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How to change title of the home page?

Goto: Admin panel – CMS>Pages> click Dresscode Home Page. And in the field write your title and save.

How to add product to bestsellers block?

Add product to shopping cart and go checkout procedure.

How to change links in main page banners?

  • Goto Admin panel – CMS – Pages – choose page with Title Home page that is status “enabled”
  • in left tab content – choose slider img
  • in editor menu push button to link changing
  • the window appears and in it write your link

How to add category in main navigation menu?

Goto admin panel – catalog – manage categories. Check in left Root Catalog and push “add subcategory”. Then fill the fields and choose “yes” in ‘Is Active’ and in “Include in Navigation Menu”.

How to delete blocks bestsellers / for sale?

In file \app\design\frontend\default\dresscode\template\dresscode_modules\dresscode_sliders.phtml find and delete the code: for bestsellers and for sale blocks titles
<div><a id="bestsellers_activate"><?php echo $this->__('BESTSELLERS') ?></a><span>/</span></div>
<div><a id="specials_activate"><?php echo $this->__('ON SALE') ?></a><span>/</span></div>
and the code exactly for the blocks-
<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('dresscode_bestsellers') ?>
<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('dresscode_specials') ?>

Is there a way to translate ON SALE / NEW PRODUCTS /BESTSELLERS?

Install language via instructions from Magento site. Or translate manually in file \app\design\frontend\default\dresscode\template\dresscode_modules\dresscode_sliders.phtml

How to edit the social media icons (e.g. changing links and icon removal) and fields (e.g. updating the facebook block and twitter feed to my business’s feeds.

Goto admin panel – CMS-static blocks. Click on block with Title “Dresscode Footer Socials”. In content see screen . If you want only to change link – follow steps 1-2-3-4. If you want to change the code of block – click html and manually add/edit html code. To hide it or any other block choose “disable” for a block in field “status”.

Accounts to facebook and twitter – tab eTheme-dresscode-theme options. Find in the bottom “social widgets”, change to your account and save.

How to remove that MENU CUSTOM TITLE as i want to make a external link with that, how do you do that ?

To hide drop down block Custom block in the top menu add in the end of file \skin\frontend\default\dresscode\css\dresscode.css the code:
#nav > li#menu_custom_block{display:none}

How to turn off responsive version?

In file \app\design\frontend\default\dresscode\layout\page.xml delete the row
<action method="addCss"><stylesheet>css/responsive_styles.css</stylesheet></action>
In file \skin\frontend\default\dresscode\css\base.css find and delete all code from
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {
/* Self Clearing Goodness */

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