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Hi, I have a question regarding the template. Can we have the link of the products go out to another website? I am building an aggregator platform.. similar to

Do I need to code it differently?

Hello shania_shukla07,


Best regards, support team

Hi, can we get the Nop 3.5 version theme and do you provide the source code of the plugins?


Hello, inthefleshing.

Please, submit your request on ur support forum – Our developer will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

Hi, i have this error when i see home page with theme:

ystem.Web.HttpException (0×80004005): Error executing child request for handler ‘System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper’. -> System.Web.HttpCompileException (0×80004005): d:\vhosts\\\Themes\DressCode\Views\Catalog\_ProductBox.cshtml(22): error CS1061: ‘Nop.Web.Models.Media.PictureModel’ does not contain a definition for ‘SecondAlternateText’ and no extension method ‘SecondAlternateText’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Nop.Web.Models.Media.PictureModel’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

Please help me?

Hello, landlogicit.

Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support stuff will check your issue.

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i am santosh_02523(username)

sir plz, please do help me for use this Dresscode theam for nop 3.50 version to use in nopcommerse 3.50 i had purchase it but its not compitable with nopcommmerse 3.50 its show error when i apply this theme by setting of administration page of nopecommerse… before this i applied several theme in this nopcommerse 3.50 solution working fine….plz i am in trouble

Hello, santosh_02523.

Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support stuff will check your issue.

Best regards, support team

Hi, we need assistance, you could answer us?

we have also opened a ticket here:


Hello, MediawebItalia,

Our developer will reply on the forum.

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Hi,can you show us admin panel?


Unfortunately we haven’t such option.

Best regards, support team

I bought this product and it looks good but i am getting an error and so far, support has not responded to my query on the forum. Is there anyway you can help me since my store is stalling because of this?

Hello, daverugz.

Thank you for your request.You will be replied on the forum soon.

Best regards, support team

The support for this theme is not consistent. I have been waiting for more than two weeks for a response on the forum but there has been none.

Sory for the delay. Replied. Best regards

i would like to get this theme. Also i would like to get help with small customization. where do i submit customization question?

Hello, prakashacharya.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. At first you should buy our theme. After that you will be able to submit ticket on our support forum – where our developer will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

Hi, I think it will be helpful firstly if your documentation can be a bit more straight forward. Reading the Step 1 on how to install this theme, it says this :

upload /www folder from theme package to the root directory.

You should have

Firstly, there is no www folder and your instrauctuon contradicts with Nop Commerce direction on how to uplaod and activate a new theme.

Okay, I have tried to use NOPcommerce guide and at least the theme Dress Code appears in my list of theme to apply. I activate it and then get an error

“The controller for path ’/login’ was not found or does not implement IController. “

If I default back to my Default Clean theme, all works fine.

This gives me the impression this theme was probably not tested at least for Nopcommerce 3.7 which I am using.

I bought this theme because I want to use it, but please if there are no clear explanations or effort o resolve this, I will be inclined to ask for a refund

Hello, bobbyngwu.

Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately i’m not a developer and can’t answer your technical questions (i’m sales manager). The only place where you can get help from our developer, is our support forum – Please, submit your issues there. Our support stuff will be glad to answer your questions. Sory for the inconvenience.

Best regards, support team

Hi, thanks for your reply. That I am frustrated is to say the least. First of all, this medium should be able to resolve my issue directly without referring me to another forum. This is not a free product. Okay, I decided to follow your advice, went to the forum and had to register in order to register a complaint. I have also seen complaints by members saying no one responds to the email. Okay after I registered, there is no where I can state my problem. I even click the Dress code thread but it is saying I have to add the item purchase code. There is no where to include that. I am already regretting getting this, the time I ave wasted trying to figure this out, I probably would have made some other progress doing some other thing. If your technical support does not have a simple and painless way of supporting your customer, please can I get a refund. PLEASE!

I’m really confused.

1. Did you read this topic – ? It carefully states that you should add your purchase code to be verified that you are our customer. After that you will have access to post new topics in this section –

2. We can’t support our otems in comments section. Our developers hasn’t access to this section. it is very inconvenient for us to monitor multiple places if support requests where made ( themeforest different products, our themeforest mail account, facebook group, twitter etc) Therefore We decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so everyone can get benefit. We have 40 different items on 2 different TF accounts based on different CMS (not only nopCommerce).

Hope for your understanding. Sory for the inconvenience.

Best regards, support team

Hello Support Team,

I’ve added my issue to the forum. The Dresscode 3.50 nop theme doesn’t work. A prompt reply would be appreciated, failing that: a full refund.

Thank you.


Hello, Sav12.

Thank you for your purchase. Our developer will reply on the forum –

Best regards, support team

Hello eTheme,

No developer has responded in the forum. Can someone please respond by end of play tomorrow.

Thank you


Hello, sory for the delay. As far as i know our developer is in touch with you now. Thank you.

Best regards, support team

Hi there, few questions before buying: . is this theme nopCommerce 3.60 ready? . on header there are language selector but target page wasn’t translated. Is fully operative theme language localization? . any upcoming update? kind regards,

Hello, kuamanet.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes of course, our theme is fully compatible with 3.6 and 3.7. Nope commerce is multilanguage software, so you will get fully operative theme.

Best regards, support team

thank you for you fast reply. About language localization my concerne is if specific theme based label are fully translated in italian (for example) or german etc.

They aren’t translated now. But you will be able to make translations by yourself.

Best regards, support team