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In my test page I followed all the instructions and created a home page, enter the reading to static page (portfolio) but does not work. I can not get the same theme of your home. What should I do?

Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com I am going to help you check it.

Thanks, Sonny

I think I understand the situation. The home page in style “portfolio” does not work with older normal posts? I have over 2000 posts and can only view that was created portfolio.

Hi Midia8,

Porfolio view can only display item in Portfolio section.

Thanks & Regards, Sonny

Hi there please, I have purchased a plan of you and I am really needing support. I have posted some questions on you ticket system and you are not answering like before I have purchased. Can you please see that for me? Thanks.

We have received your email. Please follow your email.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi there, I didn’t receive any response of you. My account only have “no reply” of you and my tickets on Templaza.com are all open waiting for response. When could you response please? I hope it can be before my plan finish. Thanks in advance.

Please send me your ticket id. I am going to help you check it. Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

I love that theme. Clean, simple, feature-rich. But I need something more and, maybe, if you could suggest adding this, I would feinitely buy. I love the timeline blog and the way I can filter it. But I need to filter by category, post date and maybe tags. Important: If I filter tags or categories, the “Date tiles” should not show the date or, alternativly, a custom content per tag/category.

An usage example could be a something like a sports site… think of 40 matchdays, 10 articles each. It would be marvelous to filter by matchdays and show something like “Matchday one, date from xxx to xxx” on the specific tile.

I think, your theme would be more powerfull and more flexible with such a feature, so, maybe, you can make this themedream come true

Hello Digiblogger,

Thank you for your feedback. we will upgrade in the next version. Please wait for the next one.

Looking forward to it. Another thing: When opening somehing, pages, plog posts or any other content, there is a very big space between the left menu and the content. I think it would look better to kill this space or reduce it to the same width as the space on the right and then, have a fullwidth and sidebar template for both, pages and posts

You will see what I mean when you reduce the width of the page. The right space is almost good, because it is reduced with the browser window. but not the left space

Oh, Thank you for your feedback. I am going to create issue for this project. It will be released on next versions.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny