete overall with more features and demos, markup looks clean as well.

Overall I hopefully won’t be disappointed when I start integrating to our project. Sad it’s not 5*’s rated but overall very impressive.

2 things:

1: There’s a small error in the documentation at jQuery Flot.
2: This isn’t responsive on iPod?

Hi there, Thanks for purchasing dreamworks! Your comments are really encouraging!

Currently dreamworks is ipad friendly, Iam are trying to make this mobile compatible. Let me figure out what error I made in the doc for jQuery flot.

Thanks for your support! :)