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Is this theme good to go with WP 3.9? Thx!

Hi Izevon i need try some test wait my file status update OK.

Regards, DFL

OK, thanks – standing by…

Working with WP 4.1.2 ;) Please update Dreamlife v1.4

Hi how do I hide the map on the contact page please?

Hi thank for purchase. Please look theme options page you can erase Map location on Cantact tab. Regards, DFL

Hello, thanks for your reply. But it doesn’t resolve my issue, when I delete the coordinates and update the page it just reverts back to the default. Then when I put in 0.00 it just has the map frame. I would like to hide the whole thing please.

Hi den_design i fixed this issue please dowload my last update

Regards, DFL

Hi, Dev I can’t Exclude Blog Categories, how to fix it?

Hello there

I just bought a week ago on themesforest your themes, and my question is I am very embetter because the themes is entirely in English and I would like to french it is very important to me. I have try to use the plugin for wordpress CodeStyling but unfortunately after having translated everything I receive this message I do not know many things in programing thank you m help would be nice of you

best regards

Hi graphikdesigner. Thanks for purchase. I sent a e-mail OK ;)

Regards, DFL.

Hi! I’ve have question. I’m going to buy this theme. Is there a way to make ‘linkable’ slider on this theme? At the sample version, there is no linkable slider, as I see. Could you help me?

Thanks, Regards.

Hi Said Murat.

You can add a url for Camera, Nivo, Flex, Our Client Slider and Piecemaker Slider images.

Regards, DFL.

Hello! i have a question: There i can see sidebar menu which have mouseover and dropdown effect and i am woundering how to enable or setup it? Looked through documentation and help files – found nothing. After importing demo xml file silde navigation page has regular wp sidebar.

Cloud you please point me to the right direction? Thanks for your time.

Hello Angelina. Thanks for purchased. This is simple just add “main-tree” class name on your main menu items OK. If you need my help please send me a PM

Regards, DFL


I am considering purchasing this design – looks great!

Just a quick question. What support is there for calendar?


Hi there,

I can not get the recent posts to work properly. I am trying to create a recent posts section like the one you have at the bottom of your pages but I get something that looks like recent works.

How can I get the Recent Posts to work in the way you have on your page

Thank you

Hi Ergel. Can you send me a p.m on my profile? I need look your website. Send me wp-admin login info ok.

Regards, DFL


I have emailed you the login details. Just one other thing… I am trying to put a post calendar on the page. The only way I could do this is by placing it in a sidebar.

However, when it is in a sidebar, the piecemaker slider overlaps the sidebar :(

I must say, other than the issues I am having (which I’m sure is solvable), the template is really good. Thumbs up to you buddy


Hi Ergel. OK I sent e-mail ;)

is this theme will get a new update? i think this theme need include with page builder or at least can work with page builder, thanks


Is the theme compatible with Woo Commerce? If not, is it with any other plugin for the same purpose?

Thank you

It seems that this theme, or at least my installation, has issues with social plugins of any kind? I tried at least 10 popular social sharing plugins and none of them are working?

Hi, do you think you could add/provide Instagram icon in all versions? I’m very much considering this theme but I am missing this one social icon. Thanks, Michal


how to change slider size ??,

tahnk you

what hapen to demo