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Beautiful theme, I wish I had money on my Paypal

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

If I want to remove the search part of the navigation, is it easy?

Hi! Of course this too easy. I can help you if you need my help :)

dostum cok super olmus tema, bol kazanclar diliyorum

Sagolasin kardesin daha iyisi senin olsun :)

love this theme! any chance your making a wordpress version?

Thanks Hybribmm. Yes my next project :)

Is it possible to add a multi column drop down menu with this template? If so I will buy this. Thanks…

Hi Radiii. Thanks, this is good idea! Maybe I can add this feature next update version.

love the theme, what about an old fashioned table with paging and sortable columns? or is the table hidden somewhere?

i’m very interested in updating my site but as you can see, i use a standard table and can’t seem to find it with your theme.

let me know if you’ll be adding one like mine and if so, i’ll purchase.

PS if you want me to pay for customization, i’d be happy to do that via paypal. let me know…

Hi Rgraner. Thanks for your interest. We can talk with P.M.

Regards, DFL.

Elinize saglik mükemmel bir tema olmus , bu joomla’ya entegre edilirse inanilmaz satar. Bol kazançlar.

This looks great. Congrats :)

Great design and excellent support :)

Perfect work and perfect information. Bu arada google maps ayarlar?n? nas?l yapabirim? :)


Cok tesekkurler :) contact.html dosyasini acarsaniz asagida 286. satir ile 313. satir arasinda ayarlari mevcut. 287. satir konumu belirtiyor. Secmek istediginiz konum bilgisini sunan bazi sayfalar mevcut eger sorun yasarsaniz ozelden mesaj atin ben bulurum sizin icin.

onu da halletim sayenizde çok te?ekkürler :)


Its a nice theme. Can you please provide[] the documentation of this theme, then i came to know the level of customization.

Thanks and Regards Maheswara

Hi Maheswara. Dont worry, I can help you if you purchase OK.

Hocam demoda ç?kan yandaki kontrol paneli ç?km?yor. Nereden nas?l ç?karabilirim?

Dostum biraz gec oldu kusura bakma help dosyasinda vardi sanirim cevabi :) onu custom.js acip 445. satiri aktif edersen gelecektir.

Te?ekür ederim :)

Love the theme! I’m having a weird problem with the CameraSlider on the home page. When the browser is “wide,” the slider is going full-width, which is fine. But when this happens, the text overlays disappear. Is this a feature or a bug or user-error? Thanks!

Hi Vocomotion. Thanks for purchased. This is not bug or error. Please open wide.css file with a text editor and delete 7. line

.camera_desc{display: none;}

Regards, DFL.

very nice theme i have a question did this theme support fully rtl direction ? thanks :-)

Thanks Hichemdz. Please send me P.M.

Regards, DFL.

If i want to add a new type of color, is it easy? I love this theme but i need it in another color …

Hi Benjii. Thanks for comment. Yes this is too easy. Just duplicate a color css file and changed color values.

Regards, DFL.


I purchased this item recently, and having troubles with RTL direction. Do you have some assistance?


Considering I have overcome the RTL in CSS by myself, how can I do that with JS files regarding everything that slides (Nivo, Our Clients, etc.).

I am less skills in JS.

Hi Mchebib. I sent a answer 1 min ago :)

Regards, DFL.

Awesome support. Everything is running perfect now. Thank you DFL = )


Any news on a WordPress version of this theme?


Hi Rdavenport. I working on WP version. I hope coming soon.

Regards, DFL.

Well if the RTL support is ready can you send it to me. it will be much appreciated thank’s

Hi Hichemdz. First thanks for purchased. Can you send me a P.M. ?

thank’s for assistance

first of all congratulations for the great work!!

I removed the .camera_desc{display: none;} form wide, but text overlays still do not appear

Hi Rc125. Thanks for purchased. Your need clear your browser cache. Tell me result OK. Regards, DFL