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Good Job, GLWS ;)

thank you :)

Congrats for new Theme.Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Looks nice , congrats.

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Thank you :)

Nice work, bro

Thank you, bro!

Nice . Unique! Does this template support RTL languages like Arab and Hebrew?

Hello, joomla-guid-com.

Thank you. Unfortunately we haven’t such option. We will think about it in the future.

Best regards, support team

Hallo i would like to ask you how can someone can change the frontend colors.It’s an option in backend?

Hello sousas,

Yes. You can change theme colors in backend.

Best regards, support team

Thanks in advance :) could u take a screenshot of pink color so i can see how the colors fit i will really apreciate that :)

Hello sousas,

Back-end – Front-end –

Best regards, suppor team

Hi, im interested in buying this theme but does it work on joomla version 3?

Hello funktheory,

Dresscode is eCommerce (VirtueMart) theme first. VirtueMart now work only on Joomla 2. We will add Joomla 3 support when VirtueMart release version for Joomla 3.

Best regards, support team

Thanks, is this likely to happen next year do you think?

I don’t know VirtueMart team plans for support Joomla 3.

Best regards.

i purchased the product, and i have a question regarding the template. when i view the products i want that module or something that lets me select the price range like a slider. how can i do that ?

Hello, AndreeaDogaru.

Please, submit ticket – Our developer will send you necessary instructions.

Best regards, support team

i wrote the message regarding the problem 20 hours ago, didn’t receive any message, i need support for activating the ajax price and category filter. thanks.

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

You will be replied on Monday.

Best regards, support team

Is there a “product quick-view modal preview window” feature?



Best regards, support team

I am trying to find the option to change the contact # 1 (234) 5678900 at the top of the page. Thanks…

Hello Gilvision,

Submit your question to our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Dear Sir, I like this template. But Is it Joomla?

Hello, zperzi.

Yes of course. This is joomla template. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, support team


pls help me to find language files for WFT Products Slider..

Best Regards

Hello levaska,

Please submit your question to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Customer support is awesome.. Thank for the precise instructions and help on solving what ever problems i had..

Hello, Gilvision.

Thank you very much! Did you rate our theme?

Best regards, support team

Hello, I’m user, i have some question. I’m testing by input product and add to cart and then i click to “CHECK OUT NOW” button but it isn’t anything appear. It isn’t go to next page (next step of payment).

Hello zperzi,

Nope. I mean ticket id in I don’t see your ticket.

Best regards, support team

Ticket #158030

Replied in ticket


Dear customers! If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased our theme feel free to drop us a notice at

Work time: 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday)

I have bought this template and must say, i am not satisfied. 1) Many of language strings are direct in the code, so if you want to use another language you have to check many data files. 2) The idea of multi module system, so you can assign different module to category view, product view, article view is good. But you have a mess in the module manager because on module is there 4x times. It should be more thought out. 3) add to cart button and system – i do not know about what was developer thinking, you press button and nothing happens. You have no info message about succesfully adding product to the cart. Developer does not use VM own info message system, no redirect to the cart. Only ajax refresh of page. If you are sharp or have good eyes, you see that amount items in virtuemart cart module was changed. This is not clever – from support i got info that this change is not possible and i must say not be easily changed too. Ok i have to hire programmer to make this better way.

4) The template heavily overloaded virtuemart´s own code, so forget you can easily change some VM own things, functions which are good. Developer does not prepare template code for VM homepage view style – i have to do this by myself

If you try to use paid Virtuemart´s special onepage checkout plugin, you will be angry too. You have to complete changed code for this page. every possible extension which is not prepared in template folder like com_content or com_virtuemart should be extra styled.

First time i was delighted from this template, but after i spent about 10 hours with playing with code and making module system working as classic joomla templates i was angry.

Developer has in his own template code special message about extra jquery loading “it’s so awfull, I know. But it resolves jQuery conflict problem. Virtuemart developers will burn in hell!”

I wish YOU burn in hell. This template is only good if you want it like it is, no extra set-ups or big changes of this template are easy One good thing – it is responsive

Hello vlada83,

Thank you for your feedback.

1) We will fix this in next update. 2) Did you have better idea? 3) We will rework this in next update. 4) Our theme has some unique design features, which is imposible to create using VM’s default features. So we have to overload virtuemart´s own code. What “VM things” do you mean?

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Best regards, support team

Hello bought the template with you however the checkout process is not working clicking the shopping cart and nothing happens

Ticket #166902

Hello, amdesigners.

Sory, i can’t find your ticket. Can you give me the link? It seems that you gave me the wrong ticket number. Sory for the inconvinience.

Best regards, support team

Already replied. There is some problem with your url.

Best regards, support team