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I purchased this theme to make our client’s new english site. In our view, there is no problem but I found it didin’t look properly for Internet Explorer version 7.

As many people still use this version in our state, we have to solve this problem.

Please send me the way of solution by e-mail (

Thanking you

Hi before I purchase I was wondering if its possible to have 2 separate blogs. One would be a true blog and the other would be News.

Also, on your demo site, you have some icons under the Featured title. Is it possible to customize those icons with my own? Or is that pulling from somewhere else.


I recently purchased your theme. Great stuff man. Good job.

One thing though… I wasn’t able to find the widgets or demo content for the footer layout. It is missing the layouts for the widgets for the gallery stream, latest tweets, recent posts, and about us. How do I obtain these?

I tried adding the default recent posts widget from wp… but it is not formatted the same with the image and everything… and the gallery stream and latest tweets seems to be custom?


Can you send me a PM with your site url and login info?

PM sent. sorry so long, was on vacation.

Hi Jim. I looking and this working :) I sent a email.


Im trying to set up “Our team”, but cant find the right shortcodes or settings for it. Any help pls?

regards, Tomy

Hi again,

Nvm. Its a slider. But thanks anyways for an awesome theme:)

regards, Tomy


I wanted to add a sharing plugin to the blog for social media and related content, but it only shows up on pages, even after changing the configurations on the plugin.

I’ve been trying to fix this on my own, but I can’t figure it out and the sharing buttons that are at the bottom of the posts don’t work at all.


OK so I tried to add the <?php the_content(); ?> function the single blog post file, and I could use the sharing bar widget (yey!) BUT it brought up the blog post twice (no!!!!).

Any and All help/input would be greatly appreciated. I really want to be able to use my Flare Widget. Thanks!

Hi there,

could you please tell me how to shorten the text that appears on the blog post shortcode of my home.

Thanks in advance. Grate Theme! ;)

By the way i send yoy my url

First of all, thank you for creating this beautiful and very flexible theme!

The one thing it reeeeally needs is the ability to have a slider on the blog page that looks like the slider on the home page – at the top of the page, behind the navigation, not below it.

Can you make this happen? I want to make the blog my home page, but it is very disjointed with the slider below the navigation.

Hi melissacell. Thanks for purchased. Your need like You can create a new page for blog and you can add slider shortcode on this page. After Settings – Reading – Front page displays – A static page (select below) – Front page: Your created blog page.

Thank you, but I already have the blog set up as the home page with a slider. The problem I am having is that the slider is below the navigation, rather than flush with the top of the page and behind the navigation. I want it to look like the slider on this page: – touching the top of the screen.


Now I am running into a BIGGER issue. When I set the front page to the static page for my created blog page, when I go to the second page of posts it’s still showing the first page of posts.

This theme is not usable like this. It does not work.

Hello, your theme is really beautiful ! But i have big problems with it. I can’t upload any image. There is an “array” error.

2 days i’m trying ton put another…logo.

Impossible to make a slider.

Could you tell me an issue to that ?

Could you tell too how to import your xml file.

Thanks very much

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Yani resim büyütme ve link ikonunu görmeyecek kullan?c? direkt olarak portfolyo yaz?s?na gidecek?

?imdiden te?ekkürler.

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Saygilar, DFL.

malesef yapamadim, eposta adresiniz nedir ftp bilgilerimi atsam benim yerime yapabilir misiniz acaba?

Tabiki profil sayfamdan e-posta gonderebilirsiniz.

Great theme. But I too am getting an array error in the media management panel. Whenever I try to embed any media file, the media panel gives me these errors:

public_html/wp-content/themes/dreamlife/functions.php on line 268


public_html/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 787

These errors appear whenever I am trying to embed media and I select “Media Library” instead of “From Computer” tab. Please advise. Also, your changelog shows that you created an update for the theme (Ver. 1.1). Where can I download this file? I tried downloading the theme again and still only got Version 1.0. Your help with this matter would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Hi tdunaway. I think you not update files. If you update latest version this problem fixed. Redownload 1.0 and just update. I forgot change version on css file :)

hello! how can i disable the “configuration” tab at the right? also, text in the post seem not to recognize paragraphs. how can i add this?

example: no auto paragraphs…

also, i’m trying to install a social media sharing plugin to “like, tweet and +1” que posts and something wrong happens since none of them appear!

Hey guys, i have the same problem as “Starlight03” . There is an error by adding Images to the Slider. Here the array-error:

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-content/themes/dreamlife/functions.php on line 268

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 787

Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 821

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-content/themes/dreamlife/functions.php on line 268

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 787

Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in /var/www/web211/html/jump/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 821

Could you tell me an issue to that ?

thank you !

kind regards

in the comment before you say i have to update the Theme, ...i have still Version 1.0 , but where can i update ?

Hi xericx. I see problem. I updated for WP 3.71. so now available Dreamlife v1.2. Thanks for understanding and patience.

Regards, DFL.


I did not receive the link to download the last update of the site could I have the link svp?

Thank you

Although a nice theme the author is very hard to find. I have contacted him twice but have never received a single answer. Some of the theme features do not work out of the box Unfortunately there seems to be no support at all!!!

I am very disappointed, because I absolutely love this beautiful theme, and it is perfect for my website. But I have left a comment and sent a message to the author of this theme with my issue – which is a very basic and important function of the theme – and have received no response. I have waited patiently for almost two months, and the author has replied to other commenters but has not even acknowledged my issue.

To those who want to purchase this theme: It does not work with the home page set to be the blog. The first page works, but when you click the button to view older pages it always shows the most recent page of posts.

I will wait just a little bit longer for the author to acknowledge this issue before I will start seek a refund of my money. I should not have to pay for a Wordpress theme if the very basic function of the blog as the home page does not work.

Hi Melissacell. I updated this issue. If you can’t wait I sent files with e-mail. You can update manually.

Regards, DFL.

Pre purchase question Is there a menu for changing google fonts

Hi Jackal07. Of course you can edit fonts and colors


How can I quickly change the titles font. As far as I can understand, there is a way but I’ll have to configure a complete css style, wich is not my intention at all. I just want to change the titles default font because it has no accented characters.

Thank you

Hi Adwebpt. Thanks for purchase. You can use custom css section on Theme Options. If you need my help you can send me your site url with PM ok.

Regards, DFL

v 3.8’de durum nedir?

Satin aldiginiz icin tesekkurler. Simdi kontrol ettim sorun yok.

Hello, I’d like to purchase this theme, but I am not sure if is it possible to insert a video (linked or stored on my server) to portfolio instead of image?


Hi digitalnivylohasro thanks for purchased. You can directly edit assets/css/text.css all typography settings here :) if you need my help tell me ok Regards, DFL

Yes please, I’d like to change the “fancy” font (main menu, headings in features and so on…) to this I already uploaded the font to “fonts” folder where the Qlassik_TB-webfont is, but have only the .ttf files, no eot, svg or woff files included…

Hi please send me a p.m i can send new text.css file :)

Hello, I purchased this theme, and I have few problems. I can’t add “image at the top” or “image à la une (in french)”. When I add it, it doesn’t appear on the home page and I tried with different sizes.

When I add a page in the top called “accueil” which redirect normally at the home page, it doesn’t work and a message appears that offer me to purchase the theme…..

Thanks for your answer

Hi Steven, Can you send me a P.M on my profile. Please send me your site url and wp-admin login info. I need look your problem.

Regards, DFL.