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Do you have more icon in main menu included in template?

Hi there,

No, All the main menu icons currently available are visible in the demo, The secondary menu icons are “Font-glyphs (iconsweet)” full set of icons is included in the template. Thanks

Hi, I’m very interested to your template. Also another question: I want use it to build an application. I need to use many forms with many fileds (textbox). In your sample there is only one column in a form. There is a way to build a form with four column?

Hi Clembo,

As you the grid page, you can make form fields upto four column. add ” one_four_wrap” class to the ul with “form_fields_container” but you have to reduce width of label & input to avoid design issues. hope this helps

I would like to use your theme on ASP .net MVC 3 . Could you help me if I buy it ? Cheers Matt

hi there, Well I dont know ASP .net, but I can help you with HTML & CSS . :)


when is mobile version going to be updated? Thanks!

soon, will let you know once its done! :) thanks

Thanks for reply. Do you know the expect date that your mobile version will be updated? :)

I bought this template a month or so back, and there was an issue with the last TH in your table extending over the right side of the table edge. In your latest update I don’t see that issue anymore in your live demo, can you please tell me what changed to fix this? I’ve made some changes in my css so I do not want to copy over your newest files, I just want to apply that one fix.


any updates on the mobile version ?


will update you once its done. sorry for the delay!

I am currently using this, and love it. but it does not work on mobile. the left pane takes over the whole screen. what is the expected timeline for the fix ?


Hi, Update is available now for dreamworks!

Hello, can you make a Wordpress theme out of this Template?

Hi Carlos,

I am a wp rookie, I wont be able to do at this stage. Thanks :)

Hi there

I would just like to say that this template is brilliant ;-) Love it and I will get it for my own application soon.

One small thing, the progress_wrap is not resizing correctly when you’re trying to view it in mobile view.

Thanks – Awesome job

Thx for the info, will fix it in the next update!

Hi again, I’m using your template in an ASP webapp but having troubles with AJAX postbacks, basically the pages loose CSS Styles after an AJAX Postback, so I need to know which js function applies the CSS styles so I can call it right after the postbacks. Thank You!

Hi Carlos, Can you be more specific, actually if you disable JS then also site renders perfectly without the JS run elements. jQuery UI Library using some style through js rest all works with css. Let me know, if you have further queries.


Hi, Love this theme and I’m planning to buy it. Is there a way to make the grey menu (sub menu) collapsible?

Yes, it can be done with Javascript, A button with toggle function. :)

Would like to hire you is there anyway I can contact you?

No, All the main menu icons currently available are visible in the demo, The secondary menu icons are “Font-glyphs (iconsweet)” full set of icons is included in the template. Thanks


but do the main-menu icons belong to an existing bigger iconset?


Hello, you can integrate this theme with session user, in ?

any progress on the Mobile version ? :-)

Mobile Version coming anytime soon? Would love to use this but can’t until the mobile piece is done.

HI, Mobile version is now available :) sorry for the delay!

awesome news ! can you point out where were the changes ? so that it is easier to integrate back.


Please send me a mail from my profile page, I will let you know! :)

Does this theme works with Twitter Bootstrap? or is it twitter bootstrap?

No its not fully twitter bootstrap, but bootstrap elements used eg: modal window.

Hinnerk – The icons used in this theme were

Yes. Thanks for the purchase

hi i want to buy it but simple question?

forms > input text error style or warning style is good working, but checkbox or radio or select. is it working?

you use uniform to make style so i ask it. uniform is hard to me