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Wow! A Wordpress version would be great! :)

Thank you Olidub, WordPress version is coming soon :)

Thanks Mustachethemes :)

Thanks JOGJAfile,

Beautiful template. I would love to see this in an HTML or WordPress version. Will follow you and purchase immediately if Dreame is ever offered as an HTML or WordPress template.

Thanks for offering such a beautiful masonry grid template.

Thanks Ninkitten, WordPress version is coming soon :)

Cool theme Bros, good luck for Sales \m/

Thank you my brother :)

Hey there,

I really liked your theme so I purchased first:-) but i’m encountering a major problem. I can’t install this template using the quickstart installation. I follow your manual, but when I reach step 3 of the installation process and I click on install, the installation proces gets stuck on ‘making databases’ and I’m directed back to the previous screen. I have been searching the web for hours and can’t find a solution. I’m running php 5.3.10.I taught it there could be a problem with joomla 3.0 but when I used installatron for a clean install there wasn’t a problem. Could you help me please?

Hi Unclebenz,

May you send me a screenshot via support@templaza.com ? I am going to check it and response to you :)

Best regards, Sonny

Can the gallery have a normal scroll or scroll by keyboard arrow keys instead of Dragging horizontally?

This feature is not available right now. Thanks for your suggestion :) It’s great for next version. I have put it to our project manager. Best Regards, Sonny

Thank you Joomshaper :)

I am having the same problem with the installer hanging up in the installation process on the last page and jumping to the previous page like one of the users above. Any help?

Hi Adam,

Please follow your email to get support

Thanks, Sonny

any updates?

Yes, version 1.2 was up to date.

Same problem with the quickstart installation process on the last page and jumping to the previous page like one of the users above. We already contact you to support@templaza.com but we have no answer. Can you fix the template?

Hi Caymann,

I have just updated new version 1.3. Please download latest version and try it again.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

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Will this display the same format as the demo with jreviews

Dreame does not support with JReview. Thanks,

Do you have an example of having videos in the portfolio? I couldn’t find any in the demo.


Hello my name is Jonathan I purchased DREAME because my designer suggested it as a responsive template my designer knew that I had properties listed and I needed galleries , how can I put galleries on articles? why do they all stretch out to huge pictures distorting the image ,

Please help me


Please send me an email via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you check it.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hello, Great Template! I’ve got a couple of questions:

N.B: i’m using Block RTL layout.

1- why filteration box appears only on “righ-to-left” default template page and doesn’t appear on any new page? Also i can’t see it as a module to assign it to all pages..

2- In TZ Portfolio option, when i set the filteration option to filter by categories ( not by tags ) In the frontend it shows only one category ( portfolio category ) without showing the other categories i have opened.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, You can open Facebook module and change content “https://www.facebook.com/templaza” to your facebook page.


You can go to page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages/

and create your style box and copy code to content facebook module.

Thanks & Regard,

Hello i’ve been sending emails to support@templaza.com without any response.

1-I’d appreciate to know why images of articles are shrinking in size. They aren’t displayed entirely in their frames.

2- in some pages such as search display page; upon scrolling down the whole page, the right sidebar scrolls down while as you scroll up, the page do but the sidebar bar don’t. ” firefox & chrome”

3- why it loads articles in an abnormal way before they got their default positions

4- any ideas about making it to load on demand to avoid heaviness.

Thanks and regards,

Hello Haydar Hawi,

1. You can config height of portfolio item in Template options. You to to extensions/ template manager/ and choose edit your template in tab”Themes” you can change Height of portfolio item.

If you want to see full thumb image you can add this code to custom css code in tab “Advanced Setting” of Template options.

div.TzPortfolioMedia img{ width:100%; }

2. I will send you script to fix it in support mail.

3. We use script to sort all articles, so when articles are loading the position of articles are not right. Solution i can help you hidden all articles are loading and show when it has loaded.

4. You should choose 12-15 articles/one load. And when you scroll down it will auto load your next articles.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi Love the look of the template.

I have a question before purchasing,...

Can you have the side left menu be onthe right side?

Also is there any way to add banner to the top? Or have somewhat of a large banner placed towards the top fold that will still have the same visual flow?

Hello Joonkim,

Thank you so much,

Dreame you can have left sidebar or right sidebar.

You can add banner to the top and if you want to have special block position we will help you create it.

Thanks & Best Regard,

I really like this design. Is there a quickstart with the new version 3.6?


starmai Author Team


Thanks so much for your question. The quickstart is included in the template package. However, I’m sorry that currently we have not update the version of this one to 3.6. If you are using this one and there is any problem, please create ticket in our site then we will support you.

You can check our other templates here: https://www.templaza.com/joomla-templates.html

Thanks, Mai

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i use joomla 3.6 but this template is not working on 3.6 joomla. please give me my money back.


Thanks for contacting us. For this one, please contact Envato then they can help you with this problem.

Thanks, Mai

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they said to me : Hello, Thanks for your info. For this one, because you bought it on Themeforest then please contact them for this issue. Thanks, Mai

so what can i do? how can i money back??


Please follow the email, this is the support area for this product.

Thanks, Mai

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